Granblue Fantasy Versus Cheats and Tips



Granblue Fantasy: Versus Has Been Released

Cygames’s Granblue Fantasy is a mobile game that has managed to find a considerable measure of success in Japan as well as beyond Japan. Now, Cygames has teamed up with Arc System Works to launch a fighting spin-off called Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Something that fighting game enthusiasts might want to pay attention to because it is slated to appear as a main tournament title at EVO 2020.

What Are Some Granblue Fantasy: Versus Tips to Keep in Mind?

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

There Is a Dedicated Block Button (Granblue Fantasy Versus Cheats and Tips)

One of the interesting points about Granblue Fantasy: Versus is that it has a dedicated block button to go along with the “hold back to block” that is standard throughout fighting games. Those who are very familiar with fighting games should go with whichever one of these two options is better-suited for their particular preferences because they know what they want. In contrast, if someone is just starting out when it comes to fighting games, they should consider giving the dedicated block button a shot. This is because the back button has more than one important function, meaning that beginners might get confused between them. By using the dedicated block button, they can eliminate that source of potential confusion for more efficient decision-making in the middle of play than otherwise possible.





Understand Blocking High and Blocking Low

Speaking of which, as soon as interested individuals have made the decision to block, the most important decision becomes whether to block high or to block low. The correct choice is based on the opponent’s move, which is why it is important for interested individuals to memorize exactly what characters can and cannot do. Fortunately, it tends to be pretty simple and straightforward to tell whether a move is coming in high or coming in low. For example, if the opponent is jumping in preparation for an attack from the air, chances are good that the move is coming in high. In contrast, if the opponent is jabbing while crouched down, chances are good that the move is coming in low. Unfortunately, this is by no means guaranteed, which is one more reason why interested individuals should do their best to memorize what characters can and cannot do. Of course, the opponent is also going to be making their moves based on the blocking position, so that is something to keep in mind as well.

Remember Your Overheads (Granblue Fantasy Versus Cheats and Tips)

Each character has an overhead move that can be performed by pressing both medium and heavy at the same time. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, an overhead must be blocked high. As a result, it is a natural counter to a player who is blocking low, thus making it very useful under a wide range of circumstances. Second, an overhead sends the character airborne, thus enabling them to escape a grab before punishing the grabber in the same move. However, please note that most overheads can’t be incorporated into combos, meaning that interested individuals need to keep their limitations in mind.

Don’t Overdo Air Attacks (Granblue Fantasy Versus Cheats and Tips)

For whatever reason, there are a lot of people who love making air attack after air attack in fighting games. Unfortunately, this tends to be a very bad idea, with Granblue Fantasy: Versus being something of a stand-out in this regard. Essentially, when someone chooses to attack while they are still on the ground, they retain a lot of control over whether their character will continue to press in or back off in the face of painful opposition. However, when someone chooses to attack while they are jumping towards their opponent, they sacrifice a lot of that control, thus increasing the chances of them missing as well as the chances of them getting hit by their opponent. On top of this, there are two more points to keep in mind. One, Granblue Fantasy: Versus has plenty of anti-air moves to punish those who get too enthusiastic about air attacks. Two, Granblue Fantasy: Versus has no air dash, meaning that its players have less control in the air compared to their counterparts in a lot of other fighting games.

Start with Gran and Katalina But Play with Everyone Before Choosing a Favorite

Gran is one of the two possible choices for the protagonist of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Meanwhile, Katalina is a very important character who shows up in the earliest chapters of the main story. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that both are very versatile characters, thus making them well-suited as starting points for those seeking to familiarize themselves with the game. Having said that, interested individuals should play with everyone else as well, not least because as mentioned earlier, they need to familiarize themselves with what exactly characters can and cannot do. This doesn’t mean that they can’t pick a favorite character or two to focus on, just that they need to become familiar with the full cast.





Understand Your Moves (Granblue Fantasy Versus Cheats and Tips)

In a fighting game, a complete understanding of the characters’ moves is the line of separation between low-level play and high-level play. As such, there is a reason that character guides for fighting games include information such as frame data for each individual move. After all, when interested individuals understand exactly what they can and cannot do, that makes it much easier for them to make better choices than otherwise possible by eliminating non-viable options. For example, if a player knows that a particular move will be interrupted because it has more frames than the opponent’s counter, they can remove it from consideration. This understanding is foundational for the mind-games that permeate high-level play, not least because interested individuals can’t come up with potential counters to their opponents’ potential moves without it serving as a constant guide.