Indivisible Cheats and Tips



What Is Indivisible? (Indivisible Cheats and Tips)

For those who are unfamiliar, Indivisible is the newest release from Lab Zero Games, which is a name that might be familiar to some people because of their involvement with Skullgirls. However, while Indivisible has something of the same look as Skullgirls, it is important to note that it is an action RPG rather than a fighter. Moreover, it is an action RPG with a fair amount of platforming built into it in a manner that is very reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile.

What Are Some Indivisible Tips to Keep in Mind?

Here are some Indivisible tips to keep in mind for a smoother play-through:

Pay Attention to the Blue Circles (Indivisible Cheats and Tips)

Sometimes, enemies will have a blue circle beneath them, which means that they can block. This is important because players will need to break their guard before they can start doing meaningful damage to them. Fortunately, breaking guards is pretty simple and straightforward in Indivisible, seeing as how it can be done by hitting them with either an up attack followed by a down attack or a down attack followed by an up attack.




Indivisible Cheats and Tips



Be warned that not every character has both options, thus providing players with one more reason to choose their team members with both care and consideration. Furthermore, once an enemy’s guard has been broken, they should be focused upon until they have been beaten because they can recover from said status. This won’t be the end of the world, but having to break an enemy’s guard more than once can be a rather frustrating experience.

Upgrade Your Attack Before Your Defense (Indivisible Cheats and Tips)

Players will come upon the option to use Ringsels to upgrade both their attack and their defense not too far into Indivisible. Some players might be inclined to put equal resources into both options. However, they should know that it might be better to prioritize upgrading their attack over upgrading their defense.

In part, this is because the enemies can have a lot of health. Each time that the player chooses to upgrade their attack, they will get one more press of the button in battle, thus enabling them to overcome their enemies that much faster. With that said, it should also be mentioned that well-timed blocks can prevent a lot of damage over the course of the game, meaning that players don’t necessarily need a lot of defense so long as they have a good sense of timing as well as a good eye for their enemies’ movement patterns.



Indivisible Cheats and Tips




As such, players shouldn’t prioritize their defense upgrades unless they have very little confidence in their ability to time their blocks, though even then, attack upgrades will prove to be critical. After all, the sooner that they beat down their enemies, the fewer attacks that they will have to take.

You Can Attack Enemies to Gain an Advantage Before Entering Battle

One of the interesting outcomes of Indivisible‘s platforming elements is that it is possible for the player to gain an advantage by attacking their enemies before entering combat. As a result, players should make sure to use this as much as possible to put themselves in the best position, which in turn, will enable them to make the fastest progress through the game. It is interesting to note that the bow can be exploited for maximum effect in this regard. This is because each hit with the bow will stun the enemy as well as build up the player’s meter.







Once an enemy has been stunned, they will become that much more vulnerable to the player’s other attacks, meaning that a great deal of damage can be done before even entering combat by alternating the use of the bow with the use of the ax. This method becomes even easier to use once the player picks up the spear because that will extend their reach, thus enabling them to stun-lock their enemy from a distance rather than from up close where timing mistakes can cost them.

Don’t Use Party Blocks Unless You Have No Choice (Indivisible Cheats and Tips)

Party blocks are very useful. However, players shouldn’t use them unless they have no other choice because party blocks use up more of their lddhi than the normal block. As a result, excessive use of the party block can leave the player unable to use the full extent of their capabilities when it is their time to attack rather than to defend. Generally speaking, players should save their party blocks for when they are about to be hit by an area of effect attack, but an occasional misuse from time to time won’t hinder their progress by that much.

Some Characters Are More Useful Than Others (Indivisible Cheats and Tips)

Of course, some characters are more useful than others. However, Indivisible is complicated enough that different players can have different preferences because of different play-styles, meaning that there is some room for interpretation in this matter. Still, one of the most recommended characters is Razmi, who combines versatility with considerable usefulness. Granted, she is slow, but she comes with a lot of power packed into those slow attacks. Moreover, Razmi has a heal, multiple area of effect attacks, and a slow debuff that can be stacked a total of three times to make even the worst enemies that much more manageable.



Indivisible Cheats and Tips




You Can Miss Out on Recruitable Characters

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is possible for players to miss out on recruitable characters in Indivisible. As a result, it can be worthwhile for them to look up the full list of recruitable characters as well as the various ways that they can be recruited. For example, once players have beaten the Serpent Queen, they can speak to the twins Hunoch and Xiboch to learn that Xiboch’s skull has gone missing. This will unlock a quest to recover Xiboch’s skull by defeating the monster that took it, thus enabling their recruitment. In contrast, interested individuals can recruit Ren the second time that they visit Tai Krung right after they have fought Kala for the first time. However, they will need to find him on a local rooftop before beating him down to recruit him.

Indivisible – How to Unlock All Characters


Can be found in Kaanul, but you will need to have invested in your slide ability to access the area she is in. She is not a combat character, but will allow you to dye your clothes.


When you are finished in the Tower of Wisdom, head to the pub in Port Maerifa where you will find this fearsome Pirate Queen.


Dhar is unlocked during the story.


You need to clear the barriers in Port Maerifa to find him. He is located at a save point just after the last barrier.

Ginseng and Honey

You run into Ginseng and Honey as you play through the story. The will ask you for help finding the Resurrection Lilies. Fully search the area to find all three, and they will join you.

Hunoch and Xiboc

When you beat the Serpent Queen, you can find a new Incarnation Quest in Kaanul. Complete the quest will get the brothers to join you.


Kushi joins you after a story boss fight. 


Unlcoked as part of the story at Mt Sumeru Base.


Nuna will join you after you save her in Kaanul.

Naga Rider

Unlocked as part of the story when you return to Tai Krung City.


You can find Phoebe in Port Maerifa, after you have cleared the barricades. Head back to town and you will find her in the town. Agree to help her train her children, then go with her to desert and defeat her in a fight to have her join you.


You unlock Qadira as part of the game’s story.


You also unlock Razmi as part of the game’s story.


Tharwa will join you in Port Maerifa. She is a noncombat character.


Finish Mt Sumeru to unlock Thorani.


Tungar can be freed from the prison in Fortress Vimana. You can find him after opening all the red doors by destroying a machine.


Yan can be freed from a cage when you return to Tai Krung City.


Zebei can also be freed from the prison in Fortress Vimana.