Shenmue 3 Cheats and Tips



Shenmue 3 Has Come Out (Shenmue 3 Cheats and Tips)

Shenmue is one of those series that have managed to win much praise from fans but have never managed to have much commercial success. As such, it is remarkable that Shenmue 3 was ever made, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of interested individuals. On the whole, it retains a lot of characteristics from its predecessors, but it is very much its own thing.

Put These Shenmue 3 Tips to Good Use

Here are some tips and tricks for Shenmue 3:

Play Well-Fueled (Shenmue 3 Cheats and Tips)

Players should know that they need to eat on a regular basis if they want to keep up their health as well as their endurance. Generally speaking, interested individuals will need to buy their food from stalls as well as other retailers. However, there are some places such as Shenhua’s house where they can pick up some food free of charge. Naturally, some foods provide better value than others, meaning that interested individuals will want to keep a watchful eye out on what they are paying in exchange for what they are getting.

One solid choice would be Black Garlic, which costs 9 to 12 yuan but restores 300 health. Another solid choice would be Rock Tripe, which costs 20 yuan but restores 600 health. Be warned that while these prices might not seem particularly expensive, they will add up over time, meaning that interested individuals should familiarize themselves with the best money-making methods sooner rather than later.

Be Smart About Making Money (Shenmue 3 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, some money-making methods are more effective and more efficient than others, meaning that they should be prioritized for the purpose of maximizing earnings while minimizing effort. For instance, chopping wood is one of the simplest and most straightforward money-making methods in Shenmue 3.

There is a bit of a learning process, but once players have mastered it, they should have no problems earning about 70 yuan in a single session, which is a pretty respectable sum in the earlier parts of the game.

Eventually, interested individuals will want to look for more lucrative options, with an excellent example being the fishing that will be unlocked once they meet Shenhua at Ternary Spring. Fishing comes with a monetary cost because they will have to rent their fishing gear, but so long as they make good use of that fishing gear for that full day that they will have it, they should be more than capable of making back that initial cost and then some.







Of course, there is a wide range of other money-making methods. Each one comes with its own particular quirks, thus making them better-suited for some players than others. This can be seen in how driving a forklift can be very lucrative for those who have mastered the mini-game but very frustrating for those who can’t seem to prevent themselves from crashing into things.

Likewise, this can be seen in how selling herbs at the Tao-Get Store can be a great, stress-free way to make money while being very reliant on interested individuals being willing to go searching for valuable herbs in Bailu and Niaowu.

Be Prepared For Fights (Shenmue 3 Cheats and Tips)

There are a couple of important factors to remember for winning fights. One, players should stack the odds in their favor as much as possible before they get into a fight. Two, the fighting mechanics call for a fair amount of skill to master, meaning that players will need to train themselves as well as their player-character.






For starters, eating on a regular basis is necessary to maintain maximum health. Unsurprisingly, this is very important for winning fights, particularly for players who need that extra leeway because they haven’t managed to master the fighting mechanics yet. Furthermore, interested individuals will also want to train on a regular basis for the purpose of boosting both the player-character’s attack and the player-character’s endurance.






Said process can be time-consuming, but it comes with one other use, which would be providing interested individuals with the chance to practice their fighting moves. In Shenmue 3 as in other things, being well-trained is essential for maximizing one’s chances of success.

Moving on, players will learn how to fight well with Shenmue 3‘s fighting mechanics by just playing through the game. However, if they don’t necessarily enjoy engaging with said fighting mechanics, they shouldn’t hesitate to just turn down the difficulty level so that they can move on from particularly frustrating encounters.

Otherwise, there are some potentially useful things to keep in mind while they are fighting. For example, players can both block and dodge when they get attacked by their opponents. Blocking is good for reducing the amount of damage, but it is important to note that they will still be taking damage, meaning that it is not necessarily a good idea if they are about to get attacked multiple times in short succession.

Due to this, interested individuals should also learn to dodge, particularly since a well-timed dodge as indicated by a whooshing sound will leave their opponent vulnerable to a painful response.

Besides this, please note that numbers matter a lot. As a result, players should never let themselves get approached by multiple enemies from multiple directions because that will leave them defenseless against anyone who isn’t coming at them head-on.

Instead, they should do their best to reposition so that all of their enemies are coming at them from the same general direction, which will make it possible for them to beat down their enemies one at a time without getting interrupted by surprise attacks.