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Curious About Terminator: Resistance? (Terminator Resistance Cheats and Tips)

Since Terminator: Resistance came out, it should come as no surprise to learn that a shooter of the same name has been released as well. For those who are curious, there is information found out there that can be used to make their experience better than otherwise possible.

Put These Terminator: Resistance Tips to Good Use

Here are some examples of useful tips for Terminator: Resistance:





How to Handle Drones and Other Small Robots (Terminator Resistance Cheats and Tips)

Drones and other small robots make up a considerable percentage of the enemies that players can expect to encounter in Terminator: Resistance, thus making it very worthwhile to master how to handle them.

First, there are spider scouts, which come with a short-ranged shock attack but cannot be considered particularly impressive. Under ideal circumstances, interested individuals will shoot them in the eye for extra damage while remaining beyond their range.

Second, there are silverfish, which are huge nuisances because they are suicide bombers. Sound decoys are one potential method for luring them out. However, gunfire can be used for the same purpose but from a further distance, thus making it the superior choice.

Third, there are scout drones that resemble their land-bound counterparts to an enormous extent. In fact, scout drones are so similar to spider scouts that they are even best-handled by shooting them in the eye while remaining beyond the range of their shock attack.

Fourth, there are armored drones that can be armed with either miniguns or red plasma. These enemies live up to their name by possessing frontal plating that offer considerable resistance to both bullets and plasma. Even worse, armored drones can move this plating to better protect their weak points, thus making them very tough for those who are unprepared to fight them. As for what that weak point might be, well, suffice to say that armored drones also come with very noticeable and very vulnerable eyes.

Fifth, there are spiders with miniguns that can come with armor and without armor. Both examples have not one but two weak points, with one being their eye and the other being their rear battery. However, the armored variant is more dangerous because its plating can move to cover up those weak points. Should that happen, interested individuals are recommended to shoot their exposed arms, which might not cause extra damage but will at least cause standard damage.

How to Handle Terminators (Terminator Resistance Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who play Terminator: Resistance can expect to fight a fair number of terminators. Generally speaking, there are a number of things that interested individuals should know about these superior robots. First, they are immune to bullets, meaning that players should use other weapons when fighting them. Two, they are resistant to explosions, though this resistance will fade if they are ever knocked down by something. Three, terminators tend to have one weakness, which is that they are much more vulnerable to being shot in the head than any other part of their body. There is one interesting exception to this rule in the form of the T-808, but that is because the T-808 has a backpack for its flamethrower that can be blown up for enormous damage.

Besides the “standard” terminators, it is worth mentioning something about their rarer, much more powerful counterparts. For instance, infiltrator models are even more vulnerable to being shot in the head. However, they are outright immune to being knocked down, which is on top of them possessing pipe bombs that can kill the player in a single hit. Meanwhile, the T-47 is a major threat, which is wholly unsurprising because each one is 6 meters tall.

Their head is still their weak point, but it will take a few shots in said location before that becomes the case. Besides this, there are red orbs on their shoulders that serve as additional weak points, though these aren’t accessible unless either the player is situated above the T-47 or the T-47 has become stunned because of taking massive damage. On a final note, the T-47 has a very nasty habit of launching more and more missile volleys as it gets more and more damaged. This is a huge concern because even a single direct missile hit can kill the player unless they have their damage resistance close to being maxed out, meaning that multiple direct missile hits are un-survivable.

You Can Pick Up Some Guns From Multiple Sources

It is interesting to note that there are some guns that can be picked up from multiple sources. For example, the Plasma TC16-R can be purchased from the Resistance’s Quartermaster. However, there is another way of acquiring it, which would be picking up one at the end of the Lady Vengeance sidequest in Chapter 22.






Likewise, while the Rail Plasma RG01 can be purchased from the Resistance’s Quartermaster, there is a free one that can be found behind a locked door on the top floor of the Golden Tobacco in Chapter 11. For those who are struggling to find said building, it is situated in the western edge of the map from the starting location. On top of this, there are a number of weapons that can be picked up from the Resistance stockpile at the start of the last level.

As for why this matters, it means that interested individuals might want to plan out their purchases. If they can get a particular weapon for free rather than having to purchase it, that means that they will have more resources to spare for things that they can’t get any other way. In particular, it is worth mentioning that while interested individuals can find a free Heat-Seeking RL-92 with five rockets in Chapter 16, they are going to need to buy more ammunition if they want to continue using it past that initial number because said rockets can’t be found in subsequent levels.

Getting the Achievements (Terminator Resistance Cheats and Tips)

The achievements in Terminator: Resistance are pretty standard in the sense that some of them will be completed by just playing through the game while others will take some more additional effort in order to get them done.

For example, there are a number of achievements that are awarded for just progressing through the story. One would be “Fool Me Once,” which is handed out for destroying the Infiltrator, while another would be “I’ll Be Back,” which is handed out for beating the game on any difficulty setting. Likewise, there are a number of achievements that interested individuals are bound to pick up by just playing the game in a standard way. For instance, they are going to come upon a fair number of T-800s, so earning “Hasta la Vista, Baby” for destroying their first T-800 won’t be particularly difficult.

Some of the missable achievements are relatively simple and straightforward as well. For example, if interested individuals make regular use of the crafting system, they can count on getting the crafting achievements in no time at all. Similarly, if interested individuals make regular use of the hacking system, they are bound to get the hacking achievement sooner rather than later. Having said that, not all of the missable achievements are so easy.

For instance, when interested individuals start running into T-800s with flamethrowers, they are going to want to make an extra effort to get behind these enemies in order to shoot at their fuel tanks. Partly, this is because the fuel tank is a huge weak point, and partly, this is because destroying a T-800 with a flamethrower by blowing up its fuel tank will net players the “It’s a Bird . . .” achievement. Another example of a more challenging achievement would be “Efficient Killer,” which must be earned by killing a terminator with a termination knife.






To pull this off, equip the termination knife as the primary weapon before sneaking up on a T-800 from behind. Be warned that if a T-800 has seen the player so much as a single time, it will become impossible to kill using this method. As a result, players can’t make any mistakes while sneaking up on their intended target.