Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cheats and Tips


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is Out (Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cheats and Tips)

The Dragon Ball franchise is booming in the present time. For proof, look no further than the fact that it has seen another release in the form of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. However, it should be mentioned that this one isn’t a fighting game like most of its counterparts but rather an open world action RPG, thus making it something new in more than one sense of the word.

Keep These Tips in Mind For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Be sure to put these tips to use in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot:






Have Healing On Hand (Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cheats and Tips)

In this as in other RPGs, interested individuals should keep themselves well-stocked with healing items. After all, most players can expect to take a fair amount of damage from bosses as well as other enemies throughout the game, meaning that healing items can make the difference between success and failure. Something that can save them a lot of frustration in the long run to say the least.

Collect the Z-Orbs (Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cheats and Tips)

The game doesn’t do a good job explaining what Z-Orbs are supposed to be. However, that shouldn’t stop interested individuals from collecting them whenever and wherever they see them. This is because Z-Orbs are the currency by which they can unlock new skills as well as new Super Attacks, thus making them one of the most important mains of progression in the game.






As such, while it can be tedious and time-consuming to go hunting for blue orbs in the water, green orbs in the vegetation, and red orbs in the barren earth, it can be more than worthwhile. On top of that, it should be mentioned that interested individuals can come upon rainbow orbs, which are particularly precious because they will unleash a timed event in which interested individuals can pick up even more orbs of various kinds.

Do Your Side-Quests (Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cheats and Tips)

Anyone who has ever played a RPG knows that side-quests can provide them with plenty of benefits upon completion. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, this means plenty of useful items, which will see interested individuals through even the toughest challenges when used right. Fortunately, the locations of side-quests are marked on the map in the form of very visible blue exclamation marks.

You Can Eat Food For Stackable Buffs

Before players head out for a tough battle, they should pay a visit to a campfire. So long as they have the right items on hand, they can cook themselves a fine meal that will provide them with a 3 percent buff. On its own, a 3 percent buff might not seem particularly useful. However, it should be mentioned that these buffs are stackable in nature, meaning that it is perfectly possible for interested individuals to put up a performance that is far beyond what their basic capabilities would suggest. If players are struggling against something, they should definitely consider checking out campfires for the culinary edge that can help them overcome their hurdles.

You Can Get Bonuses From Communities

There is more to be had from leveling up communities than just good feelings. In short, communities are a way for interested individuals to secure a wide range of passive buffs, with examples including but not limited to better results from cooking to higher chances of running into rare monsters. Thanks to this, players should put some real effort into meeting the relevant NPCs as well as lending them a helping hand for their own sake if nothing else.

Master Blocking and Dodging

Blocking and dodging are some of the first things that interested individuals should master. In part, this is because bosses come packed with plenty of health, meaning that interested individuals are going to need those defensive capabilities if they want to make any measurable progress against them. However, it should also be noted that dodging can be very useful when interested individuals want to go on the attack. After all, if they time their dodge with perfect precision, time will slow down to provide them with a valuable window of opportunity in which to assault their opponent.






Observe Boss Patterns

On a related note, bosses in this game are action RPG bosses. As such, interested individuals should approach them in the same way that they should approach any other action RPG boss. In short, bosses tend to have better stats than them barring shenanigans on their part. As a result, it tends to be a very bad idea to engage in a simple and straightforward slugging match in hopes of wearing them out. Instead, interested individuals should be taking a slower, more measured approach by observing the boss’s attack patterns as well as the circumstances under which it uses those attack patterns. This is a place where a mastery of both blocking and dodging can prove to be very useful, seeing as how it will buy interested individuals the time needed to do so without getting overwhelmed by the boss.

As interested individuals observe the boss’s attack patterns, they can figure out the best ways to avoid those attack patterns before moving in to capitalize on the vulnerabilities that are either revealed in the process or can be revealed in the process. On the whole, observation is something that can take a lot of patient out of players, but it is one of the surest paths to success when fighting action RPG bosses. Of course, this isn’t applicable when interested individuals can just roll over their opposition via brute force, but those occasions are likely to be few and far in between.

