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FIFA 20 Is Out (FIFA 20 Cheats and Tips)

FIFA 20 has been out since September 24 of 2019. As a result, there are a lot of players out there who have played a lot of hours, which in turn, means that there is plenty of information that interested individuals can use to improve their play.

What Are Some FIFA 20 Tips to Keep in Mind?

In fact, said individuals can start with these suggestions for FIFA 20:

Did You Play FIFA 19?

For starters, those who played FIFA 19 should know that it is possible to transfer some of their things to FIFA 20, thus providing them with something of a head start in the latter. This can be performed by launching FIFA 20 on the same platform used to launch FIFA 19. However, this means that the process has a serious limitation, which is that cross-platform transfers cannot be carried out.

Moving on, interested individuals should know that they can transfer a total of four things. First, they can transfer their FUT Club profile, which includes their club name as well as their club’s establishment date. Second, they can transfer their XP points, which will be used to calculate their starting level in FIFA 20. Third, they can transfer their Football Club Credits for use in purchasing Catalogue items. Fourth, they can transfer their FIFA points, though they should know that once their FIFA points have been transferred from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20, they will not be able to reverse the process. Besides these four things, everything else is non-transferable in nature.

Practice Both Old and New Skills (FIFA 20 Cheats and Tips)

Players should spend some time familiarizing themselves with both the old skills and the new skills that can be found in FIFA 20. This is important because every move has its own particular usefulness under the right circumstances, meaning that interested individuals will want to memorize them as soon as possible for two main reasons. One, they will want to know them so that they can make use of them. Two, they will want to know them so that they can watch out for them.

With that said, when players are practicing, they should focus on two important considerations. First, they should practice so that they can perform the right moves at the right times using muscle memory without having to think them through, thus providing themselves with a notable speed boost. Second, they should play around with the moves to figure out when they should and shouldn’t be used. Something that isn’t necessarily clear on initial inspection by interested individuals. In the end, the more practice that players put in, the better that they can expect to become with the core mechanics of FIFA 20.







As for why players will want to practice both old skills and new skills, that has a pretty simple and straightforward answer in both cases. Regarding old skills, interested individuals should practice them because there is a chance of changes having been made to them, meaning that their existing knowledge could mislead them by causing them to make bad assumptions. Practicing old skills is a useful way for confirming how they are supposed to work, thus preventing such problems from popping up.

Meanwhile, players should practice new skills because each one of them offers new possibilities in play, meaning that it would be a shame to pass up on their potential without so much as checking them out. On top of this, it should be noted that the introduction of new skills changes the play environment in which old skills exist, which always has a notable impact on the right use and the right timing for skills. Due to this, practicing both old skills and new skills is important for understanding how they are supposed to work with one another for the best results.

Passing Can Get Pretty Complicated (FIFA 20 Cheats and Tips)

On the surface, passing isn’t particularly complicated. After all, it involves nothing more than tapping the right button while aiming in the direction of the desired recipient. However, there are a lot of complexities contained in something that seems very simple, meaning that it can be worthwhile to spend some time on the matter.

For instance, the passing button can be used to control the speed as well as the strength of the pass. In short, holding the passing button for a longer period of time makes for a more forceful pass. However, this means that the player will take longer to make the pass as well, meaning that timing is critical in this matter. In contrast, while a fast tap of the passing button won’t send the ball forward with a lot of force behind it, it will minimize the player’s reaction time. Something that can have its own benefits under the right circumstances.






Besides, it is worth remembering that there are different kinds of passes, meaning that players have different tools to use when they need to get the ball from one place to another. For example, a short pass is a ground pass used to send the ball to a teammate situated within a close distance. In contrast, a lob pass is an aerial pass with a high arc as well as a long distance, which is why it is sometimes used for a cross.

Meanwhile, through passes are forward passes meant to cross the space between defenders, meaning that they are used to set up an attack by a teammate situated beyond said individuals. There are other kinds of passes besides those mentioned here, which is why interested individuals should look into them sooner rather than later.

Watch Videos (FIFA 20 Cheats and Tips)

The FIFA series is very popular, meaning that interested individuals should have no problems finding footage of other people’s playthroughs. As such, players who want to improve might want to check out videos by skilled and experienced players, which should provide them with useful insight into what they should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to various scenarios. This is particularly true when the videos come with commentary because that can shed even more light on the player’s thinking as well as how that connects to their play.



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