Gears 5 cheats and tips



Gears 5 is Excellent

The first part of Gears 5 brings us up to speed on the basics of gameplay. Long gone are the typical linear based levels but rather, vast open areas ripe for exploration.

Initially players will be set in an arctic world, and by making use of a skiff, be able to travel across the icy environment searching for clues.

And while Gears 5 makes excellent use of its open-ended maps, the game was built for adventure and combat. Within each map will be numerous side-quests and plenty of combat. So, whether players are exploring abandoned areas or helping characters on their quests, there’s always a battle to be won and enemies to encounter.

And the combat is one of the best in the gaming world. Gears 5 sets the bar high in this regard, and fans of the franchise will be happy to know there’s some new weapons in the game, for example the cluster-grenade firing Lancer rifle and Breaker Mace. Both of which are gorgeous to unleash on enemies.




gears 5 tips and cheats




And with all the awesome weapons comes an expanded upgrade system, which is mainly for Jack, the trusty drone. By gather resources, players can upgrade Jack and give him various layouts, such as the ability to perform stealth attacks. And with enough playtime, Jack will be one of the strongest teammates anyone could ever want.

And let’s talk about co-op mode. Gears 5 allows for up to three players to play alongside each other. Multiplayer is also available in a new mode, Escape mode. This requires players to run from a toxic wave, battling enemies and gathering new weapons along the way.

Feeling a bit anxious about Gears 5? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Gears franchise, or a new player looking to see what all the hype is about, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a freshly compiled list of Gears 5 tips and tricks, so you’ll be ready for what Gears 5 has to offer.

Pick your Difficulty (Gears 5 cheats and tips)

Gears 5 features all new difficulty scaling, with more of a progressive curve. Both beginner and intermediate difficulties offer decent experiences, with beginners being able to toggle on/off the lock-on aiming feature, which can be a big help for newer players.

And if you want to play co-op, the difficulties only apply to each individual player, so a newer player can still be on beginner while their teammate plays on the experienced difficulty.

The difficulty options are as follows:

  • Beginner: The best option for newer players. Gives the most experience for the story while removing the high tense situations, ability to add lock-on aiming.
  • Intermediate: For players with more experience in shooter games, still somewhat stress free.
  • Experienced: This is how the developers want Gears 5 to be played. Enemies are more lethal and advancing on this difficulty requires tactical thinking and strategy.
  • Insane: Absolutely crazy, for the best players, good luck!

A New Friend (Gears 5 cheats and tips)

There’s a character option Jack who becomes an ally if no player chooses to play as him. He’s a pretty good teammate at that.

Jack is a robot who has two active abilities he can equip at the same time. Players can also give Jack upgrades, augmentations and other unlockable features. Look for the circuit racks with the glowing batteries, these are the items you need to give Jack an upgrade. Usually the circuit racks are found lying about or inside the walls. They are everywhere, so keep your eyes open.

While Jack is useful, he can’t make use of cover, so be sure to give him some cover fire. He is able to go stealth though, so keep that in mind.

You can also use Jack to fetch ammo and weapons for you. It’s as easy as targeting the weapon you want and holding down the X button. For heavier weapons Jack must be upgraded, so keep that in mind.

Need help with a puzzle as well? Jack can help, you can send him to look for other areas that you’re too busy to interact with.

Want to change Jack’s abilities? Hold the left bumper and use the d-pad to shuffle his abilities around. By pressing the view key, you can install upgrades and see what Jack has already equipped. Keep in mind that “Ultimate” upgrades can only be acquired through side quests. Making use of Jack and keeping him well upgraded will help you immensely in battle.

General Tips (Gears 5 cheats and tips)

Playing solo? Make use of markers by aiming at an enemy and clicking in the left stick. This will mark the enemy as a target. Your teammates (A.I.) will then attack them first before the other enemies (if any). This is especially useful when battling flying Guardians.







When playing on a higher difficulty, explosives are exceptionally deadly. Be extra careful with Scions, Hunters or Grenadiers. Dodge rolling (tap A to dodge roll), is extremely useful when dealing with explosives. Keep in mind that in Gears 5 the enemies will eventually learn your movement patterns and try to predict where you’ll be. Switch up your defensive playstyle to counter this. Higher cover might be the trick if you are being too predictable.

The New Enemy (Gears 5 cheats and tips)

Gears 5 now has wardens, enemies that can kill you very fast. They dual wield maces and are only damaged with headshots. Luckily, they move very slowly, so you can easily avoid them. Watch out for their ground slam attack. Keep a safe distance and get good at aiming when dealing with wardens.


Every so often you’ll be able to sneak attack an enemy. In fact, from behind will allow you to perform executions. However, if you are seen or shooting at all you will no longer be in stealth.

Room to Explore

Gears 5 features a few areas for open world and side quests, which are mainly for upgrading Jack. However, you’ll also be able to find enhancements and collectibles. Look for the large green flags, indicative of side quest locations.

Secret Fish Stick weapon

In Act I: Shot In The Dark, after separating into two groups and going to the right, you will enter a sewer. At the starting area of the sewer (before going through the archway), shoot the four valves (two on the left side and two on right side) until they start smoking to spawn the Fish Stick weapon. This weapon runs out of ammo quickly. Once it runs out of ammo, your character will drop it. It can only be used again by reloading the chapter and activating the Easter Egg again.

All collectibles locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 90 collectibles in the campaign.

All Fallen Condors locations

Search the indicated locations in Act 2 and 3 to find all Fallen Condors.