Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough



Introduction to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Walkthrough

Those who are looking for information with which to make their Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order playthrough as smooth as possible can find it here in this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
walkthrough, which is focused on the powers, the levels, and the bosses of the game.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Force powers play a very important role in Fallen Order. In total, there are five Force powers that can be unlocked. However, it should be mentioned that interested individuals can customize each of them to a considerable extent, thus making them better-suited for their particular play-style than otherwise possible:

Force Slow

The player starts out with Force Slow, which will enable the player-character to move faster than otherwise possible by putting the rest of the world into slow motion. On the whole, Force Slow is very versatile, meaning that it can prove useful in a wide range of scenarios under a wide range of circumstances. For example, it can help interested individuals get out of the way of a big, painful attack. Likewise, it can help interested individuals get in more attack time before their enemies can get their guard up.

Wall Run

On Bogano, the player can unlock the Wall Run in the Subterranean Refuge. This is a pretty simple and straightforward process because it consists of following the path laid out by the mission to the end, which interested individuals can recognize by the enormous slope that leads upwards. There, the player can unlock the Force power by just interacting with the wall in order to initiate a flashback to the player-character’s Padawan training. Wall Run will open up a wide range of places throughout Fallen Order, thus making it very important to say the least.

Force Push

Force Push can be unlocked by heading to Zeffo. There, interested individuals will need to make their way to the Tomb of Eilram, which will bring up the corresponding flashback. This should not be particularly complicated so long as the player is following the mission instructions. However, there is a fair amount of fighting plus a fair amount of platforming before they can reach their intended destination, meaning that they should expect to expend a corresponding of effort in the process. There are a couple of major uses for Force Push. One, it is one of the best ways for the player to crowd control, whether by interrupting their enemies’ attacks or by staggering their enemies so that they can’t approach all at once. Two, Force Push will be needed for a wide range of puzzles that must be solved for interested individuals to get their covetous hands on everything that can be found in the game.

Force Pull

Meanwhile, Force Pull can be found at the Tomb of Miktrull, which can also be found on Zeffo. Unfortunately, interested individuals can’t just beeline for the Tomb of Miktrull after making their way out of the Tomb of Eilram. Instead, they will have to complete some story missions before the chance for their next Force power comes up. Getting Force Pull needs the player to progress through the Tomb of Miktrull until they trigger a cut-scene in which an Imperial ship shows up with hostile intent. Naturally, Force Pull has plenty of uses as well. One excellent example would be how it can be used to render a wide range of enemies helpless, thus enabling the player to make good progress through them.

Double Jump

The Double Jump might not be a Star Wars stape, but action-adventure games being action-adventure games, it was bound to show up in one way or another. Regardless, interested individuals shouldn’t expect to come upon the fifth and final Force power until they have been called to Kashyyyk for the second time. There, the player will expect the flashback while making their way through an entire line of lung plants, which will enable them to unlock even more areas than before.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough

Since the game will see the player traveling to multiple planets,it is natural for this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide to cover them:


The initial section is meant as a tutorial for the game’s mechanics. As a result, interested individuals should use it as a chance to familiarize themselves with the moves that they will be using throughout the entire game. Eventually, they will reach a cutscene that will make it very clear that they need to get off of the planet before the Inquisition can find them.





Once that happens, interested individuals can expect to learn about the game’s combat mechanics in a very hands-on manner. For the most part, stormtroopers are not a threat, whether the player chooses to deflect their blaster fire or take a more direct approach at threat elimination with their lightsaber. Meanwhile, the scout troopers with their batons are a great way to learn melee mechanics, which will be important when the player goes up against other Force users. In the end, the player will get into an unwinnable fight against the Second Sister before getting the chance to escape.





Bogano isn’t that much more complicated than Bracca. Basically, the player should follow the path laid out for them, which should see them picking up BD-1 as well as the ability to run along walls. Once interested individuals have said ability, they will be able to travel beside a pit in order to access the Vault. Please note that there is an optional boss fight on this planet in the form of the Oggdo Bogdo, which can be saved for later by sneaking past the monster.






On the first visit to Zeffo, the player will be paying a visit to the Tomb of Eilram. Much of this segment will consist of interested individuals fighting enemies while navigating the challenging terrain. Something that will eventually bring them to Force Push. This is critical because Force Push will enable interested individuals to shatter cracked walls as well as interact with the puzzle elements that can be found here, meaning that it is necessary for the player to move on. In particular, it should be mentioned that the player will need to move three balls into a central room before moving them into the right positions to facilitate their escape. One of the three balls is already there, while the other two will require some backtracking in order to recover them.






