Need for Speed: Heat Cheats and Tips



What Is Need for Speed: Heat?

Need for Speed is a long-running racing series. For proof, look no further than Need for Speed: Heat, which is the 24th installment released to celebrate the series’s 25th anniversary. Given the name, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that the title puts a fair amount of emphasis on the police, who will be looking for unsanctioned street racers.

What Are Some Need for Speed: Heat Tips to Keep in Mind?

Here are some things to keep in mind when playing through Need for Speed: Heat:






You Gain Different Rewards From Day Races and Night Races

Players can participate in both day races and night races in Need for Speed: Heat. In fact, players will have to participate in both day races and night races if they want to make good progress through the title because these different races give different rewards. By participating in day races, interested individuals can gain money.

Meanwhile, by participating in night races, interested individuals can gain reputation. This is critical because for whatever reason, players can’t buy better parts for their ride without sufficient reputation, meaning that they will need to participate in night races if they want to make use of their earnings from their participation in day races.

Plan Out Your Escape Route (Need for Speed: Heat Cheats and Tips)

The police has little interest in day races. However, the same can’t be said for the unsanctioned night races. As such, players should check their map before heading out onto the road so that they can plan out their escape route. This is important because being caught by the police will result in the loss of not just their progress for the night but also their multiplier plus a substantial percentage of their money. Later on, players will be able to soak up such hits. However, if they are still in the early game, this kind of loss can be crippling for their progress through the game.






Don’t Count on Straight Runs to Escape the Police (Need for Speed: Heat Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players need to remember that the police is both very fast and very aggressive. Thanks to this combination, their chances of escaping the police by performing a straight run aren’t very good, which is why they should resort to other options. For instance, tossing in a lot of turns plus doubling back from time to time can be very useful for throwing the police off of the player’s tracks. Likewise, consider making use of the jump ramps that can send players to different sections of the road because the police won’t follow them on to the jump ramps.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade (Need for Speed: Heat Cheats and Tips)

Once players started earning money as well as reputation so that they can spend that money, they should start upgrading their ride as much as possible as fast as possible. Every upgrade means an improvement in some important respect, which is important because a better ride means an increased ability to tackle the various challenges that can be found in Need for Speed: Heat.

Make Sure that You Are Being Challenged (Need for Speed: Heat Cheats and Tips)

If players want to improve in Need for Speed: Heat, they should make sure that they are always being challenged. Essentially, the idea is that they should choose a level of challenge that is difficult enough to push them on to greater and greater heights but not so difficult that it kills their enthusiasm for the title.

Each time that players improve to the point of being able to handle a previously difficult level of challenge with ease, they should make things more difficult for themselves so that they can continue improving. Simply put, interested individuals need to keep on moving if they want to keep on improving, which is rather apt considering the fundamental nature of a racing game. Otherwise, if players let themselves stand still, they run a real risk of stagnating instead.