The Surge 2 Cheats and Tips



The Surge 2 Cheats and Tips

The Surge 2 is a notoriously difficult role-playing game, with amazing combat. From Deck13 comes another edition of The Surge franchise, another game ripe with difficult gameplay and amazing combat.

With that being said, you might do better and get good if you read our tips for The Surge 2.

Save the Scrap for Later

Familiar with the bonfires of Dark Souls? Well, The Surge 2 has Med Bays, mobile units that act as save points should you die (and you will eventually), and areas to upgrade your character and all the gear that comes with them.

In The Surge 2 the currency is scrap, which you’ll collect for almost every in-game task you complete. However if you die, your scrap gets dropped. Pretty basic mechanic really, but should you die a second time, on the way to retrieve your already dropped scrap, it becomes lost forever.

And you don’t want to lose scrap unnecessarily, well luckily you can just save your scrap at a Med Bay, where it will be saved until you are ready to use it (on gear or upgrades).

Also, the longer you can survive without dropping your scrap or saving it at a Med Bay, the more scrap you’ll make. Holding onto scrap increases the amount of scrap you can gather.

Keep them Separated (The Surge 2 Cheats and Tips)

This might be a bit, gross, but body parts in The Surge 2 can be dismembered. Enemies can be attacked at specific points, the right arm, left leg, head, torso, etc. If you can cut off the body part holding the weapon, you’ll get some loot.

So here’s our tip, always dismember the body parts if its easy. The loot you get from this will be useful when you want to upgrade your armor. For example, if you need armor for your legs, you’ll need to gather leg materials, which comes from the chopped off legs of enemies.





What you want to upgrade should be a heavily deciding factor in how you fight, as you want to upgrade your character sooner than later, and a dedicated strategy to doing this will give you lots of loot and have you upgraded in no time at all.

You Might be In the Wrong Area (The Surge 2 Cheats and Tips)

We’d be lying if we said its hard to get lost in The Surge 2, luckily there’s an easy way to figure out if you’re in the correct area. Simply see what the levels are for the enemies. Red numbers above enemies that are extremely hard to beat are good indicators you aren’t in the right area.

Just keep your wits about you, if the enemies suddenly get much stronger, you may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Choose Your Armor and Weapons Quickly (The Surge 2 Cheats and Tips)

It is advised to make an early decision regarding which types of armor and weapons you want to use. Take your time in the opening area testing everything out. Ultimately you’ll save more resources if you know which armor and weapons you want, as this makes it faster to upgrade what you want.







And by picking earlier, you’ll have more time to collect resources, which makes it easier for switching to different armor or weapons later on in the game.

Can’t Reach that Shortcut? We can Help

The Surge 2 is filled with tons of locations you won’t be able to get to, at least right away. Hard to reach areas often require new items or special abilities in order to reach them. And there’s no well defined way of keeping track of these locations.

This will happen continuously as you play the game, you’ll come across an area you just can’t get to, so thankfully we have a tip that will help you. And it’s really quite simple, take notes.

Every time you come across an area you cannot access without a special item or ability, make a note (either on your phone, notepad, paper, whatever) of the item and location. There’s really no other way to track these areas, and if you can’t track them it will be that much harder to access them later when you finally have the correct items or ability to reach them.

Read the Loading Screen Map

There’s no typical map in The Surge 2, the only way to see where you might be going is with the bulletin board maps posted in various locations of the city. These also aren’t the best maps either, so we advise players to just read the map that’s on the loading screen.

Whenever you go to a new area, the map will be on the screen. Make note of the locations on this map, you’ll see it a lot but its also the best map in the game to read, and this will help you figure out where you’re going and where you want to go.

Always Bring Scrap to A Boss Fight

Here’s why you should always bring a bit of scrap with you to a boss fight. When the boss kills you, the scrap gets dropped. But while the scrap is on the ground, it offers health should you pick it up.

So just by bringing a bit of scrap with you, you get a free health boost at the start of the fight (this assumes you died once already in the same fight). Keep in mind the scrap will eventually disappear if you leave it on the ground for too long or if you die before picking it up.






And as always, make sure to bank most of your scrap before the fight, you don’t need much for this health boost tip to work.

Enjoy the Game!

Whatever experience you have with Deck13 games, remember to have fun. We understand these games can be extremely challenging, but the only thing you can do is keep playing, read our tips, and get good!

Let us know how you are enjoying The Surge 2 so far, did these tips help? Anything we might have missed?

Tell us in the comments below!