Streets of Rage 4 Cheats and Tips



Streets of Rage 4 Has Been Released

The Streets of Rage series was a series of side-scrolling beat-’em-up games from the 1990s. In total, there were three titles released, which proved to be popular enough for them to be re-released again and again. As a result, it was perhaps inevitable that the series would receive a continuation in these nostalgia-hungry times, as shown by the recent release of Streets of Rage 4 on April 30 of 2020.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind For Streets of Rage 4?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Streets of Rage 4:

How to Unlock Characters (Streets of Rage 4 Cheats and Tips)

Players can unlock a number of characters in Streets of Rage 4. For starters, they can unlock the fifth main character Adam by completing Stage 4, which should be a pretty simple and straightforward process. Furthermore, they can unlock 12 characters from previous titles, meaning Axel (SoR1), Adam (SoR1), Blaze (SoR1), Axel (SoR2), Blaze (SoR2), Skate (SoR2), Max (SoR2), Axel (SoR3), Blaze (SoR3), Eddie (SoR3), Dr. Zan (SoR3), and Shiva (SoR3). Those who are curious should know that they can unlock these characters by playing through Streets of Rage 4 because the process is based on their lifetime score. This means that interested individuals will need to play a lot of Streets of Rage 4 to unlock everyone, though there is a small upside in that they should make faster and faster progress as they become better and better at the game.

How to Unlock Modes and Other Content

On a related note, players can unlock other content in Streets of Rage 4 as well. First, they can unlock not just a Mania difficulty and a stage select for Story Mode upon its completion but also both an Arcade Mode and a Boss Rush Mode as well. Second, they can unlock Gallery: Heroes, Gallery: Enemies, Character Info, and Gallery: Environments by completing Stages 4, 6, 9, and 11 respectively, thus making them available for access in Extras. There is a Retro Soundtrack bundled with Streets of Rage 4, but that comes pre-unlocked at the start of the game.




Retro Level Locations




There Are Both Modern Controls and Retro Controls

Having the most comfortable set of controls can be pretty important in a side-scrolling beat-’em-up game. As a result, players should spend some time experimenting with both the modern controls and the retro controls, thus enabling them to choose the set that is better-suited for their particular preferences. Neither one is superior to the other, but people who are playing because of their fondness for the previous titles in the series might want to consider the retro controls for that extra bit of nostalgia. Of course, Streets of Rage 4 supports control customization as well, so if interested individuals don’t like either set of controls, they can create their own instead.

The Items Are Very Intuitive (Streets of Rage 4 Cheats and Tips)

The items in Streets of Rage 4 are very intuitive. For example, food provides health recovery, with Apples providing a small amount of health and Chickens filling out the entire health bar. Amusingly, it is possible to switch out Apples for either Onigiri, Croissants, Onion Rings, Pizza, or Tofu and Chickens for either Ramen, Ham, Loaded Fries, Cheeseburgers, and Salads, so interested individuals should keep that in mind as well. Meanwhile, a Star provides a use of a Star move, which inflicts a huge amount of damage on all of the enemies on the screen, while Money provides nothing but more points for the score counter. Besides these, there are various weapons as well, most of which are used in much the same manner. That is to say, the player can swing them to hit their enemies as well as hurl them to hit their enemies at longer distances.

There Are Five Main Characters (Streets of Rage 4 Cheats and Tips)

In total, there are five main characters in Streets of Rage 2. Three of the five should be familiar for long-time fans, while the remaining two are newcomers to the series. In short, interested individuals can choose between Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Cherry Hunter, and Floyd Iraia at the start of the game. Perhaps surprisingly, Axel can be considered the all-rounder of the bunch, though he does have a slight emphasis on hitting harder rather than moving about. In contrast, Blaze can’t hit as hard as Axel but makes up for that with better technique as well as better jumping.







In comparison, Cherry is the best choice for players who want as much speed on their player-character as possible, which comes at the cost of her attack power. Meanwhile, Floyd is the exact opposite in that he moves about very slowly but can hammer his opponents. Once the player unlock Adam Hunter, they can expect another all-rounder who has good attack and good technique at the cost of being somewhat slower than Axel. Players should spend some time playing with each of these characters, which should provide them with the best idea of who they enjoy playing as.








