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Curious About Valfaris? (Valfaris Cheats and Tips)

Valfaris is the name of an action-platformer with plenty of heavy metal influences packed into it. For those who are curious, it is named for its setting, which is an once-idyllic space fortress that has since been turned into the stronghold of a supernatural evil. The hero is a man named Therion, who is returning home for the purpose of finding out how it fell.

What Are Some Useful Tips for Valfaris?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for someone playing through Valfaris:

The Use of Resurrection Idols Is a Matter of Balancing Risk and Reward

Resurrection Idols are a very important resource that players can find in Valfaris. This is because of three reasons. One, Resurrection Idols serve as save tokens that can be spent at the checkpoints situated throughout the various levels. Two, Resurrection Idols provide a cumulative buff to the player’s health and energy, thus making them that much better-prepared for the game’s challenges. Three, when the player reaches the end of the level, their remaining Resurrection Idols will be exchanged for Blood Metal that can be used for weapon upgrades.

Based on this, it should be clear that the use of Resurrection Idols in Valfaris is a matter of balancing risk and reward. On the one hand, making less use of Resurrection Idols means the potential for increased frustration because the player will meet with a bigger setback should they get killed. On the other hand, making more use of Resurrection Idols means an increased chance of the player getting killed, which is on top of losing out on potential rewards for completing the current level.



Valfaris Cheats and Tips



As such, players should be much more conservative about saving at checkpoints in Valfaris than in other games in which said function comes free of charge. Generally speaking, they should use their own experience of the level to judge the likelihood of them getting killed. If they are confident that they will be fine, they should proceed while making either no use or minimal use of Resurrection Idols so as to maximize their gains. In contrast, if they are struggling, they might want to be safe rather than sorry.

Be Careful with the Use of Your Blood Metal (Valfaris Cheats and Tips)

Since Blood Metal is used for upgrading weapons, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is very precious. In fact, Blood Metal is so precious that interested individuals might want to hold on before spending them.

Essentially, the situation is thus. The player can expect to find a total of 19 weapons in Valfaris. Each of these 19 weapons can be upgraded to Rank 3 using Blood Metal. After which, they can be upgraded one more time to Rank 4 using an even more precious resource called Blood of Valfaris. There are other methods that can be used to collect Blood Metal before trading in Resurrection Idols at the end of each level, but those methods are nowhere near enough to provide players with everything that they need to upgrade everything that they want.

As such, interested individuals should wait until they have collected a number of weapons, spent some time playing with each of them, figuring out what they want from their play experience, and then use their limited resources to upgrade the weapons that are most suitable for their particular preferences. Be warned that spent Blood Metal cannot be retrieved, which is why making the right choices is so critical for getting the most value out of these transactions.

A Good Defense Can Lead Into a Good Offense (Valfaris Cheats and Tips)

Chances are good that interested individuals have heard of the adage that a good offense is the best defense. In Valfaris, there are plenty of occasions when a good defense can lead into a good offense, which is why players will want to master their shield sooner rather than later.

First and foremost, the shield can do exactly what interested individuals would expect a shield to do, which is to say, block both melee attacks and ranged attacks so long as the player still has the Energy needed to sustain it. However, what makes the shield interesting in Valfaris is that activating the shield just before the moment of contact can be used to counter enemies.




Valfaris Cheats and Tips



In the case of melee attacks, good timing can be used to stun enemies, thus rendering them vulnerable to a painful punishment for their presumption. Meanwhile, when it comes to ranged attacks, good timing can be used to capture missiles so that they can be returned to their sender. Something that should be particularly appealing for players who are looking to not just beat their enemies but also beat their enemies in style.

Don’t Hesitate to Use Your Destroyer Weapons (Valfaris Cheats and Tips)

The weapons in Valfaris can be put in three categories, which would be primary weapons, melee weapons, and destroyer weapons. Unlike primary weapons, destroyer weapons use up energy in exchange for much greater firepower. This might cause some players to hesitate to use destroyer weapons because they want to conserve their energy. However, there is a simple and straightforward way for them to use their destroyer weapons while still keeping themselves topped up on energy.

In short, every time that the player kills something with a melee weapon, they can expect to collect some energy from the aftermath. As such, if players want to make more use of their destroyer weapons, they should switch between these two options on a regular basis. Essentially, every time they start running low on energy because of their destroyer weapon, they switch over to their melee weapon for an energy harvest.

Once they have either topped up or topped up enough for relative satisfaction, they can return to using their destroyer weapon for faster progress through the game’s challenges. The best part is that collecting energy with melee weapons isn’t limited to enemies. Instead, anything that can be destroyed using a melee weapon can be used to harvest energy, whether that means crates, lights, or organic-looking sacs.

Secret 1

Right after you collect the first blood metal, go all the way left past the hounds and the sniper. Instead of dropping down through the hatch, break the green blocks on the left. A cannon and a hound defend a Blood Metal.



Secret 2

Drop down through the platform in front of the powerless ship. The pile is a decoy and contains a big heart. Once you jump up to it, a rocket monster spawns that drops a Blood Metal.



Secret 3

After defeating the rocket monster, a door on the right opens. In the next room is a weapon tank with The Bastard.



Secret 4

After getting the Power Cell, climb up the cables and jump to the next room above. The skull pile contains a Blood Metal.



Secret 5

Right after the checkpoint and before you get the Wolflight, hit the tentacle bouncer at the tree trunk and let it launch you to the branch above. Go right and let the next bouncer launch you across the gap. You’ll find a Resurrection Idol and a Blood Metal as well as two flying monsters that spawn once you cross the branch.



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