Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cheats and Tips



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Out

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series. Supposedly, it was made with increased realism in mind when it came to its single-player campaign, which became a contested claim within a very short time because of the other information provided in the same reveal. Now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has come out, interested individuals can make up their own minds on the matter while experiencing what it has to offer them.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when playing:

Be Cautious (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cheats and Tips)

Player characters are pretty vulnerable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. As such, players should move through the shooter with a strong sense of caution. For example, they should move from cover to cover in a measured manner rather than rush out into the open because that will minimize their exposure to hostile gunfire.

Likewise, they shouldn’t spend too much time lining up the perfect shot because that means giving their enemies more time in which to line up the perfect shot on them. On the whole, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is supposed to be a more realistic experience than a lot of its counterparts, meaning that interested individuals should play with those expectations in mind.

Doors Provide a Lot of Fun Options

Doors can provide interested individuals with a lot of fun options in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For instance, there are a lot of people who run through doors without a care in the world for what can be found on the other side. As a result, it is no wonder that some players like to set up somewhere close to a set of doors with the intent of ambushing those who come through them in a careless manner. On the reverse, players have a number of options for going through doors.






One example would be kicking down the door by sprinting towards it, which will create a huge amount of noise but can nonetheless surprise enemies because of the sheer forcefulness of entry. Another example would be approaching a door while aiming down the sights, thus enabling the player to peek through the door before greeting their enemies with a most unwelcome grenade. On top of this, it should be mentioned that it is possible to shoot through doors, meaning that bad positioning can prove to be very detrimental for those who are determined to hold them.

Watch Out For Flanking (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cheats and Tips)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter rather than a third-person shooter. This is important because it means that players have a much more limited field of vision, which in turn, means that they have a much harder time picking up on potential threats that are moving to flank them. To some extent, this can be combated by players scouting out their locations so that they can pick out the probable paths by which they can be flanked, thus informing themselves about what needs to be monitored as well as how often they should be monitoring them.

Of course, the reverse means that players should be striving to outflank their enemies as much as possible. Unless they have no choice, they shouldn’t attack waiting enemies head-on because that puts them at the greatest risk of being shot. Instead, they should strive to outmaneuver their enemies as much as possible so that they will be the one shooting from a prepared position while their enemies are presented with the unenviable choice of either running or rushing a prepared position.

You Might Want to Turn Up Your Sound (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cheats and Tips)

The player isn’t limited to sight for finding their enemies. After all, sound plays an important role in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, particularly since it has been upgraded to make the relevant systems more sophisticated than ever before. To take advantage of this, interested individuals should turn up their sound so that they can get another source of information about what is going on around them.

It isn’t perfect, but even a few seconds’ warning can make a huge difference in this game, particularly since being caught by surprise can have such punishing consequences. Be warned that sufficiently loud noises can carry for a considerable distance, meaning that players might want to move after they engage their enemies lest they get overwhelmed by their enemies rushing in to check up on what has happened.

Experiment with the Guns and Gun Attachments

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare provides interested individuals with a lot of guns as well as a lot of gun attachments. As a result, interested individuals should experiment with them. In part, this is because they need to know what each gun and gun attachment can do so that they can optimize their load-out for the conditions that they can expect to find in their next mission.






However, it should also be noted that each gun attachment comes with its own particular strengths and weaknesses, meaning that if players aren’t careful, the ill-thought-out selection of gun attachments can make even their favorite guns either useless or next to useless. In this as in other things, theory-crafting is useful, but it becomes even more useful when it is backed up by the fruits of thorough experimentation.

Keep the Objective in Mind (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cheats and Tips)

Sometimes, a mission will have some kind of objective. When this is the case, interested individuals should always keep the winning objective in mind so that they won’t get distracted by the whims of the moment. Otherwise, they run a real risk of winning battles but losing the war because their enemies bee-lined for the winning objective while they got distracted. Naturally, this means that the other side can be susceptible to the same problem. As a result, if a player can lock down their enemies by getting into a shoot-out with them while one of their team-mates makes the real push for victory, they shouldn’t hesitate to make that exchange.







Easy “Ashes To Ashes” and “Wild Fire” trophies

In Mission 4: Proxy War — Objective: Secure Armory, during the first big enemy encounter, there is a helicopter landing in the middle of the area. As soon as you see a helicopter in the air, quickly run straight to it. This is best done on the Recruit difficulty so the enemies do not kill you on the way. If you are quick enough, you will reach the helipad before the helicopter lands on it. Then, simply throw a Molotov at it. If you do not get to the helicopter in time, restart the checkpoint (or the mission) to try again. Molotovs are your default throwable in this mission.

 Note: You can also get the “Ashes To Ashes” trophy for burning four enemies with a single Molotov. The helicopter will drop off four soldiers on the helipad. After they have landed on the ground, throw a Molotov on the floor between them. This must be timed correctly — you cannot allow them any time to run away. If done correctly, all four will start to burn simultaneously. They do not have to die from it — the Molotov’s fire just has to hurt them to get the trophy. If it does not work, restart the checkpoint and try again. It may take a few attempts, as you must get the timing perfect.

Easy “Companion Block” trophy

In Mission 3: Embedded — Objective: Get Through Building (early in the mission), you will reach a place where Farah (girl you are walking with) goes to the right and you must go left where the workers are and collect a cinder block. This is an unmissable story part, as you need to pick up the cinder block to get past the guards (they will think you are one of the workers). Take that same cinder block to the end of the mission.