Don’t Become Too Reliant on Your Bread-and-Butter Move

Hitting the basic attack button multiple times in short succession can be considered the game’s bread-and-butter move. Interested individuals can expect to get a lot of good use out of it, but they shouldn’t become too reliant upon it because they have a wide range of other potential moves that are better in a wide range of other circumstances. For example, charging up a strong attack can be very useful for taking out a particularly tough enemy that is closing in but still has a short period of time before reaching the player-character.

Likewise, the back attack was purpose-made for hitting someone coming up from behind, which can be very annoying in side-scrolling beat-’em-up games. Meanwhile, blitz moves are great for rushing enemies that are out of reach, jump attacks are a surprisingly useful counter against enemies closing in with weapons, and special attacks are very useful for crowd control. Please note that using a special move will cost the player some of their health, though this can be recovered by hitting enemies without being hit. In any case, if players want to get in some extra hits against a particular opponent, they should close in on them in order to initiate an automatic grab. Something that can be particularly useful because grabs are invincible during their animation.

You Want a High Combo Count (Streets of Rage 4 Cheats and Tips)

Players should want as high a combo count as possible. To an extent, this is because a high combo count shows that they are playing well by hitting their enemies while avoiding being hit in the process. However, it should also be noted that a high combo count makes for a higher score. As stated earlier, a higher score means that interested individuals can unlock the retro characters as fast as possible. However, a higher score also enables them to hit the milestones that hand out extra lives sooner rather than later, which can be pretty important when this seems to be no 1-up items to be found.

It Is Possible to Pick Up Weapons While They Are in the Air

One of the interesting things about weapons is that interested individuals can pick them up while they are still spinning about in the air. For instance, so long as the player has the right timing, they can throw a weapon at their enemies, pluck it out of the air, and then throw that same weapon at their enemies a second time. Suffice to say that this can look very stylish, which is more than enough reason on its own. However, if players need a more practical justification, they should know that it is much faster for them to pick up a weapon while it is still in the air rather than wait until that same weapon has landed on the ground. The faster that players attack, the more that they can hurt their enemies without being hurt in turn.

Positioning Is Very Important

Naturally, positioning is very important in a side-scrolling beat-’em-up game. After all, a player’s position determines who they can attack as well as who they can be attacked by, meaning that smart positioning should be considered one of the fundamentals of Streets of Rage 4. Generally speaking, the worst position is being pincered by enemies on both sides. This is because even if the player overcomes one side of the pincer, they can still be surprised by the other side. Something that they should avoid as much as possible.

Fortunately, they have a number of tools for getting out of such situations, with examples ranging from back attacking if they just have one or two enemies behind them to jump attacking one side so that they get knocked down upon the ground. Meanwhile, the best position is when the enemies are coming in from a single direction while clustered up. This is because the player’s attacks aren’t soaked up by the first enemy that they strike but will instead hit everyone that is within range. As a result, hitting clustered-up enemies makes for much more efficient elimination than otherwise possible. Unfortunately, enemies won’t always be clustered-up, which is why players might want to use jumps as well as other ways to reposition themselves to get their enemies to group up before moving in.

Prioritize Enemies

Some enemies should be eliminated before others in order to reduce their overall threat as much as possible as fast as possible. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single prioritization order that will work for every single scenario that interested individuals can expect to stumble upon. For instance, it is sometimes best for interested individuals to take out the weakest enemies because reduces the total number of enemies, thus making the remainder that much more manageable for the player. Other times, it might be better to prioritize the enemies that are the biggest nuisances, with examples ranging about enemies with weapons to enemies with attacks that interested individuals find particularly annoying.

As for bosses, different boss fights have different conditions, meaning that there are both examples in which the player should focus on the boss and examples in which the player should be splitting their focus between the boss and their minions. Generally speaking, if interested individuals are finding that the minions are preventing them from focusing on the boss in an effective manner, they should consider clearing out some of the chaff before returning to said business.

Use Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazards can be both boon and bane in Streets of Rage 4. After all, there are a lot of enemies, meaning that punching exploding barrels, kicking enemies into bottomless pits, and otherwise making use of environmental hazards can be very helpful. However, players should make sure that they know how to use these features lest they wind up hurting themselves more than their enemies in the process.