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Doom Eternal Is Out

Doom Eternal is out. As a result, it is time for interested individuals to go demon-hunting, which can be made much smoother than otherwise possible by having the right information.

Keep These Tips in Mind For Doom Eternal

Here are some suggestions for people preparing to play Doom Eternal:





Look Up Demons in the Codex

Good information is the foundation of success. As a result, whenever the player is struggling with a particular kind of enemy, they should look it up in the Codex because said resource provides some very useful hints. For example, the Tyrant is powerful but can’t turn very fast, which is something that interested individuals can put to excellent effect with some smart movement. Likewise, the Whiplash is a fast-moving enemy with erratic movement, meaning that interested individuals should lock it down with an ice grenade before moving in for the kill. These are but some of the hints that can be found in the Codex, which is why the player shouldn’t hesitate to check out said resource.

Keep Moving (Doom Eternal Cheats and Tips)

There are some shooters that reward the player for a very slow style of play. However, Doom Eternal isn’t one of them. Instead, interested individuals should remain on the move as much as possible. After all, the sooner that they reach their enemies, the sooner that they can neutralize them. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the player can expect to run into a lot of enemies, meaning that fast movement is a very useful method for taking them on in ones and twos rather than in an overwhelming tide.




Your Double-Jump Keeps You Safe

Speaking of which, the double-jump can keep the player safe in more than one way. First, it lets interested individuals go airborne, thus enabling them to get out of the way of incoming attacks. Second, the double-jump can be used to get a top-down look of the local area, which can be very useful for figuring out what enemies exist, where those enemies can be found, and the best ways to engage those enemies. Combined, these uses should be more than enough to make the importance of double-jump clear.

Doom Eternal Is Not a Metroidvania

It is important to note that Doom Eternal is not a Metroidvania. In more practical terms, this means that interested individuals will always have the abilities that they need to uncover all of the secrets that can be found in a level on their first play-through so there is no need for a re-play. Generally speaking, interested individuals should use their downtime between enemies to search for secrets because that eliminates a major source of distraction. However, if they are struggling, they shouldn’t stress out too much because they can always return to the matter at some later point in time.

Prioritize Buff Totems (Doom Eternal Cheats and Tips)

There are some targets that are more concerning than others, meaning that the player should prioritize them over the rest. In particular, Buff Totems are something that interested individuals should take out as soon as possible even if that means that they have to move out of position. This is because these things make enemies stronger while causing them to spawn in an endless manner, either one of which would be enough to make them a serious threat. On a related note, it is interesting to note that the Archvile has a similar power, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it should be prioritized over other targets as well.

Get the Most Value Out of Your Chainsaw Kills

Chainsaw kills will produce a wide range of ammo for a wide range of weapons. This is excellent because it ensures that the player can continue shooting their enemies with whichever weapon is best-suited for the particular match-up. However, there is an issue in that chainsaw kills use up chainsaw fuel. Even worse, while it is perfectly possible to find refills for the chainsaw, they are much rarer than either health or shields. As such, interested individuals will want to do their best to get the most use out of their chainsaw kills, which means using a wide range of weapons rather than focusing on one or two favorites so that the dropped ammo won’t go to waste.

Use Your Extra Lives with Care and Consideration

Perhaps unsurprisingly, extra lives are a very precious resource in Doom Eternal. As a result, interested individuals should show an appropriate degree of care and consideration when it comes to their use. For instance, if they manage to use up their stockpile of extra lives on a segment that they should have been able to handle with ease, they should consider returning to their last checkpoint so that they can hold on to those extra lives for something that will actually challenge them. This is particularly true because checkpoints are very common in Doom Eternal, meaning that interested individuals won’t be losing out on much progress whenever they make use of one.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade (Doom Eternal Cheats and Tips)

The player can expect to collect weapon points for the successful completion of arenas, challenges, and Slayer Gates. This is important because those weapon points can be used to upgrade their weapons right away without having to return to the hub level. Naturally, this means that interested individuals should be using their weapon points to keep their weapons upgraded, which should enable them to make good progress against all of the enemies standing against them. The only time when they shouldn’t is when they are waiting on enough weapon points to buy a more expensive upgrade that they have their eyes set upon.

Explore the Hub Level (Doom Eternal Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, the hub level is more than just a stopping point in between the levels. Instead, it has its own rewards for those who are willing to put in the time and effort needed to find them. Some of these rewards will be cosmetic in nature. In contrast, others can have very practical effects when playing through Doom Eternal.

Classic DOOM

Successfully complete the DOOM Eternal campaign to unlock the fully playable original DOOM on the computer in Doomguy’s room in the Fortress Of Doom. Note: The cheat codes unlocked in DOOM Eternal can also be used in DOOM.

Classic DOOM 2

Enter the Fortress Of Doom hub, and travel down to find Doomguy’s room with a special computer that you can access two mysterious “?” files on it. Those two files are the fully playable, complete original versions of DOOM and DOOM 2. Enter “FLYNNTAGGART” as a code to unlock DOOM 2Note: The cheat codes unlocked in DOOM Eternal can also be used in DOOM 2.

Fortress Of Doom

Successfully complete Mission 2 to unlock the Fortress Of Doom hub area, which contains many secrets and Easter Eggs.

Secret Unmaykr weapon

Collect all six Empyrean Keys from the six Slayer Gates to unlock the secret Unmaykr weapon in the Fortress Of Doom. The gun case can be found by going to the center chamber and dropping down to the lowest level, then go forward to the tall chamber. Empyrean Keys drop from Slayer Gates. Slayer Gates are very difficult combat encounters found in multiple missions throughout the game. Check the maps on each mission for a purple “Slayer Gate”. To unlock a Slayer Gate, find a nearby Slayer Key.

The Slayer Gates are well-marked after finding the Auto-Map. If you are having trouble completing Slayer Gates, you can replay any mission from the mission selection menu. Just return when you are more powerful. The Unmaykr first appeared in DOOM 64 as a secret weapon. You could find the Unmaker (or Laser Gun) in secret levels, and upgrade it into an amazing gun by collecting hidden keys. It is an incredible weapon, and was originally planned for the classic DOOM.

Easy Mastery Challenges

After unlocking a Mastery Challenge, you can easily farm the challenge using the following steps:

1. Start a mission from “Mission Select” at the main menu or on the Doom Tower. Go to a mission that has an easily accessible battle with the enemy type you need. For example, Mission 1: Hell On Earth features an Arachnotron in the first city Demonic Infestation arena. For the Sticky Bomb Mastery, you need to break the weakpoint with Sticky Bombs from the Shotgun 25 times.

2. Go to the arena with the weapon and enemy type you need to farm. The more of the enemy type, the easier farming is. However, you can farm even if only one enemy type spawns.

3. Complete the Mastery Challenge —- make sure the Mastery Challenge meter goes up by 1 or more. Look for the notification.

4. Pause the game and select “Load Checkpoint” to restart the arena. You will refresh all ammo you had before, but you will retain the Mastery Challenge completion.

5. Repeat the process until you complete the challenge.

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