Remnant From The Ashes Tips


Remnant From The Ashes Tips

Remnant: From the Ashes is no easy game. But it is a game with amazing gameplay, environment, story and features.

We had a blast upgrading our traits, equipment and abilities, and the combat was something we easily latched onto from the start. Being able to build a powerful arsenal of gear and weapons led to some pretty amazing fights.

But the first playthrough was quite challenging, and it is obvious Remnant was built with high replay value. Each time we were able to discover a new area, with new bosses, different weapons and even some puzzles here and there. Remnant encourages this type of gameplay, and the multiplayer mechanic is a phenomenal addition that makes exploration a joy.





Remnant From The Ashes Tips




But the game is still a challenge, something that new players might be unmotivated to play if they are fresh into the scene.

Luckily, we’ve discovered some tips that are going to keep you in good shape. With our beginners’ tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seasoned player, and a powerful teammate for anyone you jump into Remnant: From the Ashes with.

Archetypes aren’t Forever (Remnant From The Ashes Tips)

Players just starting with Remnant must pick an Archetype as part of the character creation process. Archetypes grant the starter loadouts, including armor, guns, mods and unique traits. We recommended picking out whatever your most drawn to, as everything can eventually be unlocked on the other Archetypes. There’s an element of not being rushed here that makes the game especially wholesome. This mechanic allows for ultra-customization, so take your time and enjoy the character creation process.




Remnant From The Ashes Tips




The three Archetypes:

The Scrapper – Starts with a shotgun and close-range combat gear.

Ex-Cultist – Double-barrel Coach Gun and gear set for weapon’s charging. More of a support class, with healing perks.

Hunter – Starts with Hunting Rifle and weak spot damage increase gear. Nearby enemies are revealed, and critical hits see an increase in chance. Overall one of the strongest starting Archetypes.

Switch the Shoulders (Remnant From The Ashes Tips)

If you need to, don’t forget to switch shoulders. This allows for easy glancing around corners while remaining covered from damager. Shooting enemies is easier if you make use of this tip. The game defaults to looking over from the left, keep this in mind and don’t forget to switch shoulders if you need to make use of your cover.

Debuff Information

Infection – This debuff causes random coughing, which will interrupt you. The only known cure is oilskin tonic. Dodge rolling can help you avoid coughs.

Burning – Like most burn damage, burning causes damage for the duration it exists. Rolling and hydro coolant are the cures.

Bleeding – Similar to burning, small amount of damage caused over time. Bandages for the cure.

Checkpoints will also cure you of any debuffs, so don’t worry if you can’t fix a debuff right away.

Be an Explorer

The single most important tip for Remnant is to explore. Exploration allows you to quickly find new gear, side quests, bosses, materials for crafting and so much more. The in-game map makes it easy to mark off where you’ve been and where you still ought to go. And of course, there’s a plethora of secret puzzles to find and solve. Materials can be gathered and then scrapped, items can be found tucked away within breakable containers and tables. You’ll need scraps for gear upgrades, so the more the merrier. Happy looting!

Master the Dodge Roll

Remnant is a pretty difficult game, one with many challenges. In many instances, you’ll need to basically run from the combat. Or, you could dodge, but you have to be quick, enemies can and will sneak up on you. Be wary for the audio cues that give you just enough time to dodge away from a sneaky enemy.




Remnant From The Ashes Tips




Dodging attacks give you the ability to not worry about the damage, you won’t take any so pay it no mind at all. In fact, dodge rolls will make you invincible, if only for a moment. Master the dodge roll and you can defeat even the strongest of foes.

As a side note, dodging will break containers as well. Useful for item collection.

Vigor and Endurance

Upon character creation, you get three traits. Two traits will be the same no matter which character you pick, these are the vigor and endurance traits. These traits are highly important, so pay them their rightful attention.

Remnant allows traits that grant passive bonuses, and these are very useful when building a strong character. Leveling up your character grants trait points, which can be spent however you want. Keep in mind that each trait only holds a max of 20 trait points.

Make sure you spend trait points towards vigor and endurance.

For each point spent towards vigor, your health is increased by 2.5. Now this might be useful earlier on in your game if you like to engage in close combat often, if you prefer to attack from a distance, you could get away with increasing vigor only a little here and there.

Endurance on the other hand increases stamina, at a rate of 2.5 for each point. Stamina is crucial because its’ used when running or dodging. A high endurance trait means more dodges, something you need to survive boss fights and regular old enemies. We recommend spending points on endurance as quickly as possible. More endurance means you’ll have the stamina needed to properly learn to dodge.

How Campaign Saves Work

While Remnant is designed for multiple players to enjoy the game, only a single players story is progressed. Keep this in mind if you want to play with friends, if you are the host of the game, only your campaign will progress.

Now don’t worry about the character leveling and gear stats, gear and levels are saved. It doesn’t matter who exactly is hosting the game, only for the means of campaign progression.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

We hope these tips have helped you in your journey to advance within Remnant and make each playthrough even better. Let us know if there’s any tips we should’ve added, be sure to comment!