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Darksiders Genesis Has Been Out For Some Time

Darksiders Genesis is a spinoff of the main Darksiders series. As such, it is important to note that it isn’t a hack-and-slash action-adventure game but a hack-and-slash action-RPG game. Having said that, Darksiders Genesis features the same cast of characters, which should please longstanding fans of the main Darksiders series.

Use These Tips For a Smoother Experience In Darksiders Genesis

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There Are Two Characters (Darksiders Genesis Cheats and Tips)

For starters, it is important to note that Darksiders Genesis has not one but two playable characters. The first of the two would be War, who should be a familiar sight for people who have played the first installment in the main Darksiders series. Meanwhile, the second of the two would be Strife, who is the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to receive their own title. Fortunately, it is very easy for interested individuals to distinguish between one and the other. War would be the one with the huge sword, whereas Strife would be the one with the two pistols.

Naturally, this means that the two play in a very different manner from one another as well. For example, War is both strong and tough, thus making him very suitable for close-quarters combat. However, the problem is that he isn’t very maneuverable, which can be a serious issue both in an out of combat. Meanwhile, Strife has the speed as well as the range, meaning that he is a much better choice for someone who prefers a more mobile style of play. Unfortunately, he is a less forgiving character because he can’t soak up hits with the same ease as his brother.

One potential course of action is for interested individuals to enter each battle using War. This way, they can use the character’s strength and toughness to clear out most of the opposition without getting killed in the process. Afterwards, they can switch over to Strife for the faster, more maneuverable enemies, thus making for a smoother clean-up. Outside of battle, the latter is the much preferred option because he can save interested individuals a lot of frustration by moving faster than his counterpart.

Revisit Previous Locations (Darksiders Genesis Cheats and Tips)

Whenever a player finds that they are struggling in Darksiders Genesis, there is a very simple and straightforward solution to their problem. In short, they can revisit previous locations for the purpose of improving their characters. This might not be a particularly elegant solution, but this is nonetheless a solution that will make their character stronger than anything that they might run into with sufficient repetition.

Play with a Friend (Darksiders Genesis Cheats and Tips)

It can be a very good idea to play Darksiders Genesis with a friend. Yes, co-op means more enemies as well as tougher enemies. However, that adjustment isn’t enough to overcome the utility of having a second player on the battlefield, meaning that co-op tends to be a much easier experience than the single player version. This is particularly true if someone who is just starting out chooses to bring in someone who has already gained a great deal of experience with the game. Better still, it should be mentioned that playing co-op won’t cost interested individuals any of their gains, meaning that they shouldn’t let that particular concern stop them.

Collect Creature Cores (Darksiders Genesis Cheats and Tips)

Creature cores are the main resource that interested individuals can use to make their characters stronger. These are uncommon items that can drop from every enemy out there, meaning that interested individuals might have to spend some time grinding if they want to get their hands on all of the ones that they have set their eyes upon. However, some creature cores are more valuable than others, meaning that there is very much a need for prioritization on this particular matter.





Five Main Bosses

In total, there are five main bosses that interested individuals can expect to run into. For those who are curious, these are Mammon, Belial, Astarte, Dagon, and Moloch.

Mammon is a multi-phase boss with a wide range of attacks. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that interested individuals are recommended to use both characters in order to overcome them. One example of the boss’s attacks is a teleport followed by a stun. Another example of the boss’s attacks is a surprisingly painful purple orb that should be sidestepped as much as possible. Other attacks range from clones that should be ignored in preference for focusing on the real boss to an explosive attack that will be used whenever the player gets too close.

Belial hits hard. Even worse, Belial can chain his attacks for a bigger impact than otherwise possible. Fortunately, most of his attacks come with a fair amount of telegraphing, meaning that they can be avoided with relative ease. Be warned that Belial will try to heal himself by collecting drops on the battlefield, so hinder that as much as possible.

Astarte can be brought down by just focusing on the boss as much as possible. There will come a point when the boss calls in other enemies, so handle them before focusing on the boss when the right time comes.

Dagon is a boss is more dangerous up close than from afar. As such, use Strife so that his superior maneuverability can be used to get out of the way sooner rather than later. Be warned that Dagon will sometimes seek to shield himself, so watch out for that particular move.

Moloch is a hard-hitting boss, so much so that interested individuals should consider going with War for this one so that they can kill the boss before getting killed by the boss. Still, having the ability to soak up the hits isn’t the same as saying that the player should be soaking up the hits, meaning that they should still do their best to avoid those attacks. Please note that Moloch has a nasty area of effect attack that should be avoided by moving away, which should be followed up by moving in for further attacks.