Once the player is out of the tomb, they can expect to spend some more time fighting Imperial forces. Said process will culminate in the AT-ST fight, which will be the first of several such encounters in the game. As soon as the AT-ST falls, it will be time to move on to Kashyyyk.







Technically, the player-character is supposed to be sneaking through this. In practice, well, suffice to say that interested individuals will have a lot of fun taking over an Imperial walker before using it to take out other Imperial forces. This part will culminate in taking out an Imperial ship, which will lead into a rescue mission for the wookies.




Said rescue is very simple and straightforward. However, interested individuals should be careful whenever they are forced to fight a number of enemies at the same time. In most cases, prioritizing the weakest enemies is an excellent way to make such encounters more manageable, thus putting the player in a much better position to take out their tougher counterparts.






The second time on Zeffo will see interested individuals going for the Tomb of Miktrull. The player may or may not have explored the Crash Site on their last visit, but this isn’t a huge issue because they should have no problems getting to the Imperial Excavation where they need to be. Be warned that the Second Sister fight will be followed by the navigation of the Tomb of Miktrull, which means plenty of obstacles that will need to be overcome. For the last puzzle, please note that it is possible to burn the vines using the candles, though some clever use of the Force will be needed to make this possible in every case.







Ordo Eris

This is nothing but a short interlude. Once the player has recovered everything, they can take on a robot boss before escaping on the Mantis. By this point, interested individuals should have mastered everything that they need in order to make a successful escape.




The second visit to Kashyyyk will see the player meeting up with Tarfful. The problem is that this means heading to the Shadowlands, which expect a longer segment as well as a more challenging segment. Eventually, the player will get the Breather from Tarfful, which will enable them to visit even more places crammed with even more monsters and Imperial troopers. In time, interested individuals will pick up the double jump as well as the double-bladed lightsaber, though in exchange, they are going to have to take out the Ninth Sister at the very end. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both can prove useful when facing this powerful but not quite as maneuverable boss.








Between the Nightbrothers, the undead Nightsisters, and the local monsters, Dathomir isn’t the most hospitable of places. Eventually, there will come a point when the player will have to take on Gorgara for the Climbing Gloves, which will enable them to climb faster as well as climb otherwise unclimbable surfaces. This is what will enable interested individuals to make it back to where they started out, which in turn, should put them in close proximity to Kujet’s Tomb. There, the player-character will wind up breaking their lightsaber, meaning that they will have no choice but to run when they get undead Nightsisters set upon them.









Ilum is where the player will have to find a Kyber Crystal for the purpose of fixing their lightsaber. The place starts out with a blizzard, which interested individuals will have to navigate until they can squeeze themselves into a cave through a crack in the ice. This is how they can reach the Jedi Temple, though they will need to solve a puzzle. Suffice to say that there is a large crystal hanging from the ceiling that needs to be dragged into place so that it can create a light beam to melt the ice covering the small door as well as the ice covering the big door in that order.



Past that point, the player can run into Imperial forces. They aren’t totally helpless against these enemies, but they are still better off ignoring them in preference for beelining to the Kyber Crystal. Once they get that, they can fix their lightsaber, which is good because they will need to take on more Imperial forces on their way back. The biggest threat in this part would be the two AT-STs that lie in wait, while everything else is nothing but fodder.






The player had to run from Kujet’s Tomb the last time around, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they are now heading there to complete what they didn’t on their previous visit. Fortunately, the second visit is simple and straightforward for the most part, meaning that interested individuals won’t have to overcome a lot of challenges before they can sent up against the fallen Jedi Taron Malicos. Once that fight is over, the player can head out.




Bogano is another interlude. However, the player is now entering into the end game. As such, if they aren’t feeling very confident about their chances against the final boss, they might want to spend some time backtracking to pick up anything that they might have missed on other planets. After all, the more prepared that they are, the easier the time that they can expect to have.




In any case, once the player heads to Bogano, they can expect to run into the Second Sister once more. This time, they can learn something about her traumatic past, though they can expect to lose the holocron in the process. Once everything has settled down, interested individuals can proceed to the Fortress Inquisitorius for the purpose of recovering what was stolen.



