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What Is Grid? (Grid Cheats and Tips)

Grid is a racing game made by Codemasters and published by Codemasters. It is the latest in the long-running TOCA racing game series. As a result, those who are familiar with its predecessors shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Grid has more of an emphasis on realism than a lot of its counterparts.

What Are Some Helpful Grid Tips? (Grid Cheats and Tips)

Keep these tips in mind when playing through Grid:






Understand the Racing Line (Grid Cheats and Tips)

The racing line is the optimal path on a race course. As a result, players who want to improve on their times should be following the racing line for the best results.

Of particular importance are the corners because poor choices can cost interested individuals a lot of their speed. Generally speaking, the racing line proceeds from the outside of the curve to the inside of the curve. This makes for the straightest line while turning, which is important because a straighter line means less loss of speed thanks to less use of the brakes.




Grid Cheats and Tips



Be warned that different cars handle in different ways, meaning that the perfect time to start braking can see a fair amount of variation. Something that interested individuals can master by playing with a wide range of cars.

Regardless, some people might be tempted to navigate corners using drifting. This isn’t a good idea in Grid because having their tires move sideways on the track will cause them to lose a lot of speed without a corresponding boost to make up for it. On the whole, this is an excellent reminder of how different games in the same genre can do the same thing in different ways, meaning that experience from playing racing games isn’t guaranteed to carry over perfectly to other racing games.

Keep the Nemesis System in Mind

Grid has what is called a Nemesis System. Essentially, AI drivers can get upset by the player hitting them either too hard or too often, thus causing them to become vengeful. As a result, an affected AI driver will start putting more and more effort into hitting the player, thus turning them into a huge threat out on the race course.

Due to this, interested individuals will want to avoid hitting AI drivers even if that means that they have to deviate from the racing line of the race course. Yes, that will cost them some of their optimization. However, hitting things and being hit by other things can be just as problematic. Never mind when AI drivers actually become motivated to go after the player.



Grid Cheats and Tips




Unfortunately, players won’t have perfect control over their cars, meaning that there will be times when they manage to make a Nemesis even though they did their best to avoid doing so. Should this happen, they should do their best to just ignore them while getting ahead of the competition. Yes, it can be tempting to retaliate.

However, that won’t actually do anything to help the player win the race. If anything, it will have the opposite effect by costing them valuable speed and thus valuable time when they should be focusing on improving their times as much as possible.

Play with the Difficulty Settings

There are some games that put a huge amount of effort into making sure that their players understand exactly what is going on so that they can enjoy the smoothest start possible. However, Grid isn’t one of them. Instead, it likes to drop its players right into the middle of the action, meaning that they may or may not be well-prepared for it.

Due to this, interested individuals might want to spend some time playing around with the difficulty settings before they start racing in earnest, particularly since Grid is a bit on the tougher side of things. Under ideal circumstances, they should be experiencing enough challenge from their difficulty settings that they are pushed to make personal improvements but not so much so that they get overwhelmed.

Over time, whenever players realize that they have managed to master a particular level of challenge in Grid, they can then raise the difficulty settings so that they can continue to be pushed to make personal improvements. In this way, interested individuals should be able to benefit from the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, they will never be overwhelmed, meaning that they will never loss their determination to get better because of a crushing loss; on the other hand, they will never be encouraged to become complacent, thus causing their skills to stagnate. Of course, if interested individuals find that they have reached the point that the AI drivers are no longer a challenge, there are still human opponents waiting for them out there.