Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips



Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Has Come Out

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the much-anticipated expansion to Monster Hunter World. The PC release isn’t until January of 2020, but the PS4 and Xbox One releases happened on September 6 of 2019. As a result, interested individuals should have no problems finding information with which to help them hunt their monstrous prey.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind For Monster Hunter World: Iceborne?

Here are some tips that interested individuals might find useful for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne:

You Need to Complete Both Low-Rank and High-Rank 

For starters, if interested individuals want to play Iceborne, they are going to need to complete both the low-rank and the high-rank stories in the base game. Fortunately, Capcom recognizes that this could be a hassle for some players, which is why it has instituted a couple of things that should make the process much easier.

One, players can pick up a suit of armor called the Guardian Armor, which possesses bonuses such as more health and more potent healing items that make it useful even on high-rank missions so long as they continue to upgrade it with armor spheres. New players can pick up the armor at the character creation screen, while returning players can pick up the armor from their housekeeper in their room in the village of Astera.




Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips




Two, players should know that some changes have been made that will make it even easier for interested individuals to progress through the game by calling in other players. For example, players now receive bonuses when helping out their lower-ranked counterparts, meaning that they now have more incentive to take that step. Likewise, dynamic scaling has been introduced for monster health, which should reduce the threat of interested individuals having to face off against something with a humongous health bar because the wrong number of players joined in on their hunt. As such, if players are struggling with a particular mission while rushing towards Iceborne, they shouldn’t hesitate to call in some help.

Practice, Practice, Practice (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips)

With that said, since Iceborne requires interested individuals to complete both the low-rank and the high-rank stories, it should come as no surprise to learn that its content is meant for Monster Hunter veterans. As such, if interested individuals rush into it without having mastered the various capabilities that are at their disposal, there is a good chance that they are going to get overwhelmed by the first few challenges that come their way.




Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips



Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution to this particular problem. In short, players should practice by playing harder and harder missions. Whenever they find something that used to be a serious challenge has turned into something that they can handle with no issues whatsoever, they should move on to the next challenge. By pushing themselves on a continuous basis, interested individuals should make the best progress when it comes to mastering Monster Hunter mechanics.

Be Prepared to Grind (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips)

Said process might sound laborious and time-consuming, but that is something that interested individuals will want to get used to sooner rather than later. This is because one of the most important cycles in the Monster Hunter series consists of hunting monsters for their loot, using that loot to make better equipment, and then using that better equipment to take on tougher monsters. It is possible for players to make progress with sub-optimal equipment, but they will have to make up for that lack with their skills. Unfortunately, Iceborne can be rather unforgiving, meaning that this tends to be much easier said than done.





As such, chances are good that interested individuals are going to find themselves making more of an effort than ever before to keep themselves on the cutting edge of monster hunting. As for players who never get accustomed to the cycle of hunting, upgrading, and hunting, well, it might be better for them to find out sooner rather than later because it is such a fundamental part of the Monster Hunter experience. Not everyone enjoys every kind of game that can be found out there, which is perfectly fine.

Upgrade Your Palico (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips)

On a related note, players should put a similar effort into upgrading their Palico. Iceborne is tough, meaning that they will want to give themselves as many advantages as possible. As a result, if they put their full focus into upgrading their own equipment while sparing no thought for their feline friend whatsoever, they will be effectively handicapping themselves for no good reason. This is particularly true because an upgraded Palico can make a huge difference in Iceborne missions, meaning that interested individuals have every reason to make sure that they have been upgraded to the maximum extent as well.

Bring Hot Drinks and Nulberries (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips)

A well-stocked inventory has always been useful in the Monster Hunter series. However, Iceborne‘s challenging nature makes bringing enough items a must. In particular, players will want to have full stacks of both Hot Drinks and Nulberries for their Iceborne missions. The first will keep them warm, thus preventing them from losing their precious stamina to the pernicious cold. Certainly, interested individuals can mitigate the same problem to some extent by spending time in the hot springs, but suffice to say that said solution is nowhere near as convenient as having Hot Drinks on hand. Meanwhile, Nulberries are useful because Iceborne monsters love their status effects. As a result, while players might not have to chomp down on Nulberries on a constant basis, their absence will be felt whenever said individuals have to take on something while under the influence of a status effect that they can’t remove.

You Are On a Clock (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Tips)

On a final note, Iceborne monsters are packed full of health while Iceborne players have a limited amount of time in which to put them down. Due to this, interested individuals will have to learn to be more aggressive when it comes to their prey. Simply put, unless they need a short window of time in which to recover, they should be staying close to the monsters in order to hit as hard as possible as fast as possible.