Call Of Duty Warzone Cheats and Tips




Call of Duty: Warzone Has Been Out For Some Time

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale that has been out since March 10 of 2020. Technically, it is considered to be part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, it has been released as a standalone that is free-to-play for interested individuals. In any case, the time since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone means that people should have no problems finding useful information for it.

What Are Some Tips For Call of Duty: Warzone?

Here are some examples:





Have a Landing Location In Mind

Players can bring up the map screen at the start of the match. This should provide them with valuable information about where their opponents are likeliest to land, which in turn, should help them choose their own landing locations. Some players will choose to land in hot spots so that they can get to the action as soon as possible. In contrast, other players will choose to land in less contested regions so that they can prepare themselves before entering combat. Players should feel free to choose either one of these two options, but players should make sure to choose one over the other so that they can proceed to start the match in the right manner for the right results.

Use Contracts (Call Of Duty Warzone Cheats and Tips)

Contracts are a very useful way for interested individuals to make some money. For those who are curious, contracts fall into three categories. Bounties reward the player when their target gets killed whether that happens because of the player or someone else. Meanwhile, scavenger contracts require interested individuals to find a succession of three loot boxes, which is about as simple and straightforward as can be. Recon contracts are the most challenging because they need the player to stand still in a capture point, which can be particularly dangerous when that capture point happens to be very exposed to other players.

On the plus side, recon contracts do tell interested individuals when the next closing of the circle will happen, so there is some increased compensation for the increased risk. In any case, the successful completion of contracts means money, which in turn, means a much better-prepared player than otherwise possible.

Don’t Hoard Your Money (Call Of Duty Warzone Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, there is no point in players hoarding the money that they have earned by completing contracts as well as other methods. After all, there is no bonus that can be collected for holding on to said resource, meaning that their one use is to make purchases. The more that players spend, the more that they can bring to bear on their enemies, thus increasing their chances of coming out on top by that much more. Having said that, it can be a good idea to keep $4,500 in reserve so that interested individuals can buy their teammates’ way back in should that ever prove necessary. Quantity is a quality of its own, meaning that numbers count for a great deal in this as well as other shooters.

Don’t Go Up Against Superior Numbers Without Surprise

On a related note, interested individuals should never go up against superior numbers unless they have some way to even the odds. This is because players go down easier in Call of Duty: Warzone than in most other battle royale games, meaning that even the best-prepared combatants can be gunned down within a very short period of time when they are exposed. Naturally, the greater the number of opponents, the greater the chance that one of those individuals will either be in the perfect position or can move into the perfect position to do exactly that to the player.






Under ideal circumstances, if interested individuals need to take on superior numbers, they should use surprise while holed up in a defensive position in order to even the odds. If that isn’t possible, it might be a better idea for the player to retreat so that they can engage their enemies under more favorable circumstances.

Use the Ping System (Call Of Duty Warzone Cheats and Tips)

Communication is critical for ensuring successful coordination in multiplayer games. Fortunately, Call of Duty: Warzone has a ping system, which might not be capable of communicating a great deal of nuance but is simple enough and straightforward enough that it should suffice for most purposes. As such, interested individuals should make use of the ping system whenever they see something that they think that their teammates should know about. Of course, there is such a thing as being too enthusiastic about using the ping system, meaning that players should stop short of spamming their team-mates. Something that can be not just very annoying but also very distracting.

Pay Attention to the Small Things (Call Of Duty Warzone Cheats and Tips)

Pay attention to the small things can provide interested individuals with a wealth of information about what is going around them. For example, open doors are a sure sign that someone has passed through, meaning that players should use those as a sign of what to expect. Naturally, this means that if interested individuals want to make their way through an area without giving away their presence, they should close the doors behind them. Likewise, bullet trails are a good way to figure out the approximate locations of not just the shooter but also their target, which is important because players will want to wait for one of them to take out the other before moving in on the survivor.

Besides these, it is important to note that auditory cues can be just as useful as visual cues. One excellent example would be setting up an ambush in a secluded area after having closed any opened doors. By listening for the sound of other players opening the doors, interested individuals can determine the perfect time to shoot someone who has been lulled into complacency by the assumption that they are alone. However, please note that interested individuals may not be confident in their ability to gun down their target. If so, they should consider leaving the doors open so that they can make a run for it if their ambush fails for whatever reason.