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Phoenix Point Is Out (Phoenix Point Cheats and Tips)

Those who remember either the old XCom series or the new XCom series with fondness should consider checking out Phoenix Point. This is because said title has incorporated elements from both series while still introducing more than enough original mechanics to stand out in its own right. Something that should interest fans of XCom as well as other titles that feature tactical turn-based combat.

Keep These Phoenix Point Tips in Mind

Keep these tips in mind for Phoenix Point:

Understand Your Basic Classes (Phoenix Point Cheats and Tips)

First and foremost, players should get a good understanding of their basic classes, which would be Assault, Heavy, and Sniper.

First, the Assault class is the all-rounder. This means that it can provide respectable results in a wide range of scenarios under a wide range of circumstances in exchange for not being capable of matching its counterparts in their respective specialties. However, it is important to note that the Assault class is the most mobile of the basic classes, thus making it an excellent choice for scouting purposes.




Phoenix Point Cheats and Tips



As for the best Assault skills, interested individuals should look into Dash, Return Fire, and Rally the Troops. Dash lets the player move the character by burning Willpower even once their action points have been exhausted, thus making it possible to take a potshot before returning to cover. Meanwhile, Rally the Troops is incredible because it lets the character refund a single action point to each of their allies, while Return Fire isn’t particularly glamorous but can nonetheless speed up the clearing out of enemies by enabling the character to shoot those shooting at them.

Second, the Heavy class is both the class responsible for hitting hard and the class responsible for soaking up hard hits. Unfortunately, it is slow-moving, meaning that it has serious problems being in the right positions at the right times. As such, interested individuals might want to boost their speed, particularly since a number of their skills require them to be situated very close to the enemies.

Skill-wise, players will want to look into Brawler, Rage Burst, and War Cry. Brawler boosts the character’s melee damage by 50 percent, which can be very useful because the Heavy class spends so much time within melee range. In contrast, Rage Burst lets the character empty their gun at an enemy, thus enabling them to do increased damage in exchange for having to reload their gun afterwards. The use of War Cry isn’t quite as simple and straightforward as the other two skills, but since it can reduce an enemy’s action points to 2, it is very useful for preventing them from moving into a better position before attacking a more vulnerable character.






Third, the Sniper class is another damage-dealing class. However, if the Heavy class specializes in doing close-range damage, the Sniper class specializes in doing long-range combat. Something that is particularly true when it has a good position with a good view of their surroundings. Be warned that both Speed and Willpower are critical for enabling the Sniper class to move into a suitable position and then make the most of a suitable position.

The first skill that interested individuals will want to consider is Extreme Focus. This is because Extreme Focus reduces the cost of Overwatch, which is one of the most important mechanics that can be found in the whole of Phoenix Point. Besides Extreme Focus, there are also Master Marksman and Sniperist. The first skill boosts the character’s accuracy by 50 percent, thus enabling them to hit particularly nimble enemies. Meanwhile, the second skill boosts the character’s damage by 25 percent in exchange for 4 Willpower, which is expensive but nonetheless a must-have when the player needs to drop a particularly tough enemy right then and there.

Understand Your Enemies (Phoenix Point Cheats and Tips)

A very common problem for players is when they carry over the wrong instincts from a similar but not quite the same game. As such, even if interested individuals are very confident when it comes to tactical turn-based combat games, they need to be careful when going up against Phoenix Point‘s enemies lest they make a mistake based on bad assumptions.

For example, XCom veterans tend to be hyper-focused on being in cover. This is unsurprising because being out of cover made their characters very vulnerable, meaning that it wasn’t worth it unless they were sure that either the risk was worth the reward or the enemies wouldn’t be able to retaliate next turn. Cover is still important in Phoenix Point, but it is less so for a couple of reasons. One, cover doesn’t provide as much of a bonus in this game as it does in the new XCom series. Two, there are a lot more enemies that are willing to engage in melee combat, which isn’t something that cover can help with.

Another example of something that interested individuals will want to watch out for is Return Fire. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most useful skills for the Assault class. However, it should be mentioned that enemies can have Return Fire as well, meaning that it is perfectly possible for careless players to get their squads worn down bit by bit by said mechanic. Instead, when interested individuals face enemies that can return fire, their best move is to go with either a Sniper to shoot them beyond their range or something so hard-hitting that it can take them out without risking retaliation in the process.

It Might Be Necessary to Carry Out Threat Mitigation (Phoenix Point Cheats and Tips)

Sometimes, the best approach to a particularly tough enemy is to carry out threat mitigation before seeking to kill it. Essentially, the idea is to prioritize shooting its weapon arm to make it less of a threat before going for something more lethal. As a bonus, a disabled body part can even cause further damage in the form of bleeding, which can be surprisingly useful when players are struggling against something that just won’t die.