Fortress Inquisitorius

The first step consists of entering the Fortress Inquisitorius. Be warned that it isn’t a good idea to stay back too much because that can result in the player-character being shot by the many ranged enemies that will be hanging about. Instead, make good use of the player-character’s melee capabilities to handle the melee enemies before making further progress against the rest. Eventually, the player will reach a control room where they will have to pull a plug towards them using the Force before they can unlock the door.



Further progress will see the player wind up in a training area. There, they can expect to take on five waves of enemies, meaning that they might want to have their stims on hand in case they take some hits from the troopers as well as the droids. Once that has been completed, interested individuals can head to the Prison Block, where they might want to prioritize the troopers hanging about on the upper areas until they move on to the melee combatants unless they want to get shot the entire time. Once everything is over, interested individuals can open the door using the console situated nearby before moving on with the story.



Trilla is the final boss of the game. Naturally, this means that she is both fast and powerful, meaning that the player will want to be careful the entire time because she can move much further than what a lot of people would expect based on her positioning. Once interested individuals have overcome her, they will need to get ready to run because Darth Vader will show up in person. It is possible to swipe at him, but suffice to say that he isn’t someone that the player-character can match, meaning that it is time to run. There is no fight, but the player should definitely expect to have to use the Force here and there in order to counter Vader’s efforts as much as possible while they are still on their way out.

Bosses (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

There are some fundamentals that remain true no matter which boss the player is facing. For example, the player will want to have as much Health and Force as possible because that will provide them with a bigger reserve to fall back on. Likewise, having more stim canisters is important as well for the exact same reason. Having said that, if there is one thing that interested individuals should remember when facing a boss, it is that they should start out slow. This way, they can observe their opponent’s movement patterns so that they can come up with the best counters in each instant, thus enabling themselves to become more and more aggressive over time without getting punished for it.

As for more specific suggestions, please keep these tips in mind:

Second Sister (First Fight)

This is a tutorial, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there isn’t much to mention about it. Suffice to say that the player cannot win. Instead, the story will continue as soon as one of two conditions has been met, with one being the loss of the player’s entire health bar and the other being the loss of a part of Second Sister’s health bar.

Oggdo Bogdo (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

Interested individuals aren’t required to take on the Oggdo Bogdo as soon as possible. Instead, if they are struggling with this particular amphibian, they should consider waiting until they are much better-prepared. However, it is possible to win even without waiting, though interested individuals can expect more of a challenge by making said choice.

First, it is possible for the player to get the literal drop on the Oggdo Bogdo. This can be very useful for those who are struggling with this particular amphibian because this can remove half of its health bar in a single blow. Better still, the execution is as simple as searching for a suitable hole situated on top of the cave rather than take the stairs to the creature’s lair.

Second, most of the Oggdo Bogdo’s attacks can be avoided by stepping either backwards or sidewards to bring the player character out of reach. However, it has a couple of more dangerous attacks that interested individuals should watch out for, with one being its tongue and the other being a huge leap that can see its bulk soaring the entire length of the arena. Fortunately, both attacks are telegraphed by a red glow, meaning that interested individuals can use that as a signal to get ready to get out of the way. Be warned that dodging as soon as possible is not the right choice. Instead, interested individuals should wait until the Oggdo Bogdo has chosen the location of its attack before moving.

Third, it is interesting to note that there is an achievement for cutting off the Oggdo Bogdo’s tongue, which can be accomplished through one of two ways. First, it is very much possible to cut off the tongue while using nothing but Force Slow, though this is the more challenging of the two options. What interested individuals will want to do is to use Force Slow when the Oggdo Bogdo uses its tongue attack, thus enabling them to sidestep the appendage before using an overhead slash to remove it. Second, those who have waited until they have gotten Force Pull have a much easier option available to them. This is because they can just use Force Pull while standing in front of the Oggdo Bogdo in order to pull out its tongue. After which, the player can just use their lightsaber to cut off the exposed appendage.

AT-ST (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

The “chicken walker” is a relative lightweight in the Empire’s repertoire. However, it is important to remember that said judgment is by walker standards rather than by infantry standards, meaning that it is capable of posing a serious threat to unwary player-characters. In any case, interested individuals might want to get a good understanding of how to take down AT-STs sooner rather than later, seeing as how they will be expected to take down more than one of these walkers over the course of Fallen Order.