You are allowed to drop the block in every enemy section. You can shoot any enemies in your way. Then, before moving onto the next objective, remember to take the cinder block with you. Also, make sure you do not confuse it with other cinder blocks sitting on the floor. It is recommended to put it in memorable places where there are no other blocks. You can combine this trophy with the “Play Dead” trophy, which also takes place in this mission.

Easy “Driver’s Ed” trophy

In Mission 8: Highway Of Death, approximately one third through the mission, you get the objective to stop a suicide truck. Just do what the game indicates and shoot the driver. There are some wooden boards in front of the windshield that you need to shoot off first. Hit those a few times. When the windshield is exposed, shoot the driver. This gets increasingly easier the closer he gets to you. Use Hadir’s sniper rifle that you are given at the start of the mission.

Easy “Golden Path” trophy

In Mission 5: Clean House, you must complete the mission while killing all killable enemies yourself using only one bullet per enemy to get the “Golden Path” trophy. You are not allowed to take any damage. If you make a mistake, you can use checkpoint restart (no need to use mission restart). This is a more complicated trophy than the description indicates. If you shoot some people in the wrong order or too early or let your teammates kill them, it can void the trophy. Look at the video and replicate it exactly floor by floor.

This means killing all the enemies in the exact order shown in the video and letting them grab their weapons first. The areas that can be trouble and void the trophy are when you shoot the fake hostage before she draws a gun, and when you shoot the last woman too early or let Price kill her (must shoot her when Price says “Drop Her”).

Easy “Long Way Down” trophy

In Mission 4: Proxy War — Objective: Secure Armory, during the first big enemy encounter, you will see two helicopters flying around. It is recommended to grab the “Kar98K” sniper rifle at the start of this mission (in the first room next to the staircase). Aim the sniper rifle at the pilot –- he will be outlined in red so he is easy to see. Shoot at the pilot to down the helicopter and get the “Long Way Down” trophy. If you do not get the trophy, immediately reload the checkpoint.

Easy “Love From Above” trophy

In Mission 7: The Embassy, after Captain Price gives you the drone laser pointer, you must climb the ladder to a roof. In the next section, shoot all the enemies (do not use the drone). After all enemies are cleared out, wait on the rooftop. A blue civilian vehicle will pass by the street on the left, ignore this one (do not fire the drone at it). After the blue civilian car has passed, the four enemy trucks for this trophy will start to appear. They are trucks with a manned turret on the back and enemies inside. You can only use one drone strike per vehicle. If you make a mistake, immediately restart the checkpoint.

Timing is important, as you must aim about 5-10 meters in front of where the trucks are driving. It takes 1.5 seconds for the missile to hit the ground. Destroy all four trucks with one drone strike each to get the “Love From Above” trophy. You can equip the drone laser pointer by pressing [Up]. Truck 1 drives down the middle area. Truck 2 drives down the left street. Truck 3 drives down the middle area. Truck 4 drives down the middle area, and spawns 20 seconds after Truck 3.

Easy “Nothing But Net” trophy

In Mission 1: Fog Of War — Objective: Locate Barkov’s Gas, after you enter the enemy facility, two of your teammates will open up a door. Behind that door is a train yard and a machine gunner that will shoot from where a blue floodlight is. This is not a stationary machine gun — it is a person carrying a machine gun and shooting at you. First, clear out the other enemies. Then, go up the stairs to the left of the machine gunner. Get close to him and throw a grenade to instantly kill him and get the “Nothing But Net” trophy.

Easy “Play Dead” trophy (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cheats and Tips)

In Mission 3: Embedded — Objective: Follow Farah, after destroying the two helicopters with C4, follow Farah. You will reach a garden area with lots of dead bodies on the right side. Farah will lay down and tell you to do the same and stay still or else the enemies will spot you. However, do the opposite and kill all the enemies in this section.

Make sure to bring some good fully automatic weapons (switch between weapons when the magazine is empty, as it is quicker than reloading). Start shooting the enemies as soon as the first one steps through the door on the other side –- this prevents them from grouping up on you. Also, make sure to set the difficulty to Recruit to reduce damage inflicted by the enemies. You can combine this trophy with the “Companion Block” trophy, which also takes place in the same mission.

Easy “Press [BOOM] To Defuse” trophy

In Mission 6: Hunting Party, there are more than three tripwires placed throughout the mission. You must throw frag grenades at them to blow them up, or use the rocket launcher attachment of your primary weapon. On your way to the hospital, there are two tripwires, and many more inside the hospital.

Easy “Trigger Discipline” trophy

In Mission 2: Piccadilly, you must complete the entire mission without shooting any civilians. Luckily, it is a short mission. This is best done on the Recruit difficulty so the enemies do not inflict much damage toward you and you can get really close to them. Stand in front of them and aim at their feet so the bullets do not keep flying or accidentally hit a civilian. You will get the “Trigger Discipline” trophy at the end of the mission (after sacrificing the bomb vest hostage to save the other hostages).

Easy “Wall Hax” trophy

In Mission 5: Clean House, Alpha 3-2 is the codename of one of your teammates called “Sgt. Madden”. In this mission, you will go through a dark house and must shoot all the enemies hiding behind doors. When you go up the stairs to the second floor, there will be a door on the right side. You must shoot through this door before your teammates walk past it to expose the enemies behind the door. Kill all enemies in the room behind the door and go through all the rooms.

Once you move on to the third floor, you will get the “Wall Hax” trophy. Normally, if you did not shoot through that door, the enemies would shoot through it when Sgt. Madden (Alpha 3-2) walks behind it, and he would get downed. Note: It is easier to do this during mission replay once you are familiar with the mission layout.