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There Is Now a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Remake

In 2005, Spike Chunsoft released both Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. Now, these titles have been remade as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Said remake boasts new features that interested individuals would be well-advised to make good use of.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind For Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX:





Choosing a Starter (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips)

There are a number of ways that interested individuals can choose a starter in Rescue Team DX. First, they can take the personality quiz that the game has prepared for them before following through with the option picked out for them. Second, they can choose the starter that they like the most, which is something that is bound to see significant variation from person to person. Third, they can choose a starter that will make for the easiest start, meaning either a fire-type Pokemon or a water-type Pokemon because the first few dungeons are going to be brutal against grass-type Pokemon.

There Is an Auto Mode (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips)

Mystery Dungeon games can be pretty stressful. As a result, interested individuals might want to make use of the auto mode from time to time, which can be used to get them what they want with minimal expenditure of effort on their own. Please note that there are a couple of options for the auto mode. One, there is Exploring, which is what interested individuals will want to choose if they want to get more items, rescue more Pokemon, and map out more of the level. Two, there is Finding the Stairs, which is the better choice for those who want to beeline for the finish as fast as possible.

You Can Get Free Items From the Persian Bank

Amusingly, the Persian hands out free items to those who make use of their services. To be exact, interested individuals can receive one item per day in exchange for making either a deposit or a withdrawal. Said items tend to be nothing spectacular but nonetheless useful, which isn’t a bad thing because Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a series in which interested individuals can never have enough recovery items.

Use the Mini-Map to Monitor For Threats

The mini-map is a very useful tool for monitoring for threats. In short, blue dots are used to indicate items as well as objectives, whereas red dots are used to indicate incoming enemies. By keeping a watchful eye out for red dots, interested individuals can make sure that their party members won’t get caught in a disadvantageous position at the very start of the battle. Something that can be very important for their chances of success.

Be Efficient (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips)

Thorough exploration can provide interested individuals with the most loot from the dungeons that can be found in Rescue Team DX. However, they need to remember that they are operating on a timer. Should their time run out, their party members will faint, thus resulting in a lot of wasted time and effort to say the least. As such, interested individuals should always keep a close eye on their remaining time so that they know when they should and shouldn’t rush. Sometimes, they will have no choice but to beeline for the completion because a good haul is still a good haul even if their looting was incomplete.





Bring Food (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips)

On a related note, if the player needs to get somewhere sooner rather than later, they should run for it. However, running eats through their Belly stat faster than walking, which is problematic because further movement once their Belly stat has been exhausted will start costing them HP. Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution to this particular problem in the form of just bringing enough food to see them through their adventure.

Keep Your Inventory Lean

Some players might be tempted to bring everything that they have with them into the dungeons. This is a bad choice for a couple of reasons. One, item clutter can be a serious nuisance in these games, meaning that it is best to keep one’s inventory neat to make it easier to find desired items as soon as possible. Two, having more items on hand makes for a more painful loss in the event of a party wipe, meaning that it is best to leave the most valuable items with the Kangaskhan until they are needed. This way, interested individuals can minimize their losses in the event of a party wipe, thus making it less painful.

Use the Makuhita Dojo

There will come a time when interested individuals wish that their characters were stronger. Perhaps this is because they are about to take on a particularly challenging dungeon or perhaps this is because they have some under-leveled characters who they would like to start using sooner rather than later. The obvious solution would be to head into a dungeon for some grinding, but that can take a fair amount of time, particularly if there is a lot of catching up that needs to be done. As such, interested individuals might want to check out the Makuhita Dojo for some much-needed training. Something that can save them a lot of frustration in the long run, particularly for those who enjoy playing with a wide cast of Pokemon.

Bring a Wigglytuff Orb

Players should bring a Wigglytuff Orb with them whenever they head into a dungeon. For those who are unfamiliar, said item lets them access said Pokemon’s store so that they can buy the camps that they need. As for why they would want constant access to the camp store, well, suffice to say that they can’t always predict what kind of camp that they are going to need for the Pokemon that they encounter in the dungeons. By having the Wigglytuff Orb, players can make sure that they will never miss out on a golden opportunity for a good recruit.

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