AT-STs have a number of attacks that can be used against the player. First, they can unleash blaster fire from the front of their “mouth,” which is slow enough that interested individuals should be able to dodge it with minimal issue. In fact, those who are feeling more adventurous should do their best to deflect the blaster fire back at the AT-ST, thus enabling them to do more damage at a faster rate than otherwise possible. Second, AT-STs have grenade launchers as well as missile launchers mounted on their sides, which can do a great deal of damage to those who are caught off-guard by them. Fortunately, interested individuals can use Force Push to prevent themselves from being hit by the grenades and the missiles. Furthermore, if they are situated close enough, they can even return these projectiles to their sender with explosive results. Third, AT-STs are huge machines when compared to human-scale characters, so it should come as no surprise to learn that their stomps can be pretty painful as well. However, stomps are stomps, meaning that they aren’t particularly dangerous for those who are well-prepared.

There are two options for handling AT-STs. One option would be playing a very cautious and very slow-paced game by hanging back while chipping away at their health bit by bit. The other option would be rushing in to carve it up while avoiding the stomps as well as returning the projectiles that come shooting out. Once the pilot comes out, be sure to kill him because he will attempt to shoot.

Albino Wyyyschokk (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

The Albino Wyyyschokk is a huge, white spider that fights in the manner that most people would expect a huge, white spider to fight. However, it should be mentioned that the encounter with the optional boss will start with a jump scare, meaning that interested individuals will want to be prepared to handle the quick-time event.

Moving on, the spider has three moves that interested individuals will want to take note of. First, it can shoot out three balls of webbing, each of which will spread out when it hits the ground. Be sure to avoid walking on the webbing because that will slow the player-character’s movement, thus making him that much more vulnerable. Of course, this means that being hit by one of the balls of webbing is even worse because that will cause the player-character to become trapped until they manage to break free. Second, the spider has a forward jump followed by a vicious bite that presents both risks and opportunities. Basically, the combo is telegraphed enough that interested individuals should have no problems with either blocking it or dodging it. However, if they can parry the bite, they can stagger the spider, thus opening it up for a furious counter-attack. Better still, the bite isn’t particularly damaging, meaning that interested individuals aren’t putting themselves at much risk by attempting to capitalize on the opportunities presented to them. Third, there is an unblockable attack with the front legs that can be quite dangerous for those who move at the wrong time. In short, the spider will stand up on four legs, which will expose its abdomen in the process. However, interested individuals should not see this as an invitation to attack. Instead, they need to be prepared to move out of the way at the last second, which is necessary because the spider will track their movements until it commits to its unblockable attack.

On the whole, the Albino Wyyyschokk encounter is one of patience. The player should pay close attention to its movements to see how it will attack, avoid the attack, and then punish it for its presumption. It is interesting to note that this spider shares the same weak spot on its rear as its more common counterparts, though players shouldn’t get too stressed out about hitting it if they can’t get into a good position in order to do so.

Security Droid (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

With the potential exception of the AT-ST, the security droid is the easiest boss that can be found in the entire game. Something that is wholly unsurprising when one learns that more security droids will actually show up as normal enemies in later segments. Still, interested individuals shouldn’t let down their guard until they have gained a good understanding of what these security droids can and cannot do.

For those who are curious, the security droid has two kinds of attacks. First, it has standard attacks that can be either dodged or parried, both of which are perfectly viable options because this isn’t a boss that moves very fast. Second, the security droid has unblockable attacks as well, which will need to be dodged as much as possible. For the most part, this boss fight will consist of avoiding the attacks and then hitting the boss before repeating as needed.

Rabid Jotaz (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Rabid Jotaz is a meaner version of the standard Jotaz. Due to this, it shares a lot of similarities with its more common counterparts, with an excellent example being how it is slow and hard-hitting. In fact, it should be mentioned that even when it is possible for interested individuals to block its attacks, getting their guard broken is a very real threat because each block will eat up so much of the block meter.

