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Interested in Control?

Control is an action-adventure game in which players take on the role of Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control who has the unenviable task of reclaiming its headquarters from the otherworldly force that has claimed it as well as most of its personnel. For a smoother play-through than otherwise possible, consider listening to what other players have to say.

Use These Control Tips and Tricks

Be sure to put these tips and tricks to use when playing through Control:

Save Your Upgrade Points (Control cheats and tips)

As players progress through Control, they can expect to unlock more skills, with an excellent example being the telekinesis that serves as such a huge selling point for the game. Due to this, interested individuals might want to save some of the upgrade points that they will earn from their first few missions for these unlocks.



Control cheats and tips



Yes, players could just spend these upgrade points on boring but nonetheless very useful upgrades such as more health and more energy, but chances are good that they will get more enjoyment from saving their upgrade points for their later upgrade options.

Seriously, Boost Your Health (Control cheats and tips)

On a related note, players should put some serious effort into boosting their health. This is because Jesse starts out fragile enough that she can be killed by just a couple of hits. As a result, the single best solution for this problem is to boost her health. As stated earlier, upgrade points are one potential solution. However, there is another option in the form of equipping health-boosting mods. The more health that Jesse has, the more hits that she can soak up before she dies. Furthermore, the more health that Jesse has, the more beneficial that health refills will be whenever they drop from the enemies.

Do Your Object of Power Side Missions ASAP (Control cheats and tips)

Speaking of which, there are some side missions that should be prioritized over others. In short, whenever players see something that involves chasing down Objects of Power, they should complete it as soon as possible. This is because these side missions unlock new skills, which can make a lot of challenges in Control much more manageable.



Control cheats and tips



Of course, interested individuals should make sure to complete the other side missions sooner rather than later as well, seeing as how they are packed with other rewards.

Don’t Go For Random Mods (Control cheats and tips)

Control gives interested individuals the option of spending their hard-earned materials to create new mods. Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues that make this option less than optimal. One, the products are random, meaning that interested individuals have no real control over what they receive from the process. Two, the products aren’t actually as good as the mods that players can pick up by just playing through the game. As a result, interested individuals shouldn’t spend their materials on making random mods. Instead, they should spend their materials on upgrading their Service Weapon, whether that means making new variations or increasing the number of mods that it can hold. In Control as in other games, the smart and sensible allocation of resources can give players an incredible boost in their capabilities while minimizing their regret over avoidable wastage.

Remain on the Move

Remaining on the move is critical for combating multiple enemies. In essence, players will want to make good use of the cover system. However, they don’t want to get too dependent on it because that is a good way for them to get overrun by their opponents. Instead, a better option might be to take cover in a particular location, use that cover to take some shots, and then move once that cover becomes less useful thanks to the re-positioning of enemies.





Of course, when the player is moving from cover to cover, they should make sure to sprint for the best results. The less time that they spend out of cover, the less time that they will have to take the risk of getting caught out in the open.

Remember that You Can Equip Two Different Forms For the Service Weapon

The Service Weapon is an Object of Power that can turn into a wide range of weapons. Furthermore, players can equip two of those forms for faster switching from one to the other, thus providing them with more combat options. Generally speaking, interested individuals will want to choose something that is good at short range and something that is good at long range. This is effective because each weapon’s strength serves to cover the weakness of its counterpart. In contrast, doubling up on weapons with the same strengths and weaknesses is much more limiting when it comes to the player’s combat options.

Don’t Be Too Cautious

With that said, it isn’t a good idea to be too cautious when playing through Control. After all, it doesn’t have a passive healing system. Instead, the enemies drop health refills when they are killed, meaning that players are encouraged to take a more aggressive approach than just holing up behind covers as much as possible. Under ideal circumstances, they should be killing their enemies so that there will be health refills that they can rush out to recover whenever they need it. After which, they can return to cover from which they can launch further attacks with which to restart the cycle.

If You Are Too Weak, Wait Until Later

It isn’t unknown for Control to hand out missions that the player can’t handle with their current capabilities. Apparently, this is because while some missions are handed out based on the progress that the player has made in the game, other missions are handed out based on the location of the player in the building. Due to this, if players ever run into a situation that they don’t believe that they are capable of overcoming, they might want to back off before returning to it once they get stronger. Likewise, if they see a location that they can see but can’t access, it is possible that it isn’t supposed to open up until later in the game.

Asynchronous costume

Successfully complete the Mirror quest in the Synchronicity Lab/Mirror Studies in the Research Sector. After defeating the optional boss, look in the broken mannequin chamber to the left as you enter from the Ritual Division to find the Asynchronous costume.

Candidate P7 costume

Go to the Containment Sector, Prime Candidate Training room. Look in the P7 room and interact with the open cabinet to find the Candidate P7 costume.






Director’s Suit costume

Successfully complete the main story to unlock the Director’s Suit costume.

Janitor’s Assistant costume

Successfully complete all Janitor missions, posted in the small Janitor’s Room in the Janitor’s Office area of the Maintenance Sector. After completing all the missions, complete the “Take A Break” mission to unlock the Janitor’s Assistant costume at the quest board.

Office Assistant costume

Successfully complete a part of the main story very late in the game to unlock the Office Assistant costume.