Trials of Mana Cheats and Tips



Trials of Mana Is Out

The Seiken Densetsu series might be better-known to English-speaking JRPG fans as the Mana series. However, while the main installments Dawn of ManaSecret of Mana, and even Seiken Densetsu: Fantasy Fantasy Gaiden received English releases, the same never happened for the third title called Seiken Densetsu 3. Something that has now been corrected by a 3D remake under the name of Trials of Mana.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind For Trials of Mana?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind for Trials of Mana:





The Combat System Has Changed

The combat system has seen some changes, so it is a good idea for even Seiken Densetsu 3 veterans to familiarize themselves with it. For example, interested individuals can earn an EXP bonus in exchange for avoiding all damage to their controlled character, which is why they should pay very close attention to the visual cues that will tell them that something is about to attack. Likewise, interested individuals should master the nuances of when they should and shouldn’t combo because their enemies can attack much faster than what they might expect in spite of their telegraphed movements.

Use the Right Elements On the Right Days

In total, a week in Trials of Mana is divided up into seven days, which are Mana Day, Luna Day, Salamando Day, Undine Day, Dryad Day, Sylphid Day, and Gnome Day. Mana Day is useful because it means that the player can stay for free at the local inn. Meanwhile, the other days are named for the elementals, so it should come as no surprise to learn that spells of the corresponding elements are stronger on those days. Simply put, the more bonuses that players can stack on themselves and the more penalties that players can stack on their enemies, the faster the progress that they can expect to make.

Choose Your Characters with Care

There are six playable characters in Trials of Mana. Unfortunately, interested individuals are going to have to choose three of the six to serve as their party. If players have foreknowledge, they can use that to choose the perfect party for their enemies, particularly since their choice of main character will result in some very noticeable narrative changes with some very noticeable boss changes. However, even if they don’t, they should still do their best to create a balanced party that can overcome a wide range of challenges under a wide range of circumstances.





Duran (Trials of Mana Cheats and Tips)

Duran starts out as a simple and straightforward Warrior. He has both decent offense and decent defense, but he doesn’t have much to offer besides his sword. Eventually, players can turn him into either a defensive-oriented Knight with some healing capabilities or an offensive-oriented Gladiator with elemental attack buffs. Finally, the Knight can turn into either the even more defensive Paladin that does come with a light elemental attack buff or the very balanced Liege that comes with a group heal as well as a status removal; while the Gladiator can turn into either the surprisingly supportive Edelfrei with its moon and wood elemental attack buffs on top of its multi-target elemental attack buffs or the Duelist that comes with a dark elemental attack buff but is really meant for carving up the opposition as fast as possible.

Angela (Trials of Mana Cheats and Tips)

Angela starts out as a Magician, meaning that she is very reliant on her spells. Initially, there is a choice between the Sorceress with a wide range of more powerful spells and the Mystic with a more powerful dark elemental spell, meaning that most people prefer the first to the second. Later, the Sorceress turns into either the Grand Diviner or the Archmage, both of which come with multi-target elemental spells but are differentiated by Doppelganger and Glitter Dust respectively. Meanwhile, the Mystic turns into either the Rune Seer that comes with some very nasty status effects or the extremely magically powerful Magus that comes with a multi-target version of its predecessor’s dark elemental spell plus all of the more powerful elemental spells learned by the Sorceress.

Kevin (Trials of Mana Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kevin’s Grappler class is all about beating up enemies. In time, his Monk class will offer some healing capabilities but should still be focused on beating up enemies, while his Brawler will become even better at beating up enemies. Later on, the Divine Fist can fast-charge the Class Strike gauge, while the Warrior Monk comes with a group heal as well as a wood elemental attack buff. In contrast, the Fatal Fist can raise his critical hit rate while already being the most physically powerful of the four options, while the Enlightened can drain HP with his attacks while offering a moon elemental attack buff.

Charlotte (Trials of Mana Cheats and Tips)

The Cleric Charlotte is a clear choice for a support character, though a lot of players prefer to make do with the more limited capabilities of other characters in this regard. In any case, her Priestess class has even better healing on top of both buff and attack options, while her Enchantress class is much more focused on attacking than supporting. From the Priestess, Charlotte can become either a High Cleric with the best healing plus a mix of other spells or a Sage that can multi-target her Priestess spells. From the Enchantress, Charlotte can become either a Necromancer that comes with a nasty debuff plus more summons or a Warlock that comes with a silence plus more summons.


The Thief Hawkeye can either go Ranger in order to gain some ranged capabilities as well as some very amusing status effects or go Ninja in order to gain some very useful debuffs. Rangers can turn into either Nomads with a grab-bag of status-altering capabilities or Rogues with plenty of traps as well as plenty of ranged attacks. Ninjas can turn into either Ninja Masters for multi-target debuffs or Nightblades for single-target attacks that can do elemental damage as well as inflict status effects.


Riesz is an Amazon, meaning that she comes with a spear plus some support skills. Her Valkyrie class is a defensive class that happens to be the only one in the entire game that can target other characters with buffs, while her Rune Maiden class is more offensive-oriented with some debuffing capabilities. The Valkyrie can either go Vanadis for a more powerful summon but single-target buffs or Starlancer for a less powerful summon but multi-target buffs. Meanwhile, the Rune Maiden can either go Dragon Master for a more powerful summon but single-target debuffs or Fenrir Knight for a less powerful summon but multi-target debuffs.