Regardless, there are four regular moves that interested individuals should watch out for. First, there is a three-hit combo that consists of a left swing, a right swing, and a second left swing. Be warned that either blocking or parrying these swings will not enable the player to get in some opportunistic attacks. Instead, they might want to do their best to avoid all of them, particularly since blocking the full set is very likely to eat up their entire block meter. Second, the Rabid Jotaz can unleash a very powerful punch with its right when the player is standing far away, which can eat up 75 percent of the block meter when blocked. Fortunately, there is no follow-up to this, meaning that the player can counter-attack as soon as they have avoided the attack. Third, the Rapid Jotaz can do something very similar with its left that poses much the same risks and much the same opportunities, meaning that it should be handled in the same manner as the aforementioned attack. Fourth, the boss is capable of roaring at medium range, which will be followed up by a swing with both of its arms for extra effect. It is possible for the player to parry this so long as they have the reflexes. However, if they don’t, they should just block it to save themselves from the damage. Moving on, the Rabid Jotaz has one unblockable attack that will see it raise its arms, step forward, and then slam them down for horrific amounts of damage. To avoid this, don’t move until the boss has stepped forward so that the player-character won’t get caught in the impact zone.

This boss fight should be one of avoidance. Interested individuals can block the Rabid Jotaz’s attacks, but too much blocking with this particular boss is going to see them get their guard broken, thus rendering them very exposed and very vulnerable. Instead, they should be doing their best to avoid attacks while saving their blocks for when they have no choice whatsoever. However, it should be mentioned that interested individuals might want to roll towards the boss rather than away from its attacks. Partly, this is so that they can take advantage of the invincibility frames, and partly, this is because the Rabid Jotaz can be staggered when it is struck with a lightsaber from the back. Something that can be exploited to excellent effect.

Second Sister (Second Fight)

This is the first rematch that interested individuals can expect with the Second Sister. Unfortunately, this isn’t the last time that they will be seeing her. However, there is a plus side in that interested individuals don’t actually have to beat the Second Sister but can win by just getting her down to half of her health.

One of the biggest problems with this Second Sister fight is that she has a wide range of both blockable and unblockable attacks that she can unleash with considerable speed, meaning that it is best for interested individuals to take a cautious approach throughout. Moreover, the Second Sister can put both blockable and unblockable attacks in a single combo, which is a change that can be pretty dangerous for those who aren’t expecting them.

For example, one of the Second Sister’s combos will see her unleashing a blockable strike before jumping into the air, twisting in the air, and then bringing her lightsaber down in an unblockable strike. This particular combo isn’t very dangerous because of the build-up to the unblockable strike, meaning that the player has plenty of time in which to get out of the way. In contrast, there is another unblockable attack that is much more dangerous because it seems to be interwoven into blockable attacks in a much more random manner. Generally speaking, the Second Sister will unleash one or two blockable strikes before jumping upwards, spinning in a horizontal manner, and then delivering an unblockable chop. This combo has much less warning. Even worse, it tends to be preceded by blockable attacks as well as followed by blockable attacks, thus increasing the chances of the player-character getting hit. On top of these, there is a third unblockable attack that the Second Sister will start using once she has lost a quarter of her health. This one sees her moving from place to place without attacking. Some players might be tempted to attack, but that would be a serious mistake because she will deliver an unblockable lunge on the fourth such movement, which has so much range that it can reach the player-character even if they started out at different ends of the stage.

Having said that, interested individuals need to watch out for the Second Sister’s blockable attacks as well. One example would be a three-hit combo of blockable attacks, while another example would be a three-hit spin of blockable attacks. Both of these can be exploited in a way that the unblockable attacks cannot, meaning that they can provide opportunities to get some damage in for those who are bold. However, be warned that these blockable attacks will be mixed in with the unblockable attacks with the result that those who get too greedy can wind up suffering because of it. Under these circumstances, it should come as no surprise to learn that Force Slow will prove to be very useful by providing the player with more time in which to get out of the way of attacks.

Pango Two-Teeth and Flataak (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

These are bounty-hunters that can show up following a boss fight. As such, their biggest threat is that they will show up at a very inopportune time when the player is low on resources rather than rested up and ready to go. Still, there are two of them, meaning that it is best to exercise a measure of care and consideration. In more practical terms, this means using the crates to split them up into two one-on-one fights rather than one two-on-one fight. Something that should enable the player to make much faster progress through them by deflecting their blaster fire as well as closing in for a furious onslaught whenever they render themselves vulnerable.

Bing and the Maestro (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

Bing and the Maestro are another pair of bounty hunters. However, they are much tougher, both because of their powerful attacks and because of the small size of the arena in which they are fought. Having said that, the Maestro is much more dangerous than Bing, meaning that interested individuals should focus on the Maestro before moving on to Bing. This means staying at a distance so that they can deflect the Maestro’s blaster fire while returning his rockets to him via Force Push. Besides this, there is one more point of concern in the form of the sweep with the flamethrower, which is one more reason to remain at a bit of a distance because the best way to avoid it is to step back out of its range. Once the Maesto has been downed, it shouldn’t be too long before Bing joins him.

