River City Girls Boss Guide



Facing the Bosses in River City Girls

Bosses can be some of the most memorable parts of beat-’em-up games. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that River City Girls features six standard bosses plus a seventh secret boss. Each one comes with their own particular patterns, meaning that it can be very worthwhile for interested individuals to read up beforehand.






Misuzu (River City Girls Boss Guide)

Misuzu is the first boss in River City Girls. As a result, it makes sense for her to be the one to introduce the players to some important details about the game’s bosses. For example, Misuzu comes with plenty of health as well as plenty of power. Likewise, Misuzu has not one, not two, but three phases, meaning that interested individuals will need to be prepared for that when it comes to other bosses.

Having said this, while Misuzu is a learner boss, she can be very dangerous in her own right for those who are unprepared. Her first phase isn’t particularly threatening, which is why it can be handled by the player attacking from the air until she falls before getting in a single strong attack. Some players might get greedy by going in for more than that but that would be unwise because Misuzu will recover with a powerful and thus painful ground pound.



River City Girls Boss Guide



Once she has taken sufficient damage, Misuzu will move on to the second phase. Players should remain at a distance because of her burst of energy. After which, they should wait until the last moment to dodge either up or down when Misuzu charges. Interested individuals should remain at a distance throughout this entire process because she can take opportunistic swipes when player-characters get too close. Eventually, Misuzu will enter into a jump attack. Once this happens, interested individuals can dodge either left or right once her shadow is locked in before hammering her with aerial attacks.

There is a third phase. However, it is pretty much the second phase at a faster pace, meaning that the same strategy should remain effective.

Yamada (River City Girls Boss Guide)

Yamada has three phases as well. In the first phase, interested individuals can just handle him by using standard combos for the most part. Every time that they manage to knock Yamada off of his feet, they should be prepared for a counter-attack in the form of a fast teleportation followed by an energy attack. Players can avoid this by just moving either upwards or downwards from their previous position before waiting out the energy attack. Once that has happened, they can then unleash another standard combo until Yamada has been hammered hard enough to move on to the second phase.

In this one, Yamada has two more strategies that interested individuals should watch out for. First, he will summon an apple plus a couple of objects that will orbit around him in a clockwise manner. Players can deal with this one by just stepping inside the circle drawn by the orbiting objects before attacking Yamada. Second, Yamada will sometimes summon a pair of blocks with which to smoosh the player-character, meaning that they must be dodged by double-tapping either the up button or the down button.

For the third phase, Yamada has one more attack, which consists of glowing lights moving along the ground. Interested individuals can avoid this attack by just double-tapping either the up button or the down button before running until it is no longer a concern. Otherwise, Yamada retains his other capabilities, but will unleash his other strategies in a faster manner than before.

Hibari (River City Girls Boss Guide)

Hibari is a huge nuisance, not least because she is much more difficult to reach than her two predecessors. Still, more difficult to reach is far from being outright impossible to reach, meaning that the situation is by no means hopeless.

For starters, Hibari has three moves. First, she will cast down a shower of energy balls, which can be avoided by just staying on the other side from her. Second, she will summon minions that can be beaten up with little effort. Third, she will throw a sewing needle, which should be dodged so that it can rebound on her to bring her down onto the ground. Once that happens, interested individuals should take the chance to pound her for extra damage.

In latter phases, Hibari will start sending out drones with zip-lines. Interested individuals should take out as many of the drones as possible before they can self-detonate before finding a safe space between the zip-lines. As for the rest, remain at a distance from Hibari as much as possible, which should provide interested individuals with more room to maneuver out of the way whenever she unleashes her other ranged attacks.

Abobo (River City Girls Boss Guide)

Abobo’s first phase is pretty simple and straightforward. As a result, interested individuals can handle it by just beating him until he goes down before retreating when he gets up. This is because he will retaliate in this moment, which is very reminiscent of Misuzu.




River City Girls Boss Guide



Regardless, there will come a point when Abobo starts charging up for one to two seconds before pounding the ground. Players should avoid getting hit by jumping up. After which, they will have to watch the ground for the shadows of falling blocks in order to avoid them. The last two blocks are bigger than normal. Moreover, both the player and Abobo can pick them up for the purpose of throwing them, which is why interested individuals should make a beeline for them as soon as they have fallen.

Eventually, Abobo will unleash more attacks. One is him attempting to suck in the player-character, which can be managed by running in the other direction. The other is him clapping his hands to shoot shockwaves that can rebound off of the walls.


There is no real trick for handling Noize. First, jump over the buttons. Second, avoid Noize as she comes down before jumping over the resulting shockwave. Third, hit her when she sends out her guitar but be prepared to move when the guitar comes back. Beware the fans that will come rushing in.

In the second phase, Noize will sometimes strum her guitar to create two projectiles that will shoot sidewards before closing in on the player-character. There is no solution for this besides waiting out the projectiles. In the third phase, Noize will sometimes teleport before unleashing a wave of fire, which can be just jumped over.


Players should remain light on their feet in order to counter Sabuko’s jumping. Theoretically, they can actually knock her out of her jumps, but the problem is that this can be rather dangerous to say the least. Be warned that Sabuko can block, meaning that it might be better to go with fewer but more powerful attacks rather than lighter, faster combos.



River City Girls Boss Guide



Besides her jumping, Sabuko has bunshin as well as elemental attacks that interested individuals need to watch out for. Her bunshin can be dispelled by just attacking her, which interested individuals can pick out by just going after the one without a visible aura. As for her elemental attacks, remain at a distance for more room in which to maneuver before either dodging them, jumping over them, or running from them as the situation demands.

Hasebe and Mami

Hasebe and Mami are the secret bosses that can be unlocked by beating the final boss for the Hasebe earring before breaking the 25 Sabu statues for the Mami earring. Attack-wise, the duo have a number worth mentioning. For example, they can link arms before launching into a series of whirling spins, which can be avoided by walking back and forth before they make themselves vulnerable at the end. Likewise, it is possible for one of them to stand on top of the other, which must be avoided while dodging their projectiles. Besides this, even when one of the duo goes down, the other will remain active. Please note that the resulting angel-looking spirit can still attack and be attacked, meaning that players might want to prioritize them rather than the girl who is still on her feet.