John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips




John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips

John Wick is something of a legend. He never seems to miss a shot, he’s highly efficient, and he’s practically a one-man army.

Watching John Wick on the screen gave us a feeling of excitement. Here’s a guy, who, although highly skilled, is still just a human. But he’s elegant, attentive and a downright legendary warrior.

Thankfully, John Wick Hex is here to give us a taste of what it’s like to be John Wick.

But John Wick Hex takes a more creative approach, the game itself isn’t the generic third person shooter we kind of expected it to be.

The game uses a hex-based grid system, where actions are dictated by commands. John Wick Hex is almost a turn-based game, but it’s not. Time management is crucial for this type of game, and the numerous other elements make John Wick Hex fun, and challenging.

We’ve gathered some John Wick Hix tips to help you fightlike the real John Wick.

Read It All (John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips)

John Wick Hex is full of a lot of information, and it comes at you fast. And compared to other games, John Wick Hex has a lot to read and take in.



John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips



Usually the information comes when you select an enemy to attack, the game let’s you know the enemies’ hit chance and your hit chance. But there’s other factors as well that the game tells you about, and it’s important to read it all to get a clear understanding of the fight at hand.

You Can Hide, It’s Just Fine (John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips)

Avoiding damage will keep you in the game for longer, so don’t worry if you’re play style isn’t matching up exactly like the real John Wick and running out of the way is easily the best option.

Learn to move quickly and dodge roll from enemies and you’ll be avoiding damage like there’s no tomorrow. Parrying is quickly executed in John Wick Hex so make use of that to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Other times you’ll want to hit an enemy before they can complete their attack. So, choose your battles wisely, and don’t forget to run away if you need to.

Infinite Enemies, Be Alert (John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips)

Some levels in John Wick Hex aren’t going to have the usual waves of bad guys. Certain levels are going to hit you with endless enemies, although this is more likely to happen during boss fight levels.




John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips



So, it’s important that you find the sweet spot between eliminating the bad guys and working towards your objective. If you focus on one goal too much, you’ll either be overwhelmed with enemies or never finish your mission. You do not want to be grossly outnumbered. So, keep your wits about it, if the enemies are almost never ending, you’ll have to take them out first and foremost, or at the very least be alert about the situation.

Keep A Weapon Close

John Wick Hex is interesting in that there is a finite amount of ammo in the game, and if you aren’t attentive, you will quickly run out. Always keep a weapon (although two or more is better) close so you can use it when you need to. There is a pick-up time in the game for weapons and you don’t want to be in the middle of a firefight and must waste time picking up a weapon, which only leaves you vulnerable.

Crouching Isn’t the Best Option

Keep in mind that while crouching, your movement is going to be severely limited, you won’t move as you normally can, and there’s no melee attack options while crouched.



John Wick Hex Cheats and Tips




While you will be able to roll, grab weapons, and open doors, that’s about all you can do. Crouching can be useful for breaking the enemies’ sight line or picking up a new weapon. If you absolutely must crouch, use this as an opportunity to ambush your opponents, and you’ll get an accuracy boost for firing while crouched. But it is important that you understand your limits here.

Learn to Interrupt

Because you will know how long before an enemies attack is performed, you can (if you get the timing right), strike the enemy before they finish their attack.

John Wick Hex is all about timing, so when you learn which moves take up what amount of time, you can incorporate this into your strategy and use it against your enemies.

This also works well with sight lines. Movement isn’t exceptionally time consuming, so often times you will be able to move out of the enemies firing path before they get a shot off. This works well for jumping into cover as well.

Having fun with John Wick Hex? Let us know in the comments below! That’s all of our tips for John Wick Hex, stay tuned for more tips and tricks for all your favorite games!