WWE 2K20 Cheats and Tips



WWE 2K20 Has Been Released

WWE 2K20 has been released. As a result, now is the time for interested individuals to brush up on their WWE series skills so that they can have the smoothest playthrough experience possible.

Put These WWE 2K20 Tips to Good Use

Here are some examples of WWE 2K20 tips that can be put to excellent use:

Use Your Reversals with Care (WWE 2K20 Cheats and Tips)

Players have a limited number of reversals. As a result, they need to make each of their reversals count. Generally speaking, the best course of action is to save reversals for when the opponent is preparing to unleash their biggest moves, thus maximizing the benefit relative to the cost. Please note that the fewer the reversals that a player has in reserve, the more conservative that they should be about using those remaining reversals in reserve.






You Have Taunts For a Reason (WWE 2K20 Cheats and Tips)

There is a primal joy in taunting an opponent. However, there are some very practical benefits as well. Due to this, players shouldn’t hesitate to taunt their opponents when they are down on the ground, thus boosting them in preparation for a much more painful beatdown to come. Used in the right manner, taunts can be used to stretch a small lead into a huge margin that the opponent cannot hope to overcome.

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Choose Your Class with Your Play-Style in Mind

WWE 2K20 is interesting in that its MyCareer mode lets interested individuals create both a male and a female MyPlayer character. Naturally, this means that it has a robust character customization process. Some of this customization is a matter of style, meaning that it is something that interested individuals should be more than capable of handling on their own. However, the rest can have important consequences from a more practical perspective.

For instance, players can choose one of five classes for each of the MyPlayer characters that they make. In short, these five classes are Cruisers, Strikers, Specialists, Powerhouses, and Giants. Cruisers move fast, thus making it that much easier to capitalize on their expertise with high-flying attacks. Strikers are a solid choice for players who enjoy pummeling their opponents into the ground with a fast succession of punches and kicks. Ironically, Specialists don’t specialize in any single thing but are instead all-rounders who are capable of handling a wide range of situations with a wide range of capabilities. Powerhouses are exactly what they sound like, particularly when it comes to grappling. Giants possess incredible strength and toughness in exchange for slower speed as well as increased stamina use.




WWE 2K20 Cheats and Tips




Each option has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, meaning that there isn’t a clear option that is best. As such, interested individuals should feel free to choose the one that is best-suited for their personal play-style. This is particularly true because they can customize their MyPlayer character to a considerable extent, meaning that the class is far from being the sole choice of practical importance.

The Skill Tree Is a Concern (WWE 2K20 Cheats and Tips)

With that said, there is a huge problem with the MyCareer mode in that the skill tree has hidden attributes. In other words, interested individuals will have a very hard time planning out their long-term growth because they can’t see anything beyond what is immediately available to them. This problem is worsened by the fact that different classes and different fighting styles have different skill trees, thus further complicating matters. Fortunately, what players get at the start of MyCareer mode should remain useful for a long, long time to come, meaning that they shouldn’t get too stressed out about this.

Be Prepared to Grind (WWE 2K20 Cheats and Tips)

Please note that the two MyPlayer characters do not share experience. Due to this, interested individuals are going to have to do a great deal of grinding if they want to get their MyPlayer characters to the absolute height of things. For that matter, it should be mentioned that they will have the option of making more than one pair of MyPlayer characters, which will require them to do further grinding. Theoretically, players should be fine even with a reasonable amount of grinding. However, if they want to do absolutely everything and get absolutely everything, the solution should be clear.

Be Prepared to Cheese Opponents

To make the grinding more bearable, players might want to cheese their AI opponents as much as possible. For example, if players are in a ladder match, they should go for the ladder as soon as their opponent is down. However, instead of going for whatever it is that they are going for, they should drop down once their opponent gets up, let them climb the ladder, and then hit them when they are vulnerable. Likewise, battle royales are best handled by pummeling opponents until they are leaning against the ropes before following up with either a clothesline or a dropkick from a run to send them out of the ring.