Daschorb and Mad Midge (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

The player can put what they have learned from the previous fight to excellent use here. However, it should be mentioned that the robot has an unblockable attack carried out using its fists, which should convince interested individuals to dodge backwards when they see the red that precedes its use. Otherwise, this fight isn’t particularly notable, though interested individuals should make sure that they are not sandwiched between the two bosses because that will make everything more of a nuisance.

Ninth Sister (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

Based on her name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Ninth Sister is another tough boss. Her build should make it very obvious that she possesses plenty of power, meaning that a slugging match is no way to win. In more practical terms, this means that she comes with a lot of unblockable attacks, meaning that interested individuals should be ready to move at all times.

In the first stage of the fight, the Ninth Sister uses a single lightsaber. She has a normal combo of three blockable attacks, which is convenient because these are opportunities to eat into her stamina in preparation for a painful counter-attack. However, interested individuals shouldn’t get too greedy in this process, not least because the Ninth Sister can interrupt them in turn before launching her own counter-attack. As such, one could say that there is something of a rhythm of moving from defense to offense to defense.

Besides that, the Ninth Sister has a couple of unblockable attacks, both of which are manageable on their own because of the telegraphing that goes into them. In the first case, she will do a 360 degrees spin, which should give interested individuals more than enough time to roll backwards. Meanwhile, the second will see her jumping up before ramming her lightsaber into the ground, which can be avoided by either rolling backwards or stepping to the side. Both unblockable attacks are huge commitments on her part, meaning that they can be exploited by a fast-moving player who wants to get in some damage before withdrawing.

On top of this, the Ninth Sister has the ability to use Force Push as well as Force Pull. The first is used when the player sticks close to her, while the second is used when the player stays away from her. Neither one can do damage on its own, but the second ability is much more dangerous because it puts the player in a position to be attacked by the Ninth Sister at close range, which is a rather dangerous prospect to say the least.

Once the player manages to take out a third of the Ninth Sister’s health, she will switch over to a double-bladed lightsaber style. Now, she will start throwing her lightsaber from time to time as well as unleashing a four-hit combo. However, these moves aren’t particularly dangerous because they are blockable. Instead, the player needs to watch out for the Ninth Sister’s new unblockable attacks, particularly when she is chaining them together into potentially very painful combos.

In total, the Ninth Sister has four new unblockable attacks. First, she can raise her lightsaber over her head before cutting down. Second, she can spin her lightsaber to serve as a shield in front of her before thrusting outwards. Third, she can slam the ground in order to produce a shockwave in all directions. Fourth, she can run forward with her head lowered not once but twice in a row. It should be mentioned that the latter two can be mitigated with relative ease by jumping over the shockwave as well as using Force Push to interrupt the Ninth Sister’s rush. So long as the player remains patient, they should be able to avoid the boss’s unblockable attacks while capitalizing on the opportunities presented in between them.

Atticus Rex (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

Technically, the Atticus Rex fight involves not one but two bounty hunters, with the other one being Null Chance. However, the player can’t put down Null Chance for good in this fight, meaning that they will have to settle for Atticus Rex instead. Still, interested individuals should focus on Null Chance before moving in on Atticus Rex, which is important because that will remove one source of the melee attacks and ranged attacks that they can expect to be bombarded with throughout the fight. Otherwise, these bounty hunters aren’t that different from their predecessors.

Null Chance (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

On her own, Null Chance isn’t particularly impressive. In short, interested individuals should do their best to deflect her blaster fire, use Force Push to return her rockets to her, and use Force Slow to get in more attacks whenever she gets too close. Combined, these measures should ensure her defeat soon enough.

Clunk (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough) 

Clunk is both big and powerful, but Clunk has a problem in that it is on its own. As such, interested individuals should have no problems staying out of its way while whittling down its health bar with one lightsaber cut at a time. The one thing to watch out for would be Clunk’s unblockable attacks, which can catch interested individuals if they are unprepared to move when said attacks come.