Don’t Get Greedy

Interested individuals should never get too greedy when fighting bosses. Basically, when they see their chance, they should take it to hit the boss a few times before backing off. Otherwise, there is a very good chance that they are going to take the boss’s retaliation on the chin, which is bound to be painful and unpleasant. The only time when interested individuals should feel free to unload their fury on a boss is when they have gained a perfect understanding of its movements, thus informing them exactly how much time they have to attack before they have to back off.

Thanks to this, it is a good idea for interested individuals to take a policy of increasing aggression in boss battles. The more that they learn about their foe, the more aggressive they can become knowing that they can handle their enemy’s attacks while unleashing their own combos in turn.

Be Careful with the Timing for Your Super Attacks and Transformations

Both Super Attacks and Transformations can be considered major commitments of scarce resources. As such, interested individuals need to make sure that they connect to get full value out of them. There are a couple of things to keep in mind about this. First, different options should be used in different moments. For example, some of these moves are best-used when a boss is vulnerable following a big attack, whereas others are better-suited for use in interrupting those attacks.

Familiarity is critical for getting a good understanding of these moves, which in turn, will enable interested individuals to know their optimal and less than optimal uses. Two, interested individuals should practice the combined use of Transformations with Super Attacks because that can make for more damage than otherwise possible. As for why practice is so important, well, suffice to say that a failure will be that much more painful with such a huge commitment of resources, meaning that it is best to minimize the chance of such an outcome with plenty of practice.

Visit Vendors From Time to Time

It is unlikely that interested individuals will get all of the items that they need in this game by just collecting them from successful side-quests and other opportunities. As a result, if they are ever running short on items of whatever nature for whatever purpose, they should pay a visit to their local vendor. These shops carry a decent selection of items, thus making them very convenient for interested individuals who need to pick up some things.

Secret Mira boss fight

Defeat all Villainous Parties in the game, which are marked by a red crown icon on the map. Once all Villainous Parties are defeated, Mira can be found on the “Land Of The Kais” planet. He is a Level 100 enemy that has lots of health. Defeat him to get the “Down With The Demon Realm!” trophy.

Defeating Mira

Stock up on lots of healing items (equip them to your Pallete by going to Pause Menu — Items — Register Palette). For healing items, mainly use Energy Supplement Z every time your first health bar is depleted. If your health gets really low, use a Senzu Bean to restore 100% health (they regrow over time at Korin Tower Summit; talk to the cat NPC there). Bring additional Ultra Healade as a final option (recovers 30% health per use). Healing items are quite expensive. Put everyone in the Adult community to get reduced prices, wish for money from Shenron after finding all seven Dragon Balls (he gives 100,000 every time), and sell items from your inventory to merchants (quickest way is to find a cave with many rare crystals, destroy them, create manual save, reload save, everything respawns, destroy crystals again and repeat).

As long as you have enough healing items, you can brute force this fight, no skill required. You can do it easily at Level 70+. Make sure you put two other characters on your team to help out (highest level ones). Use Saiyan 3 transformation all the time, as you deal more damage this way. Only use melee attacks. Super attacks tend to land only 1 damage because of the huge level difference. If you still are having trouble defeating him, complete all available side missions to level up (but this should not be necessary with enough healing items).


Easy money

Find a cave with lots of rare crystals. Destroy the rare crystals, create a manual save, then reload the save for everything to respawn. Destroy the crystals again, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Sell the items from your inventory to merchants for easy money.

Easy Rare Z-Orbs

Rare Z-Orbs can be found in a variety of ways, but two of the easiest are found on every map in the game. While flying around, look for Phantom Airways and Timed Z-Orbs. Activate a Timed Z-Orb to make additional Z-Orbs appear —- some of them will be rare. Look for the Phantom Airways, which are golden circles in the sky. Flying into a Phantom Airway sends you through an air-tunnel filled with Z-Orbs, including some Rare Z-Orbs. They reset locations every time you re-enter a map region. Simply fly into a Phantom Airway and collect the Z-Orbs, then go to the map screen, and re-enter the same area for a new Phantom Airway to appear. Repeat this process as many times as desired.