Zombie Army 4: Dead War Cheats and Tips



Curious About Zombie Army 4: Dead War?

For those who are curious, Zombie Army 4 is a tactical shooter with a fair amount of emphasis. This makes sense because it is a spinoff of the Sniper Elite series, which falls into the same genre of games. However, there is a significant difference in that Zombie Army 4 runs with a fantasy scenario in which the Nazis have resorted to the use of zombies when faced with imminent defeat.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind For Zombie Army 4: Dead War?

Here are some tips and tricks that might prove useful for Zombie Army 4:





There Are Both Upsides and Downsides to Playing Solo

Players have the option of playing Zombie Army 4 either on their own or with a team. Both options have their upsides and downsides, which interested individuals should consider before proceeding further. On the one hand, playing with other people means revives as well as backup; on the other hand, it should be mentioned that friendly fire is very much something that can happen in Zombie Army 4, which can be rather problematic when other players are either ignorant or indifferent of this fact.

Have a Plan (Zombie Army 4: Dead War Cheats and Tips)

Sniper Elite puts a huge emphasis on scouting out a location, coming up with a plan based on the specifics of the location, and then executing the plan for the best results. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that some of that has carried over to its spinoff. Generally speaking, when players aren’t locked into a do-or-die struggle, they should take it slow rather than rush in. This way, they can make the best use of the environment on which they will have to engage their enemies. Furthermore, they can make the best use of the mines as well as the other traps that they have at their disposal.






Experiment with a Wide Range of Weapons

Players have a wide range of weapons in Zombie Army 4. Due to this, they will want to spend some time playing with all of the options that are available to them so that they can get a better understanding of what they enjoy playing the most as well as how they can get the best performance out of themselves. This is particularly important because upgrades are a thing in Zombie Army 4, meaning that interested individuals are going to want to make sure that their upgrade resources go to weapons that they are going to continue using.

Headshot Whenever Possible (Zombie Army 4: Dead War Cheats and Tips)

It is very common for players to seek to headshot their enemies when it comes to shooters. After all, headshots tend to do more damage, which is on top of their use as a way of showing one’s skill. In Zombie Army 4, headshots are more important than ever before because they make it impossible for a zombie to revive, which can be rather important for players who are concerned about getting surprised by something that they thought that they had already put down.



Zombie Army 4: Dead War Cheats and Tips




Be Prepared to Improvise (Zombie Army 4: Dead War Cheats and Tips)

One of zombie media’s most iconic images would be the zombie hoard rushing the protagonists. Naturally, this means that while players can expect to find plenty of manageable encounters in Zombie Army 4, there will also be times when they will have to handle more zombies than that. As such, interested individuals should be prepared to improvise as needed to come out alive. Sometimes, this means that they will need to pick up weapons that they find on the ground because they need every shot that they can get.

Other times, this means that they will need to resort to melee combat. In fact, players should do their best to master melee mechanics because they can be very useful in Zombie Army 4. For instance, the humble stomp can be used to eliminate grounded enemies without wasting precious ammunition, which isn’t even mentioning how it can be a real life-saver under certain circumstances.

Prioritize Special Zombies (Zombie Army 4: Dead War Cheats and Tips)

The people behind zombie games are perfectly aware that fighting just one kind of zombie can get pretty boring, which is why zombie games tend to have both standard zombies and special zombies. Zombie Army 4 is no exception to this rule, as shown by the special zombies that can shoot from a distance, the special zombies that can incite their standard counterparts, and so on and so forth.

Generally speaking, players should prioritize special zombies over their standard counterparts because they pose the most threat. However, interested individuals should never let this prioritization lull them into letting standard zombies gang up on them because sufficient numbers can make up for any other shortcoming.

Don’t Get Too Stressed Out About Officers

Officers are a huge nuisance. This is particularly true because they can revive again and again unless they have been killed in a specific way. If players can kill them in that specific way with relative ease, they shouldn’t hesitate to do so. However, if they cannot do so, it is better for them to just take out the officers as needed rather than take unnecessary risks. It is very, very easy for interested individuals to tunnel-vision on a specific objective in this kind of game, which can cause them to prioritize its completion at the expense of other considerations.

Something that can get them killed when they rush out of position without considering whether they can survive such a move or not. On top of that, it isn’t unknown for such choices to doom entire teams of players, whether because each player will rush out of position to help their beleaguered teammate or because the fall of one player will open up a vulnerability that can be exploited by their enemies. Ultimately,interested individuals should weigh choices based on whether they will help them achieve their winning conditions as well as the risk that they can expect to take on in the process.

You Shouldn’t Use Your Medkit

Curiously, players shouldn’t use their medkits. This is because medkits enable players to self-revive, meaning that it is almost always better to use them for this particular role rather than waste them on restoring a portion of lost health. The only time when it makes sense for interested individuals to use their medkits is when they can replace the used medkit right away, meaning that there is no point to saving the medkit for something more important.

Fortunately, for players who are concerned about their health running low, there are other options available to them. For instance, there are some weapons such as the hammer that can provide a bit of healing with each critical hit. Likewise, a takedown can be very useful in this regard as well.