Gorgara (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough)

The Gorgara has a surprisingly cuddly appearance for something so big and so strong. However, she is a true menace, not least because the close confines of the stage make avoiding her much more difficult than in more open surroundings. Fortunately, the Gorgara’s incredible size comes at a cost to her speed, though this is balanced out to some extent by her sheer toughness.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, even the Gorgara’s wings are capable of delivering unblockable attacks. However, this can be exploited by dodging forward rather than either dodging backwards or dodging sideways. Carried out in the right manner, this will put the player-character in an excellent position to chop at the wing while it is still planted in the ground. If the player is fast enough to get both wings in this way, they can use Force Pull on a stumbling Gorgara to bring her to earth. At which point, they can get at her weakest spot, which would be her head.

Like a lot of other bosses, the Gorgara will gain more and more attacks as she takes more and more damage. For example, she will gain the ability to do damage by just flying up before howling at the player-character. Likewise, she will start slamming down on the ground in order to cause shockwaves, which is particularly nasty because she can chain that with a fast forward rush. Something that can be very unpleasant for those who are caught by surprise while still jumping over the shockwave. Generally speaking, interested individuals shouldn’t bother with either blocking or deflecting in this particular boss fight. Instead, they should do their best to avoid the Gorgara’s attacks as much as possible while getting in as many opportunistic attacks as possible, which should eventually see them driving off the Gorgara.

Nydak Alpha

Like the name says, the Nydak Alpha is the most powerful of the Nydaks that can be found on Dathomir. On the one hand, this means that it fights in much the same manner as other Nydaks; on the other hand, this isn’t very helpful because Nydaks are huge threats in their own right.

First, it should be mentioned that the Nydak Alpha has powerful arms that can unleash four-hit or longer combos. These attacks can be blocked, but interested individuals should be very careful with when they choose to block because just three blocks will be enough to wipe out their stamina meter. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the Nydak Alpha has what one might call a very unorthodox rhythm because it likes to put random pauses in the middle of its combos, thus making its attacks that much more unpredictable.

Second, it should be mentioned that the Nydak Alpha shares a potentially annoying quirk with its lesser counterparts. Basically, whenever the player manages to deflect one of its attacks, it will stumble before unleashing another powerful attack with its claws. Due to this, interested individuals shouldn’t rush in for the follow-up as soon as they have deflected the first attack because they will just run right into the Nydak Alpha’s follow-up. Instead, they should remain patient for a better opportunity to come along.

Third, the Nydak Alpha’s unblockable lunge would be that better opportunity. In short, the lunge is powerful but will cause the boss to over-commit, thus opening it up for a brutal counter-attack. This is excellent because while the Nydak Alpha possesses plenty of power, it isn’t actually that tough by boss standards. As such, the smart use of such opportunities should enable the player to seize success with reasonable speed.


This is a bounty hunter plus robot fight. Generally speaking, interested individuals should focus on the bounty hunter before the robot for maximum efficiency. This is particularly true because the robot comes with lunges that can be a bit of a challenge, meaning that it might be better to wait until the robot is on its own before moving in on it in earnest. Otherwise, this fight is as simple and straightforward as the other bounty hunter fights.

Taron Malicos

Taron Malicos is a fallen Jedi. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the encounter will be a lightsaber duel. For the most part, success rests upon the player’s ability to deflect his attacks through precise timing, which is a skill that they should have honed to perfection by this point in the game.

In any case, Taron’s blockable attacks will present interested individuals with the greatest opportunity. This is because deflecting three of his attacks will eat up his stamina meter, thus enabling the player to follow up with a three-hit combo of their own. To get the most damage out of their own three-hit combo, the player should consider a couple of regular attacks leading into something more painful. Besides this, it should be mentioned that Taron starts out with an unblockable attack as well, which sees him launching into a somersault before bringing both of his lightsabers down at the same time. There is a lot of telegraphing for this unblockable attack, meaning that it is also a good chance for interested individuals to get in some attacks after the initial dodge.

As Taron takes damage, he will start introducing other attacks as well. For instance, he has one move in which he tosses up one lightsaber, attacks with the other lightsaber, and then uses the Force to bring down the first lightsaber in another attack. This move can be a surprise for those who weren’t expecting it, but otherwise, a pair of deflections will open him up for retaliation. Moving on, Taron also has a combo that starts out with two swings before transitioning into a spin that will have to be either dodged or sidestepped. Furthermore, he can throw rocks using the Force. This move will start out with one rock, which can be returned to him using the Force. However, it won’t be long before he switches over to throwing three rocks in short succession before throwing three rocks all at once. This version of the move is much more dangerous, which is why interested individuals will want to remain at a distance in order to give themselves more room in which to maneuver.

