Civilization VI cheats and tips



Getting Started in Civilization VI?

Civilization VI has been out for some time. However, it is never a bad time to jump in, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to give it a shot of their own.

Put These Civilization VI Tips to Good Use

Here are some Civilization VI tips that can be put to good use:






You Need a Military Sooner Rather than Later

It is perfectly possible for players to secure a non-military victory in Civilization VI. However, even if they have their eyes set on a non-military victory, interested individuals should still build a military sooner rather than later. In part, this is because of deterrence value. Yes, an economic powerhouse can muster a military much faster than otherwise possible because of their economic power. However, they are still going to take serious losses if they get attacked by an opportunist because their military looked like it was too weak to protect their interests, which can mean lost opportunities on top of other unwanted consequences.

Besides this, it is important to note that Barbarians are stronger in Civilization VI than in a lot of its predecessors. As a result, even if interested individuals don’t need to worry about rival leaders, they should still be very concerned about marauding Barbarians. This is particularly true because city centers can’t bombard until Ancient Walls have been built, meaning that there is a very real period of vulnerability that must be mitigated.

Expand with Care and Consideration (Civilization VI Cheats and Tips)

Tall vs. wide is one of the most important questions in 4X games. Essentially, building tall means building a smaller empire with more capable components whereas building wide means building a bigger empire with less capable components. Both options are viable in Civilization VI, but the relevant numbers are a bit higher than in a lot of other 4X games. For instance, building tall is closer to 6 to 10 cities of reasonable size than to 3 to 5 cities of massive size in Civilization VI.

Unsurprisingly, expansion is very important. After all, each location will have enormous consequences for how the player’s empire will grow, which in turn, will have similar implications for how the game as a whole will unfold. This is one of the places in which scouting will prove to be critical because a better-understood map increases the chances of finding the most suitable locations. Having said that, expansion isn’t just a matter of snapping up as many desired resources as possible as fast as possible. 






Civilization VI doesn’t penalize over-expansion to the same extent as its immediate predecessor, but if one thing has remained true, it is that a lost expansion point can be worse than never having expanded there in the first place. In other words, expansion is very much a matter of balancing an explosive rate of expansion with the ability to actually hold the territories that come from said expansion.

Never Fight a Multi-Front War (Civilization VI Cheats and Tips)

Never fighting multi-front wars is one of the cardinal rules in 4X games. This is because the units engaged on one front cannot support the units engaged on another front, meaning that a player won’t be able to bring their full force to bear on a single opponent. As such, even if players are going to eat a loss, they should use diplomacy to keep one opponent at bay while fighting the other before swinging around to settle matters once they have decided one front.






Of course, there will be times when players can’t help but get engaged by multiple opponents on multiple fronts. If possible, said individuals will want to either attack or defense at a strategic position that will minimize the angles from which their opponents can approach them. The weight of numbers will be painful, but it will still be better than having someone making progress through their vulnerable underbelly.






Choose a Leader Who Matches Your Playstyle (Civilization VI Cheats and Tips)

Players should have a good understanding of how they want to play before they go into each game. This way, they can choose a leader whose specialties have strong synergies with their intended playstyle so that they can put themselves in the best position possible. Otherwise, players are pretty much handicapping themselves for no good reason by failing to make use of this particular part of Civilization VI.

Having said that, while players should have a clear idea of how they want to play, which in turn, determines how they should go about securing victory for themselves, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they should stick to their plan under every circumstance. No one can predict the course of a game with perfect precision, meaning that there will come times when a player realizes that they have a better path to victory than what they had originally planned.






If so, they shouldn’t hesitate to change course because flexibility is a virtue when it comes to strategy games. Of course, flexibility isn’t the same thing as flightiness, meaning that such choices should always be made with both care and consideration. Otherwise, too much flitting between potential paths to victory will hamper the player’s ability to achieve any single one of them.

You Need Friends (Civilization VI Cheats and Tips)

The simple fact of the matter is that numbers matter a lot in strategy games. As a result, players should start making friends sooner rather than later. Something that is particularly true because long-lasting friendships can actually level-up for better benefits in Civilization VI.

However, there is a very common statement in international politics that can be adapted for Civilization VI. In short, players have interests rather than friends. Essentially, this means that players need to have a clear idea of what they want to get out of their friendships as well as what they are willing to pay for that. Otherwise, they run a real risk of getting pulled into a friendship that will actually be more detrimental than helpful to them, which tends to sour such relationships very fast.