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The Coronavirus Is Having a Huge Impact (Coronavirus game)

COVID-19 is having a huge impact throughout the entire world. As a result, it is natural for people to wonder how it might influence the sales of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, both of which were supposed to come out in 2020. There is no way to predict the future with perfect certainty, but it is by no means impossible to offer some informed speculation.

Will the Coronavirus Cause a Fall in Sales For the PS5 and the Xbox Series X?

It seems safe to say that COVID-19 is going to have a negative effect on a lot of people’s finances. After all, staying indoors means a huge drop in economic activity, which is having a huge impact on what people can expect to be paid. Yes, a wide range of governments are implementing a wide range of measures to make up for some of that slack, but there is no way that those measures can make up for that slack in full. In effect, this means that fewer people are going to be able to afford a next-generation console, particularly since the financial issues that they rack up now could take months and months for a complete resolution.

Having said that, it doesn’t seem as though demand will be the biggest issue for the next-generation consoles. Simply put, the video game industry is huge, so much so that it is already bigger than both the movie and the music industries combined by a considerable margin. As such, there is plenty of demand for the next-generation consoles, which should be more than enough to see them through the current crisis. No one knows the full extent of COVID-19’s eventual impact at this point in time, but it seems very unlikely that it will produce the level of disruption needed to derail that.




Coronavirus game



Instead, the issue is the supply of next-generation consoles because COVID-19 has delivered a one-two punch to the relevant systems. One, staying indoors means that a lot of industries are functioning at a percentage of their normal manufacturing capabilities, which will be an issue for the next-generation consoles. Two, a lot of countries have imposed serious restrictions on traffic coming both in and out of their borders, which is a huge issue in a world in which manufacturing has become so globalized.

Some people might want to see the manufacturing for the next-generation consoles relocated to what they would consider to be more suitable shores, but that would be either impossible or next-to-impossible within such a short time frame. After all, the industry expertise, experienced manpower, and other inputs needed to produce sophisticated components on such a large scale cannot be gathered in a region in a matter of months but are instead the products of years and year of development that cannot be substituted for. Never mind the fact that most companies would see it as pointless because they are betting on things to return to normal sooner rather than later.

Further Thoughts (Coronavirus game)

Summed up, unless the eventual impact of COVID-19 turns out to be much, much worse than expected, it seems unlikely that the demand for the next-generation consoles will take a significant hit. There might be something of a short-term impact, but chances are good that it won’t be too consequential in the grand scheme of things. Instead, the issue is one of supply, meaning that there is now a real chance that the next-generation consoles won’t be making their expected release date of the upcoming holiday season. Having said that, no one can be 100 percent certain of how the current situation will turn out, so interested individuals might want to continue keeping a watchful eye on the situation.