Predator: Hunting Grounds Cheats and Tips



Predator: Hunting Grounds Is Out

Predator: Hunting Grounds has been released. For those who are curious, it features one player using the Predator to hunt four other players controlling four special forces operatives who have been charged with an unrelated mission that must be carried out. As such, one experience can be very different from the other, which is something that interested individuals should keep in mind when looking up tips and tricks for better results.

What Are Some Predator: Hunting Grounds Tips to Keep in Mind?

Here are some examples to keep in mind:





Understand Your Objective (Predator: Hunting Grounds Cheats and Tips)

It is very important for players to understand their objective in multiplayer games. For the Predator, this is very simple and straightforward. After all, said player is their own faction with the singular objective of killing the soldiers. In contrast, there are multiple players controlling multiple soldiers, meaning that they need to come to a consensus on whether to focus on killing the Predator or to focus on completing the mission that has been entrusted to them. Otherwise, there is a very real chance of the team breaking up to pursue multiple objectives, which is going to make them much more vulnerable to their opponent. Something that is particularly true if the team-mates are inexperienced.

Stay Together (Predator: Hunting Grounds Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, the soldiers should do their best to stay together. This is because a single soldier is very vulnerable on their own, meaning that they can be eliminated within a very short period of time. As such, they need their team-mates to remain close enough to provide support but not so close that the entire team can be caught up in the same explosion. On the reverse, this means that the Predator should avoid engaging an entire team of soldiers, particularly since their bigger profile makes them very susceptible to well-coordinated return fire. Even if they manage to kill one or two of the soldiers before making their way out, they are going to sustain a lot of damage in the process, which is going to eat up a lot of their time because of their long healing timer.

Patience Is Key For the Predator (Predator: Hunting Grounds Cheats and Tips)

Patience is one of the most important factor for success for a Predator. Since their tools are very well-suited for eliminating single opponents rather than an entire team of opponents, this means that their best strategy is to stalk the soldiers while waiting for opportunities that can be capitalized upon. Sometimes, this means waiting for either one or two soldiers to head off on their own before moving in. Other times, this means waiting for the soldiers to engage AI-controlled enemies before moving in. Of course, the soldiers know this, which is why they should maintain constant vigilance even when carrying out the mission that has been entrusted to them. To counter this, the Predator must remain on the move so that they can minimize the chances of them being spotted as much as possible. This is particularly true once they have made an attack because that gives their opponents a very obvious place from which to start searching.





Make Use of the Mud (Predator: Hunting Grounds Cheats and Tips)

The Predator has heat vision, which is very useful for picking out the soldiers from the visual obstacles situated throughout the level. However, heat vision isn’t perfect, as shown by how the soldiers can roll in the mud for the purpose of covering themselves up. Depending on the team’s coordination, it might even be possible for them to lure out the Predator by presenting one of their number as a bait while the others are waiting concealed nearby so that they can jump on their opponent when the bait gets jumped upon.

The Predator Shouldn’t Stick to the Trees Too Much

Generally speaking, the Predator shouldn’t stick to the trees 100 percent of the time. It is true that jumping from limb to limb can provide them with incredible speed. Furthermore, it is true that most people don’t look up for attackers on a constant basis because that is an unexpected angle of approach. However, Predator: Hunting Grounds puts a very heavy emphasis on Predators moving through the trees, meaning that the soldiers have been forewarned about this particular issue. Due to this, chances are good that the soldiers are going to be scanning the trees on a regular basis, thus making them not quite as safe as what the Predator might expect.

To counter this, the Predator should spend some of their time moving on foot as well, particularly if they are planning to use either traps or melee attacks at some point. Of course, if the Predator notices that the soldiers aren’t being quite as diligent about this as they should be, well, said player should make sure to punish their opponents for the oversight.

The Predator Shouldn’t Leave Their Abilities On the Entire Time

The Predator has a number of useful tools for hunting their opponents. Unfortunately, some of those tools use the same resource, meaning that using them too much can leave the player in a very awkward position when a moment of real need comes up. Instead, interested individuals should conserve their energy as much as possible so that it will be there when they need it. For example, they shouldn’t leave their heat vision on because it is better for them to flick it on and off to make sure that they are staying on their targets. Likewise, they should use their stealth when they are either engaging their targets or escaping from their targets.

In contrast, if they are in a position that is concealed from the sight of the soldiers, they should turn off their stealth so that they can put the energy to better use elsewhere. Meanwhile, the soldiers want the Predator to waste as much energy as possible. It won’t enable them to win on its own, but it will enable them to engage their opponent on much more favorable terms when the moment of decision comes.

Engage In Resource Denial

A starving enemy is a weaker enemy. Due to this, the Predator has plenty of incentive to destroy the crates and other containers that can provide the soldiers with better weapons as well as more supplies. Naturally, the soldiers should do their best to get to these resources before their opponent, though they need to remember that these locations make great places to either ambush or be ambushed.