Resident Evil 3 Cheats and Tips



Resident Evil 3 Has Been Released

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 3 has been released. As a result, now is a good time for interested individuals to read up on relevant information with which to make their play-through as smooth as possible.

What Are Some Useful Tips For Resident Evil 3?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind for a Resident Evil 3 play-through:





Feel Free to Shoot (Resident Evil 3 Cheats and Tips)

One of the nice things about Resident Evilis that it provides the player with plenty of ammo. As such, interested individuals should feel free to shoot their enemies rather than conserve their precious ammo for the most pressing of situations. In fact, they should feel free to spray when they believe that the situation calls for it, which could be necessary because there are more enemies as well.

Be Thorough In Your Looting (Resident Evil 3 Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, the player should be thorough in their looting. Generally speaking, this means that whenever they run into a lull, they should backtrack to make sure that they grab everything that they can grab. If this means that they need to make multiple runs using the Item Box, so be it. The more stuff that interested individuals have managed to scavenge, the more supplies that they will have on hand with which to see themselves through Resident Evil 3‘s challenges.

Check the Map For Red Rooms (Resident Evil 3 Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, the map is very useful for players who are seeking to loot as much as possible. This is because it makes a very clear distinction between blue rooms and red rooms, with the first indicating that the room has been cleared out and the second indicating that the room still has something of potential importance in it. Said something can be a wide range of items, with examples including ammo, herbs, and even plot-related objects. As such, interested individuals should do their best to clear out red rooms whenever and wherever they get the chance because there is no guarantee that they will be able to return to said locations should they pass up on the opportunities before them.

Don’t Get Too Close to Zombie Mobs (Resident Evil 3 Cheats and Tips)

By now, most people should be aware that zombies tend to be at their deadliest in zombie media when they are moving about in mobs. As such, players need to be very careful when engaging zombie mobs in Resident Evil 3. First, they should avoid getting too close to their enemies because that makes it more difficult for them to maintain awareness of the locations of their enemies, thus increasing the chances of them getting caught by surprise. Second, there is more maneuverable space in Resident Evil 3 compared to its predecessor, meaning that interested individuals should use it to lead zombie mobs into positions that will make it easier to eliminate them. Third, getting caught in a corner by a zombie mob is a good way to get killed, which is why the player should do their best to avoid such situations.

Use the Barrels and Generators

Speaking of which, both barrels and generators can prove to be very useful for players who are engaging zombie mobs. For barrels, this is because their one-time explosion can be used to eliminate entire zombie mobs in a single instant. Meanwhile, for generators, this is because their rechargeable electric burst can be used to stun entire zombie mobs for a fair amount of time. In any case, while interested individuals can get a lot of good use out of both barrels and generators, they need to be careful about getting caught in the effects themselves.

Stab Downed Zombies

Generally speaking, players should shoot their enemies. However, if they have the chance while their enemies are down on the ground, they should get in some stabs as well. This is important because they need to make sure that downed enemies have been eliminated as potential threats, thus eliminating the potential for them to get caught by surprise. Certainly, interested individuals can double-tap their downed enemies, but even though ammo is plentiful, it is still a good idea for them to conserve it when they have an alternate option that is just as good.

Use Grenades For Hunters

Hunters are a serious threat for a number of reasons. For instance, the Gamma type Hunter can swallow the player whole while the Beta type can tear out the player’s throat, both of which are considered to be instant kills. As such, interested individuals should do their best to stay way from Hunters while using their grenades to get rid of them. A good throw with a grenade can kill one of these monsters in a single hit, while a good throw of a stun grenade can make them vulnerable to a devastating follow-up. Please note that Gamma-type and Beta-type Hunters have their weak points in their mouths and heads respectively, meaning that those are the places that the players should focus upon when following up on their stun grenades.

You Should Take On Nemesis

The player cannot kill Nemesis in the course of general gameplay. However, it is possible for the player to do enough damage to Nemesis to stun him for about 30 seconds’ time, which will be indicated by him getting down on one knee. This can be tough and resource-intensive, but interested individuals should make the effort anyways. After all, Nemesis drops Umbrella supply boxes that can be looted for some very nice upgrades for the player’s weapons. Theoretically, it is possible for the player to shoot Nemesis enough times to stun him.





However, this isn’t a very efficient use of their ammo, meaning that they should treat this as a choice of last resort. Instead, interested individuals should open with grenades, which will hopefully enable them to wipe out most of Nemesis’s health before moving in to wipe out the rest with more standard means. If players can maneuver Nemesis into the vicinity of a barrel, that is even better because it means that they will be able to save their grenade for other enemies.

Inferno mode

Successfully complete the game on the Nightmare difficulty to unlock the Inferno difficulty.

Nightmare mode

Successfully complete the game on the Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Nightmare difficulty.

Easy points

To get lots of points to purchase items from the in-game shop, first complete the game. Then, complete the “Records” by farming weapon kills from reloading the last save to get lots of points.

All weapon locations

Search the indicated locations to find all weapons in Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020). There are four collectable weapons and six purchasable weapons. The weapons are missable. If you progress too far, you will not be able to go back. Some weapons are automatically placed in your inventory and have no location (starting pistol for Jill, and starting pistol and assault rifle for Carlos).



All collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 144 collectibles in Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020) (56 Files, 20 Charlie Dolls, 20 Locks/Lockers/Strongboxes/Pickable Locks, 6 Inventory Upgrades, 25 Key Items, 4 Collectable Weapons). This guide shows them all in chronological order. It is recommended to collect them on the Assisted difficulty. All collectibles are missable, but they count across multiple playthroughs. If you miss an item, you only need to find that one in the next playthrough. The “Records” menu allows you to track all collectible progress — “Bookworm” tracks Files, “Goodbye, Charlie!” tracks Charlie Dolls (Bobbleheads), “RE: Master Of Unlocking” tracks Safes and Locks. Everything is saved instantly when you collect it; thus, there is no need to find it again if you die.




All puzzle solutions

There are only three puzzles in the game. The first one is optional, and the other two are story-related and required to advance the game. The video below shows the solution to all three puzzles.



Final boss fight and ending

At the end of the game, you must defeat the Stage 3 Nemesis boss. When the fight begins, turn around and collect the Railgun to land a hit. Then, push the three red power cores into the walls. Simply shoot the blisters that appear on Nemesis to stun him, giving you enough time to push in at least one core. After he recovers, shoot the blisters again to stun him and repeat until all three cores are pushed in. Finally, use the Railgun a second time to defeat him.