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Shovel Knight: King of Cards Has Been Released

For those who are unfamiliar, Shovel Knight: King of Cards is a new Shovel Knight campaign released on December 10 of 2019. Based on its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is centered on King Knight’s rise to the throne. As such, Shovel Knight: King of Cards should come as welcome news to those who have been waiting for new Shovel Knight content.

What Are Some Shovel Knight: King of Cards Tips to Keep in Mind?

Put these tips to excellent use:

You Need to Master the Shoulder Bash (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

King Knight’s most basic move is the shoulder bash. However, that makes mastering the shoulder bash more rather than less important. After all, it is what interested individuals are going to have to use to get them through the game.

Regardless, one of the strengths of the shoulder bash is that it is very versatile in nature. For example, players can use the shoulder bash when they are in the air as well as they are on the ground, thus making it an option that they will never be without. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the shoulder bash can lead into other moves. One example would be pressing the button used to shoulder bash a second time to enter into a roll, though it is important to mention that its use has a limitation in that there needs to be a bit of a runway before it becomes usable.




Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips




Another example would be how King Knight will enter into a rising spin when he hits either a wall, an object, or most enemies, which can enable him to cause damage as well as destroy bricks on his descent. Please note that King Knight can use his shoulder bash once more upon bouncing because he has hit something thanks to his rising spin. Something that interested individuals will find to be very useful under certain circumstances. Besides this, there is one more point of interest, which is that King Knight can save himself when falling into a pit by shoulder bashing a wall, thus enabling him to catch the side and thus pull himself up out of his peril.

Shoulder Bash Everything (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, players are encouraged to shoulder absolutely everything that they come upon in Shovel Knight: King of Cards. In part, this is there is a lot of good stuff concealed in bashable things, meaning that those who are determined to make as much progress as possible should get started on bashing them out sooner rather than later. However, it should also be noted that bashing things is a good way of finding out what happens when they are bashed under controlled circumstances, which is a good way for interested individuals to master something before it becomes necessary for them to have mastered it.

Keep an Eye Out for Rat Ropes (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

At the end of each stage, interested individuals will find a Rat Rope. However, it is important to note that there are Secret Rat Ropes as well, which can be recognized by the fact that they are red rather than yellow.



Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips



These Secret Rat Ropes are important because they lead to secret paths, which can be very beneficial for interested individuals to say the least. Of course, these Secret Rat Ropes tend to be very well-concealed, which is one more reason for players to explore as much as possible.

Great Rewards Come with Great Risks (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

One of the collectibles that interested individuals can come upon is the Bonus Ring, which looks like a ring that bobs up and down in the air thank to the propeller attached to its top. These rings are called Bonus Rings because they will bring interested individuals to bonus areas, which are exactly what they sound like, which is to say, filled with riches for the reaping.



Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips



Having said that, great rewards come hand in hand with great risks, meaning that interested individuals need to be prepared for the dangers if they want to go in. Otherwise, they could end up eating a serious loss instead.

Beware Wanderers (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

Wanderers can be found on the map. People who have played previous Shovel Knight campaigns will recognize them as the future members of the Order of No Quarter, which makes perfect sense considering when Shovel Knight: King of Cards is supposed to be set. However, interested individuals shouldn’t wander into these wanderers without being well-prepared because they can expect to go up against these knights. Please note that there are other potential wanderers as well, who are also boss encounters.

Get Your Hands on Heirlooms (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

The shoulder bash might be King Knight’s mainstay, but it is important to note that it isn’t his sole option. After all, he has Heirlooms, which are very similar to Shovel Knight’s Relics. These items can be picked up from a wide range of sources, but they are very similar in that they will consume Vigor per use.




Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips



First, there is the Dueling Glove that can be used to slap an opponent. This might not sound very exciting, but the upside is that it costs no more than 2 Vigor per use. Those who are interested can purchase it from Duelist Di.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips


Second, there is Hedge Pupil’s Rat Bombardier, which lives up to its name by tossing an exploding rat that can be redirected for maximum accuracy. Of course, a better ability means a higher cost, which is why it comes with a Vigor cost of 8.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Third, there is the Scepter of Swiftness that can be purchased from Skip, which can unleash a forward slash in exchange for 8 Vigor per use.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Fourth, there is the Scorching Saber that will send King Knight up before bringing him down with a fire-infused slam. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this weapon from Barton comes with plenty of power, but the cost of that power is 14 Vigor per use.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Fifth, Horns of Heralding come with a 20 Vigor cost per us. Something that makes perfect sense once one learns that they can be used to unleash quite deadly confetti all over the screen.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Sixth, there are the Gyro Boots that can be used to climb up walls by spinning upwards at the cost of 5 Vigor per use.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Seventh, there is the Turn Coat that can shield while the magic button is pressed before unleashing blasts of energy once the same magic button has been released.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Eighth, the Propeller Blitzsteed is simple in the sense that it launches a projectile that moves forward until it has either hit a wall or headed off the screen altogether.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Ninth, the Bubble Frog covers King Knight in a bubble that will let him heal for a while for just 10 Vigor per use.


Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Tenth, players can get the Healing Hammer from Vicar of Vigor, which is just as deadly as what one might expect from a hammer being swung but has received its very unique name because it can smash out hearts in the process.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips

Summed up, it should be clear that there is a wide range of Heirlooms with a wide range of effects. Each of these Heirlooms has its own upsides and downsides, thus making it better-suited for certain circumstances than others. As such, interested individuals are encouraged to hunt them down before spending some time playing with them to see which one are the best for their particular play-styles.

Walls Can Be Lifesavers (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

The right wall in the right place can be a real lifesaver. After all, King Knight can shoulder bash both from the ground and from the air. Furthermore, when he shoulder bashes into a wall, he launches into a spin. Something that can be very useful for enabling him to get out of the reach of otherwise dangerous circumstances. Besides this, both the Gyro Boots and the Bubble Frog can be potential lifesavers as well. In the first case, this is because it can be used for escape and evasion to excellent effect. Meanwhile, in the second case, this is because its healing can be invaluable.

You Can Complete the Game Without Playing a Single Match of Joustus

This can sound rather strange considering how much attention Joustus gets in Shovel Knight: King of Cards, but it is perfectly possible to beat the game without ever playing so much as a single Joustus match. As a result, if people enjoy Shovel knight but aren’t particularly enthused by card games, they shouldn’t let that deter them from getting Shovel Knight: King of Cards because they aren’t actually obligated to do anything with the cards.

Having said that, if interested individuals aren’t wholly averse to playing Joustus but want to give themselves a major edge before doing so, they might want to engage in some exploration before jumping in. This is because there are some powerful Joustus cards that can be found here and there, which can provide them with a massive advantage when they get started on their quest to becoming the titular King of Cards.

Joustus Is a Matter of Pushing (Shovel Knight: King of Cards Cheats and Tips)

It can be said that winning a match of Joustus is a matter of pushing. In short, interested individuals can win a match by securing more gems than their opponent. However, they can’t secure gems by just placing their cards on them. Instead, they have to use cards to push existing cards that have been placed on the board, whether those existing cards happen to be theirs or their opponent’s. Please note that it isn’t possible for them to push a card in a direction if it has a card pointing in the opposite direction, meaning that cards can have both offensive and defensive capabilities.

This is important because players aren’t limited to placing their cards on empty squares. Instead, so long as their card can push the existing card off onto another square, they can play it right onto an occupied square. As a result, players can’t let down their guard just because they have a card occupying a gem-bearing square but will have to remain vigilant about it until they are sure that it will be safe and sound.

Planning Ahead Is Important

Planning ahead is always important when it comes to any strategy game. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that this can have a very important role in Joustus as well. In particular, players are not permitted to skip a turn in Joustus. So long as it is their turn, they are required to put down a card even if doing so would prove to be disadvantageous to them. As such, planning ahead can help interested individuals save themselves from being put in such a situation.

Brute Force Is a Perfectly Fine Solution

As mentioned earlier, there are better cards that can be found out there. If the player is struggling to beat their opponent in Joustus, one potential solution is for them to find more powerful cards before returning for a rematch. Simply put, the more powerful the cards that they have in their deck, the easier the time that they will have while destroying their opponent. Granted, this won’t make for the most glorious of victories. However, what matters most is winning, particularly for people who don’t necessarily enjoy playing Joustus that much.

Cards Are Being Wagered in Each Match

It is important to note that the players’ cards are being wagered in each match of Joustus. Basically, if the player wins a match, they get to choose one of their opponent’s cards. Likewise, if they lose match, their opponent will choose one of their cards. Fortunately, the game is merciful in that it lets interested individuals redeem their lost cards from Chester in exchange for a fee, meaning that they won’t be lost forever.

Please note that if the player manages to beat their opponent so badly that they manage to claim every single gem that can be found on the board, they get to choose one card for each one of those gems. Meanwhile, the reverse is not true, meaning that the player will never lose more than one card in a match.


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