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What Is Maneater? (Maneater Cheats and Tips)

Maneater is a very unusual action RPG that has been released for the PC, the PS4, and the Xbox One. In short, the player takes control of a baby bull shark out for revenge against the shark hunter who killed their mother. To do so, they will need to eat their way through an open world setting until they are big enough, strong enough, and mutated enough to take on even the best that shark hunters can bring to bear.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Maneater?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Maneater:





Eat, Eat, Eat (Maneater Cheats and Tips)

Players can expect to spend a fair amount of their time traveling from place to place in Maneater‘s open world setting. During this, they will run into a lot of edibles, which they should capitalize upon so long as it doesn’t send them too far off-course. After all, more nutrients make for faster growth, thus enabling interested individuals to take on deadlier and deadlier enemies. In any case, there are four kinds of nutrients that can be found out there, which are yellow-colored Fat, blue-colored Minerals, red-colored Protein, and green-colored Mutagen. Generally speaking, interested individuals can find these nutrients by going after docile creatures, turtles, aggressive creatures, and albino creatures respectively.

Expect Three Mutation Sets (Maneater Cheats and Tips)

There are three mutation sets, which are the Bone Set, the Bio-Electric Set, and the Shadow Set. The Bone Set is most useful for taking on boats. However, if the player wants it, they are going to have to take on apex predators. Meanwhile, interested individuals can pick up the Bio-Electric Set by killing the named bounty hunters that show up with sufficient Infamy. After which, they can put it to excellent use in stunning aggressive creatures. As for the Shadow Set, it is very versatile in that it can increase speed, unleash poison, and even perform life-steal. Better still, the player can unlock it by getting Landmark collectibles.





Your Grotto Is Your Sanctuary (Maneater Cheats and Tips)

Grottoes are safe places. As such, if the player is out-matched by some kind of threat, they might want to make a run for it. Amusingly, it is possible for aggressive creatures to head into grottoes as well. At which point, they effectively turn into free nutrients because they can no longer attack whereas the player is under no such restriction. Having said that, if players are visiting somewhere with something that they are still too weak to take on, it is still best for them to take a stealthy approach. This is because less time spent running translates into more time that can be spent eating as well as engaging in other productive tasks.

Know How to Dodge

If the player has to run, they should make sure to use their camera to look behind them. This is important because this will let them know when their pursuer is planning to attack, thus enabling them to get out of the way. Otherwise, the player will have fewer cues to work with, which will make it that much more difficult for them to avoid getting hurt while running away. Avoiding attacks is particularly important because each successful avoidance means that the enemy will need a moment to recover, which is more time that can be used to build more distance.

Of course, dodging can be very useful in combat situations as well. In particular, if the player is taking on something stronger than them, they should avoid going blow for blow because that is a losing strategy. Instead, the best choice is something that should be very familiar for a lot of action RPG fans out there, which is to say, avoid the enemy’s attack, get in some hits, and then back off in preparation for avoiding the enemy’s next attack.

Humans Aren’t Exactly Adapted for the Sea

Humans aren’t exactly adapted for the sea. As a result, if the player is taking on a group of humans, they should strive to send their enemies into the sea as soon as possible using their toss, their tail whip, and whatever else they choose to use. Generally speaking, humans are helpless in the water, thus nullifying them as a potential threat. Moreover, they can serve as a source of mid-combat healing as well, though interested individuals might want to keep a watchful eye on them because any injuries will cause them to quickly succumb.

In any case, the player should be careful about over-committing to an attack on a single boat because that can cause them to take too much damage from other humans in the process. Yes, they should try to disable all of the boats as soon as possible, but they should also keep themselves safe in the process. For that matter, if the player is being overwhelmed, there is no shame in heading for deeper waters as well as other inaccessible locations so that they can return to fight at a later time.

You Are Not a Natural, Waterbound Shark

There are some sea creatures that can survive for some time outside of the water. Sharks are not counted among them, but interested individuals should remember that they are not playing a normal shark. In their case, they can survive a fair amount of time by hopping about on the land, thus making the latter much more useful than what they might expect based on intuition. Sometimes, this can be used to munch on a very unlucky human. Other times, this can be used for avoiding something more dangerous but wholly incapable of making their way on land.

Return to Old Haunts

Unsurprisingly, bigger, more powerful sharks can head into more places. Due to this, whenever the player reaches a new stage in their growth, they should check previous regions for places that were previously denied to them. However, if they want to leave this kind of thing until they can uncover everything, they should be able to do so by around the time that they hit the Golden Shores.

Secrets and Easter Eggs