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You Must Get Good (Blasphemous Tips)

Blasphemous isn’t exactly on par with Dark Souls in terms of difficulty, but you’ll still die over and over throughout the course of the game. Blasphemous truly is a league of its own. And with so much fun to be had, don’t you want to cut down on the amount of times a boss defeats you? And unless your someone with otherworldly skills, there is a steep learning curve with Blasphemous, at least initially, so be prepared to learn the same way you might’ve gotten good at the Dark Souls franchise.






Thankfully we are back to keep you up to date with some tips to make your time playing Blasphemous just a tad bit easier. Contained in our writings are absolutely no spoilers, so do not fear, we won’t give away anything about the storyline here.


When Enemies Fire, Hit them Back (Blasphemous Tips)!

So, in Blasphemous, projectiles can’t be blocked, so this is kind of an interesting dynamic. How in the world do you deal with this?

Well it’s simple, just hit them back. By slashing them with the sword, you can hit the projectiles back at the enemies. Pretty cool, right? Just make sure to get the timing down, as a properly timed sword slash is the only way to pull this off. Also, worth noting, this will not work for magical attacks.

The Dodge and Parry (Blasphemous Tips)

A good player is one that knows how to properly fight when the going gets tough. In Blasphemous, the usual light attacks can be parried, which as you may know, throws your enemy off balance. A good strategy is to develop a good parrying strategy and following up with an attack when the enemy is off balance.

For larger opponents, parrying might not always be successful. We’d recommend dodging more for the bigger enemies, as they tend to hit hard.




Blasphemous tips



Eventually you’ll have the dodge and parry system dialed, and each enemy that comes your way will be properly dealt with.

Jump Attacks (Blasphemous Tips)

Blasphemous has a wonderful jump attack system that allows for chained jump attacks. This makes it ideal to perform jump attacks at the start of a combo. Any extra damage you can deal is worth it.

Take it Easy

So, what happens when inevitably you encounter a boss that you just can’t beat? Our advice, take it easy, Blasphemous is an open world, you don’t have to defeat every bad guy right away.

Just up and leave, find another area to explore. It’s better than spending too much time on a boss you aren’t ready for, and you’ll more than likely be able to find some upgrades in the new area anyways.

Read the Lore!

Blasphemous is a marvelous world filled with mysterious items. But if you go into inventory, highlight the item in question, you can read the lore on this item. Often the lore will tell you how to use the item, as well as provide an interesting backstory.

Figure out What is Worth Buying

While playing, you might discover vendors. They are usually found by interacting with the cracks in the background. While initially hard to spot, the vendor is a useful place indeed.



Blasphemous tips




There are multiple vendor locations in the game, and each vendor has three items you can purchase. Our tip here is to acquire the Tears of Atonement if you can, get all of them. Locating a vendor can be especially difficult, so take the advantage and buy the items as soon as you find the first vendor.

Make Physical Notes

The in-game map can be hard to use, and frankly it isn’t the best map. If you are having trouble figuring out, or remembering where things are, make some physical notes of important locations. This will help you keep track of important locations and cut down on overall frustration.

The Best Attack

The thrust attack is largely considered the most useful in Blasphemous. Perform the thrust by dodging and then press and hold the attack button. The thrust attack gives great range and a lot of damage, useful for covering long distance enemies and especially important during boss fights. Don’t forget to upgrade the attack to make it even stronger.

Make the Right Sacrifices

The prayers in Blasphemous are powered by something called Fervour, essentially the mana points that allow you to use prayers in various ways. For example, you can boost your attack speed, enable shields or call in lightning strikes against your enemies. These prayers all need an ample amount of Fervour to use, and the Fervour bar recharges quickly. However, if you want, you can sacrifice a bit of health in order to gain more Fervour.

Simply hold down the circle button and watch as your health goes down and your Fervour bar fills up.

Don’t Neglect the Side Quests

Blasphemous features numerous side quests throughout the duration of the game. And as always, side quests are purely optional. Our tip here is to complete all the side quests that you possibly can.

Side quests of course grant rewards that will become increasingly more useful as the game goes on. Additionally, side quests offer you the opportunity to explore more of the map. With more items and more upgrades given as a result of side quests, you’ll be better prepared for the enemies and bosses in the future.

The Wall Looks Odd

Blasphemous clearly borrowed this next game dynamic we’re going to talk about here, but it’s ok, because it’s a great one. Certain walls in the game can be destroyed, so if any look suspicious to you, just give them a quick slash with your sword. The game features numerous hidden rooms with items worth checking out. Be on the lookout for these odd walls and small gaps, anything that might give way to a hidden chamber.

With that being said, these are our tips for surviving Blasphemous, gathering most of the loot, and with hopeful success, defeating your enemies without too many deaths.

As always, let us know in the comments if you are enjoying Blasphemous thus far. Have a tip for Blasphemous that we didn’t mention, let us know as well! Your comments are always appreciated!