Minecraft Dungeons Cheats and Tips



What Is Minecraft Dungeons? (Minecraft Dungeons Cheats and Tips)

Minecraft Dungeons is based on Minecraft. However, interested individuals shouldn’t expect collecting resources, crafting items, and building structures so much as hacking and slashing their way through a wide range of dungeons. On the whole, Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the most challenging title, but there are nonetheless some things that can help interested individuals ensure a more enjoyable experience.

What Are Some Minecraft Dungeons Tips to Keep in Mind?

Here are some examples:




Experiment with Enchantments (Minecraft Dungeons Cheats and Tips)

Enchantments can provide the player with a wide range of buffs when it comes to their arms as well as their armor. Generally speaking, these buffs are well-balanced. As a result, interested individuals should focus on finding out the ones that work with their particularly play-style rather than the ones that make for the most powerful combos. Naturally, this means experimentation with what is and what isn’t possible in Minecraft Dungeons.

Some people might be hesitant to experiment with enchantments because they are limited by enchantment points, which in turn, are handed out on the basis of one enchantment point per level. However, this isn’t a real problem because if the player wants to upgrade, they can just scrap an enchanted item in order to recover the enchantment points invested in it. Better still, said process even comes with a bonus in the form of a small sum of cash.

You Can Get a Lot of Good Use Out of Your Bow

The player can expect to get a lot of good use out of their bow in Minecraft Dungeons. For example, a well-aimed arrow is the perfect solution if they don’t want to get close to a particular enemy. Similarly, a well-aimed arrow is the perfect solution if they do want to get close to a particular enemy but can’t do so because that particular enemy keeps on running away. Of course, the bow comes with an issue in that it needs arrows for its continuing use. However, this shouldn’t be a huge issue because arrows are quite plentiful in this title. In fact, if players are running out, they can stock up by replaying previous levels on lower difficulties, paying particularly close attention to lootable supplies as well as even more lootable skeletons.

Search for Chests (Minecraft Dungeons Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, exploration can be very important in Minecraft Dungeons. Essentially, if interested individuals want to get their hands on the best items, they should conduct thorough searches of dungeons for the chests that can be found throughout. Sometimes, these chests contain much-needed supplies, which can be used to keep the player in tip-top condition. Other times, these chests will be even more valuable because they contain one-of-a-kind arms, armor, and other items. Suffice to say that if interested individuals want to do their best, they should make sure to equip themselves with the very best. There is a potential problem in that searching through dungeons can be rather dangerous on the first play-through. Due to this, interested individuals might want to wait until they have beaten a particular dungeon before heading back to see what secrets they can uncover.

Prioritize the Weak (Minecraft Dungeons Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should expect to come upon entire mobs of enemies sooner rather than later. Running away is not a viable solution for such problems, not least because it comes with a non-zero chance of the player crippling their maneuverability by running into a corner. Instead, interested individuals should take their enemies head on in most cases. Generally speaking, the order of elimination should go from the weakest to the strongest. This is because different enemies can take different amounts of damage but are united in that all of them can do damage to the player.

As such, if someone chooses to go from the strongest to the weakest, they are going to get swarmed by the weaker enemies while they chip away at the strongest enemies’ health. In contrast, the reverse order should enable the player to eliminate sources of damage in the fastest manner possible, thus enabling them to overcome their enemies before they are overcome. The only time that interested individuals should deviate from this is when they spot Enchanters that can buff other enemies. When that happens, they should drop everything else in order to drop the Enchanters as soon as possible because fighting buffed-up enemies will be neither fun nor fast.

You Keep Your Progress in Boss Battles

One of the nice things about Minecraft Dungeons is that the player keeps their progress in boss battles even if they get killed by the bosses. For example, if they get killed when the boss is on the verge of defeat, they can finish the fight in a matter of moments as soon as they return to the arena. Due to this, there are some fun strategies that work in Minecraft Dungeons that wouldn’t work in most other hack and slash games, with an excellent example being the liberal use of TNT as an opener before coming back to erase the boss’s last tatters of health. Of course, all of this is only possible when the player still has remaining lives, which is one more reason for they to keep a watchful eye on their lives counter.





Consider Pulling Enemies

Sometimes, enemies come in overwhelming numbers. When that happens, the player might have to resort to pulling their enemies. Essentially, this means running up to a mob, antagonizing some of its members, luring them out by running away, and then jumping them once they have abandoned the safety of the mob. Theoretically, this kind of thing is possible with melee weapons. In practice, this is something that interested individuals will want to pull off with their bow because more distance makes for a bigger margin of safety. Some people might see pulling enemies as a rather inglorious way to play, which is fine. However, if interested individuals are struggling, they shouldn’t hesitate to give it a chance. After all, their enemies outnumber them on a regular basis, meaning that pulling enemies is nothing more than reducing everyone to a level playing field.