On top of this, some of his earlier attacks will see changes in order to throw off players who have gotten too used to earlier patterns. One example would be chaining the somersault slam with a flurry of attacks once he has come down onto the ground, which interested individuals can avoid by gauging his reaction before moving in for a counterattack. Another example would be Taron throwing both of his lightsabers at the player-character before attempting his somersault slam.

Combined, these moves make Taron a serious threat. However, he isn’t an unmanageable boss, which will become clear so long as interested individuals maintain a sense of patience. This is critical because that will enable them to check before moving in rather than rushing in each and every time. Something that will see them punished for their rashness.

Trilla Suduri

Trilla Suduri is the real name of the Second Sister. As a result, players can expect a lot of carry-over from the previous fight. However, final bosses being final bosses, it should come as no surprise to learn that Trilla’s new moves make underestimating her a very, very bad idea.

Having said that, it is interesting to note that there are not one but two encounters with Trilla. The first time, interested individuals will have to bring her down to 75 percent of her health before triggering a cutscene in order to move on with the story. It isn’t until the second time that interested individuals can expect the final fight in Fallen Order.

Unfortunately, Trilla is by no means a pushover in the first fight. She is still very fond of chaining her attacks in a random order, thus making them that much more difficult to predict. Furthermore, she has a fair amount of attack variation, which make for even more combo possibilities than otherwise possible. First, she has a four-hit flurry, which can be blocked but can’t be exploited very well because she likes to use it as a lead-in for something more dangerous. Second, she has a lightsaber throw, which can be recognized by her choosing to spin her lightsaber over her head before sending it out. Third, Trilla can unleash an unblockable lunge that should be very recognizable to interested individuals. Fourth, Trilla can do an unblockable grab as well that she saves for when the player-character is in close range. Something that might not sound particularly dangerous until one realizes that she likes to use this either before or after her normal attacks for maximum effect.

Still, the first fight is nothing but the lead-up to the final fight of the game in the Fortress Inquisitorius on the planet Nur. Once more, Trilla retains her four-hit flurry, which is important because these blockable attacks will provide the player with some of the best opportunities to counte-attack that can be found in this particular encounter. However, she remains very fond of chaining this flurry with unblockable attacks, meaning that it is best for interested individuals to wait a bit before moving in lest they run right into something painful.

As for what that something painful might be, the player can expect a wide range of possibilities. Both the unblockable lunge and the unblockable jumping slam make a return in this fight, with their presence being most notable in the first third of the fight. Once she hits two-thirds of her health, she will start taunting as well. On the one hand, this means that the player can get in some hits if they can reach her fast enough; on the other hand, too much eagerness could see them penetrated by the lunge that will follow the taunting. By the time that Trilla hits half of her health, a probe droid will show up as well, which can be a serious nuisance. However, the good news is that the probe droid can be taken out by deflecting its projectiles back at it as well as using Force Pull for more direct results. For the most stylish finish, the player should position their player-character so that the probe droid’s explosion will hit Trilla rather than them, though this won’t always be possible.

Once the probe droid has been eliminated, Trilla will move into the second phase of the fight, which will come complete with five new attacks. First, she will start using something similar to her unblockable grab, which has an additional quirk in that she can move over vast distances in an instant in order to land the hit. Second, she will start using blockable lightsaber throws in short succession that can be capitalized upon by those with the reflexes needed to deflect however many times she repeats the maneuver. Third, she likes to jump up, spin in a horizontal manner, and then come down in order to trigger a shockwave, which interested individuals might remember from the Ninth Sister’s repertoire. Besides this, she has a move in which she starts using her lightsaber to orbit herself. Something that can be exploited by moving within the orbit of her lightsaber before hammering her while she is relatively defenseless. Furthermore, Trilla has flash bombs as well. Should the player get caught by the flash bomb, they should roll out of the way if they think an attack is coming rather than continue attacking because it is better to be safe than to be sorry in this instance.

Summed up, the Trilla fight is going to test the player on everything that they have learned so far. Moreover, interested individuals should know that there is no such thing as a safe spot that can be found in this stage because she can cover so much distance in so little time. As such, they should never let down their guard lest they are the one who gets capitalized upon in a moment of vulnerability.

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