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Nioh 2 Is Out (Nioh 2 Cheats and Tips)

For those who are unfamiliar, Nioh was a Sengoku-themed Souls-like that managed to stand out on its own. As such, it will be interesting to see whether its successor can succeed at the same now that it has been released as well.

Keep These Tips in Mind For Nioh 2

Here are some tips to keep in mind for the second Nioh:




Monitor Your Stamina (Nioh 2 Cheats and Tips)

The player has limited stamina. This is important because stamina is used for both attacking and avoiding attacks, thus making it one of the most critical resources that can be found in the entire game. Should the player ever run out of stamina, they can expect their player-character to pause in order to catch their breath, thus rendering them vulnerable in the process. As such, interested individuals need to maintain a reserve of stamina when fighting so that they can either block or dodge enemy attacks as needed.

Save the Tougher Enemies For Later (Nioh 2 Cheats and Tips)

In Nioh 2, it is possible for the player to run into tougher enemies long before they are ready to take them on. Fortunately, the game’s level design means that there are plenty of shortcuts and secret paths that can be used to avoid these enemies, thus saving interested individuals from a great deal of potential frustration. Simply put, if something is too tough to be taken on right now, there is no shame in waiting until the player-character has become strong enough to stand up to the challenge. For that matter, it should be mentioned that these shortcuts and secret passages can be used to change the way that a fight starts out, meaning that they should be investigated for that reason as well.





Never Fight Multiple Enemies (Nioh 2 Cheats and Tips)

Fighting multiple enemies at the same time tends to be a very bad idea. After all, that makes it much more difficult for the player to either block or avoid all of the attacks that are coming their way, particularly if their enemies are coming at them from different directions. Fighting multiple enemies at the same time when each one of them outmatches the player-character is even worse than that. Due to this, the player should do their best to make sure that all of their fights are one-on-one. This means using tricks to separate their targets from other enemies in preparation for the kill. Furthermore, this means being willing to run from a fight in which the player-character is outmatched.

Go Slow

The second Nioh is a game that rewards a strong sense of caution. It would be exaggerating to say that there are traps and ambushes situated everywhere, but there are more than enough of them to punish a reckless player again and again. Rather than put up with that punishment, it is best to proceed through the game in a slow and measured manner so that the impact of unwanted surprises can be mitigated as much as possible.

Observation Is Key In Battle

On a related note, a slow, measured manner is the best way by which to handle enemies as well. This is because the enemies are not attacking in a random fashion. Instead, there are patterns to how they fight, meaning that an observant eye can pick up on a lot of potential vulnerabilities by watching them rather than heading in as soon as possible. On the whole, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever played a Souls-like because figuring out patterns so that they can be capitalized upon is one of the core elements of the genre.

Befriend the Scampuss

Fundamentally speaking, yokai are strange existences rather than evil existences. As a result, while interested individuals can expect to run into a lot of hostile yokai over the course of the game, it is possible for them to run into some friendlier individuals as well. For instance, there is a cat yokai called the Scampuss, which apparently longs for human contact because that reminds them of their mothers when they were still human children.

As such, interested individuals can stroke them in order to get a feline companion to follow them around for a time. To some extent, this is helpful in a psychological sense. However, it should also be noted that the Scampuss is much stronger than what people would expect based on their appearance, meaning that they are more than capable of contributing to a battle.

You Can Stagger Some Enemies

Yokai are immune to being staggered. However, there are plenty of enemies that aren’t yokai. In practical terms, this means that the player can interrupt the attacks of some enemies by hitting them, which can lead into a punishing combo to capitalize on that effect. Be warned that this is best-suited for use against minor enemies. Even then, it isn’t always possible because there are some attacks that can’t be interrupted without a Burst Counter.

Use Your Yokai Skills

Interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to make liberal use of their yokai skills. Yes, even a single use of their yokai skills will eat up a huge part of the relevant meter. However, it is relatively easy for interested individuals to fill up said meter in order to power further uses. For example, killing a yokai can restore a good chunk of the meter. Likewise, a successful Burst Counter will fill up the entire meter in an instant. Since the player needs just a bit of meter to power the Burst Counter, it is very much possible for them to go from near-empty to full.

Use Your Prestige Points

The player will be earning prestige points that can be applied towards various stats and mechanics whenever they level-up. Granted, the resulting bonuses won’t be particularly impressive. However, a bonus is still a bonus, meaning that it is nonetheless worthwhile to make use of them. For that matter, players can expect to level-up a lot, meaning that what started out as a small bonus might not remain so with sufficient play-time.

Otakemaru boss fight and ending

All Usura-Hicho locations

This takes place in Mission 11: The Frenzied Blaze. During this mission, there are three swarms of butterflies you can interact with. They are glowing blue and stand out from the rest of the environment. Encounter all three Usura-Hicho to get the “Hidden Hopes” trophy. The three Usura-Hicho can be found in the following locations:

1. In the first Dark Realm area.

2. After the second shrine, in a side area before talking to the samurai that joins your team.

3. In a side area to the right just a few steps before the third shrine (last Dark Realm before the mission boss).

All Hot Spring locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 27 Hot Springs and get the “Spa Lover” trophy. None of them are missable. You can still get all Hot Springs after the story through level select. After you sit in the hot spring bath, the progress is immediately saved and you can quit the mission without reaching the next checkpoint. To view your totals, go to “Titles” – “Gameplay Records” – “Others” – “Hot Springs Discovered”. Each one counts for 3.7% (so just divide your total percentage by 3.7 to get how many you have). On the world map, you can also press X on a mission and then R1 to view how many collectibles (including Hot Springs) you found there. 

Note: The Hot Springs from main missions also appear again in side missions, but it is not necessary to get them again (when a side mission takes place in the same area as the main mission the hot spring will be found in the same place). You only need to find each unique Hot Springs once. The video below shows them in the order of first appearance.


All Hidden Map Item locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 35 Hidden Map Items in Nioh 2. You only need ten of them for the “Seasoned Traveler” trophy. Each region/episode has five of them (seven total regions). All you need to do is place the cursor on specific points on the world map. The cursor will then turn from blue to red and you can interact with the map. It shows you some lore about historical places and you get an item. There is also an in-game title for collecting them.