Journey to the Savage Planet Cheats and Tips



Curious About Journey to the Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet is an adventure game in which interested individuals have to explore as well as carry out other activities in order to determine whether the titular location is suitable for human habitation or not. As such, it can be pretty challenging, meaning that they might want to go in with some information to help them out.

Keep These Tips in Mind For Journey to the Savage Planet

Here are some things to remember about Journey to the Savage Planet:





There Is a Fast Travel System (Journey to the Savage Planet Cheats and Tips)

Heading from place to place can be a very time-consuming process. As a result, players might be interested to know that Journey to the Savage Planet has a fast travel system that they should be making use of. However, unlocking the points in this fast travel system aren’t automatic. Instead, interested individuals will need to keep a watchful eye out for alien teleporters to make their play-through experience that much more bearable for themselves.

You Are Going to Need to Upgrade Your Gear

To get the most out of Journey to the Savage Planet, players are going to need to upgrade their gear. In part, this is because better gear will provide them with a better chance against all of the dangerous enemies that they can expect to run into. However, it should also be noted that some places just aren’t accessible without the right upgrade for the right gear. Unfortunately, if interested individuals want to upgrade their gear, they are going to need a lot of Alien Alloys. As such, they are going to need to explore everywhere for said materials.

Revisit Places (Journey to the Savage Planet Cheats and Tips)

It should be possible for most players to finish up Journey to the Savage Planet within 15 to 20 hours. In fact, the game even comes with an achievement for finishing up in 4 hours, which is meant to incentivize speed-runners. However, this kind of thing isn’t possible unless interested individuals give up on revisiting places for the most part, which is a real shame when so much of the game’s extra content requires it.





Simply put, most players should maintain a record of the places that they can’t access using their current gear that they come upon while playing through the game. This way, they will know where they should look once they get their hands on the necessary upgrades instead of having to fumble around for half-remembered locations that may or may not actually match their memories.

Death Isn’t a Big Deal (Journey to the Savage Planet Cheats and Tips)

Amusingly, death isn’t a big deal for players in Journey to the Savage Planet. This is because they will just respawn as a clone thanks to their ship’s very convenient Bio-Replication Chamber. In fact, if they head back to where they died, they can even reclaim that resources that they dropped in the process. Moreover, they should definitely do this at some point because they can get an achievement for photographing the corpse of their latest clone’s predecessor.

Pay Regular Visits to Your Ship

It tends to be a good idea for interested individuals to pay regular visits to their ship. Primarily, this is because they are going to want to drop off their collected resources, which happens on an automatic basis as soon as they head inside. Sure, they could always just recollect the resources that they drop when they die, but that can be a bit difficult in some cases, meaning that they can enjoy peace of mind by knowing that the bulk of their resources is stored in a safe spot. Besides that, visiting the ship is a good way to check out whether anything new has become available, which could mean everything from a new advert to a new upgrade.

Look Up and Look Down (Journey to the Savage Planet Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, we tend to keep our eyes focused on what is before us rather than what is above us and what is below us. This makes sense for our day-to-day lives, but it is nonetheless something that game developers can capitalize on to make things more difficult for interested individuals.


Journey to the Savage Planet Cheats and Tips



Simply put, there is a lot of stuff in Journey to the Savage Planet that can be found either above or below where the player-character is standing at the moment, meaning that interested individuals will want to search upwards as well as search downwards if they want to get their hands on absolutely everything in the game.

Do Your Science Missions

Players should do their science missions sooner rather than later. There are various reasons for this, but one of the most important is that the successful completion of those science missions can unlock new upgrades for the player-character’s gear. In some cases, those upgrades will enable interested individuals to go places that they couldn’t go in the past. Meanwhile, in other cases, those upgrades will make their lives much easier than otherwise possible. For instance, the upgrade that marks resources on the HUD is one of these upgrades, which can save interested individuals a lot of frustration to say the least.

You Have a Dodge

Dodging is one of the most useful abilities that interested individuals can master in the game. This is particularly true because it is effective against just about all of the enemies that they will encounter over the course of the game, meaning that they will want to get good with it sooner rather than later. Sure, it might not be particularly glamorous, but it will keep their player-character alive so that they can launch their counterattack.

You Can Throw Things

Speaking of which, chances are good that interested individuals are going to be throwing things for a lot of their counterattacks. For instance, something like Binding Bile is a great way to start out a fight because it will lock an enemy in place so that the player-character can hammer them for more damage than otherwise possible. Better still, it is very common for such enemies to expose their weak points in the process, thus putting them even closer to defeat.