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Batterystaple Games has revealed that they are in the process of making a follow-up to their 20XX called 30XX. As such, the new title is expected to be a side-scrolling action game with a great deal of resemblance to two sub-series in the Mega Man franchise, with one being the Mega Man X series and the other being the Mega Man Zero series.





In fact, it should be mentioned that the trailer for 30XX shows two characters that are very blatantly based on Mega Man characters, seeing as how one is a blue-colored individual with a shooting weapon and the other is a red-colored individual with a slashing weapon. Having said that, 30XX does stand out in that it is a roguelike, meaning that it should offer plenty of replayability for those who enjoy such games. Currently, the new title is being planned for not just the PC but also unspecified consoles.


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