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Death Stranding Is Out (Death Stranding Cheats and Tips)

There are a lot of people out there who have been keeping a watchful eye on Death Stranding because it is the first title from Hideo Kojima since his parting of ways with Konami. Now that the title has been released, interested individuals can experience the product of Kojima’s latest project for themselves.

Keep These Tips in Mind For Death Stranding

Be sure to put these tips to use for Death Stranding:






Keep Your Fingers on R2 and L2

R2 and L2 are very important buttons in Death Stranding. This is because R2 and L2 are used to re-balance the player character, which is important for preventing them from taking a tumble when moving over rough terrain. Hitting the right buttons at the right time can eat up a fair amount of focus, thus making it a potential hassle. However, it is apparently possible to avoid this problem by just pressing down on both R2 and L2 on a constant basis, which is something that interested individuals might want to keep in mind when struggling with movement.

Use Auto-Sort (Death Stranding Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, arranging the player-character’s cargo load is a pretty important issue in a game that is all about transporting cargo from place to place. The process is a full-fledged mini-game in its own right, meaning that there is a lot that interested individuals might want to remember when proceeding through it. With that said, if players don’t feel like dealing with the cargo load system, they can hit auto-sort to put the heaviest items at the bottom before putting the rest in logical places.

Memorize the Effects of Different Attachment Points

Still, it is important for interested individuals to look into the intricacies of the cargo load system if they want to get the best results out of it. For instance, it can be very useful to understand the various effects of the various attachment points. One example would be how the suit has four attachment points at the shoulders as well as the hips, which are interesting in that the items attached to them won’t fall off when the player-character takes a tumble.

Another example would be how the utility pouch can store up to four blood bags, meaning that there is no reason for putting blood bags in the back rather than this convenient storage space. On top of this, it is interesting to note that it is possible to carry cargo using the player-character’s hands, though this tends to be a sub-optimal option. After all, we are very reliant on our hands for just about everything that we do, so it should come as no surprise to learn that carrying cargo using the hands will make it more difficult for players to handle a wide range of challenges on longer trips.







Don’t Get Too Ambitious (Death Stranding Cheats and Tips)

It can be tempting for players to load their player-character with as much cargo as possible so that they can save on time. However, unless they are absolutely sure that they can handle whatever Death Stranding throws at them in spite of the handicaps imposed by the heavier cargo load, they should go with something less ambitious.

Simply put, they are going to lose more time than what they have managed to save if they make a serious mistake while so encumbered, meaning that being too ambitious in this regard can backfire on interested individuals. Of course, experts can go for something more challenging in nature, but if they are experts, they don’t need to be reading this.

BTs Aren’t Impossible Enemies (Death Stranding Cheats and Tips)

Over the course of the game, interested individuals can expect to get access to a wider range of equipment that will enable them to better handle the challenges that can be found therein. However, it should be mentioned that players can take on BTs long before the game prompts them to do so because BTs are by no means as tough as they are made out to be by the game’s story. In short, the best approach is to bring entire boxes of hemetic grenades.






When dealing with single BTs, a good strategy would be using stealth to pick up on their presence before they can pick up on the presence of the player, which should be followed up by a well-tossed hemetic grenade. In contrast, when facing off against a Catcher, interested individuals will need something more complicated. Generally speaking, they should move to higher ground, use their scanner to find out where the Catcher will emerge, and then hit it with whatever they have.

Be warned that players will need to remain ready to move throughout the entire time because the Catcher will attack their higher ground in an attempt to drag them into the mud. With that said, driving off a Catcher is a good outcome, but beating a Catcher is even better because of the very material rewards on top of the player’s sense of satisfaction.

Have a Second Route in Mind

When moving from one point to another in Death Stranding, it is best for interested individuals to have not one but two potential routes in mind. This is important because they won’t know the hazards ahead of time, meaning that they cannot guarantee that their initial route will be usable. Something that is particularly true for longer trips. As such, having a second route in case the first proves to be too dangerous is a smart and sensible precaution to take.

Unlocking Reverse Trike vehicle

The Reverse Trike vehicle is parked outside the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, but you cannot use it right away. This area is accessed in Episode 2, and the vehicle requires a power source. Once you acquire the power source, the motorcycle will automatically recharge itself. To get a power source, take the “Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm” order, which is available at the Distribution Center after completing two other orders. You will need to complete the order to infiltrate the MULE camp, and finish the Chiron Crystal Collection. After completing the quest, you will unlock the ability to fabricate Generator structures with the PCC. To repair the Reverse Trike, drive it into a Distribution Center and park it on the circle where you can access your Private Room. When the vehicle is parked, just take it down into your Private Room to automatically repair it. You can carry a lot more cargo with the Reverse Trike.

Crafting Reverse Trike vehicle

To unlock the fabrication plan for the hidden Reverse Trike “Ride”, collect Memory Chip #31. Then, redeem the Chip at a Terminal to craft the Reverse Trike.

Unlocking fast travel

The ability to fast travel becomes available later in the game. In Episode 3: Fragile, you will unlock it very early —- when you reach the first Distribution Center, you will travel into the Private Room and talk to Fragile. She will explain the situation in the Midwest. She will also add a new item to your Private Room. By focusing on the Umbrella, you can select to travel to any major hub connected to the Chiral Network. You can instantly travel to previous locations to complete quests and increase your Porter ranking. Note: Any items you are currently carrying will be transferred to the specific Distribution Center’s Private Locker — so you cannot take any items with you.

Secret Otter Hat (Conan O’Brien Easter Egg)

You can find Conan at the Cosplayer facility in the Central Region. Conan will tell you some info and jokes about otters and give you the Otter Hat. It allows you to paddle like an otter in rivers. Complete the following steps to find Conan:

1. Accept Order No. 37 for Sam — Sewing Kit Delivery: Cosplayer. It can be found after Order 38 at a random terminal in the Central Region. The quest is usually at “South Knot City” or “Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City”. If it is not there, check the terminals at other facilities or sleep in the private room. The starting location changes as time progresses.

2. Deliver the cargo to the Cosplayer to find Conan O’Brien. You meet Conan after talking to the Cosplayer. He tells you some jokes about otters and gives you an Otter Hat.

3. You can equip Conan’s Otter Hat from the inventory (press Up). While in water, you will have more control and can paddle quicker left and right and even do barrel rolls.