Shadowgun War Games Cheats and Tips



What Is Shadowgun War Games? (Shadowgun War Games Cheats and Tips)

Shadowgun War Games is a mobile first-person shooter with a focus on PvP play. As such, interested individuals should read up on tips and tricks so that they can maximize their chances of success in it.

What Are Some Tips for Shadowgun War Games?

Here are some examples:





Focus on Your Goal (Shadowgun War Games Cheats and Tips)

There are two modes in this title, with one being Team Deathmatch and the other being Capture the Flag. Based on the names, it should come as no surprise to learn that one is won by having a higher kill-count and the other is won by capturing the enemy flag. Players should never forget the winning condition for the mode that they are playing. Otherwise, they can lose sight of what is and what isn’t important, thus costing them the match.

Each Character Has Their Own Set of Capabilities

Some PvP-focused shooters have identical characters. However, Shadowgun War Games isn’t one of them. Instead, each of its playable characters are unique, meaning that interested individuals should choose from them with both care and consideration.

First, Slade is an Assault class character with an assault rifle as well as a SMG. Generally speaking, players should use him to engage their enemies at mid-range with the assault rifle before switching over to the SMG at near range. When they see multiple enemies clustered up, they should throw their grenade, particularly if some of those enemies have already been wounded by previous attacks. As for Slade’s medkit, it is best to save that for when his health is low because they will be without that potential life-saver while they wait for the cooldown to end.




Second, Jet is a Runner class character with a machine pistol as well as a shotgun. Due to this, he is better for engaging enemies from the flanks rather than head-on, meaning that his player needs to be prepared to switch from the machine pistol to the shotgun and back again as they go in and out of combat. Jet has two abilities called Blink and Time Rift. The first is very useful for getting out of a bad situation, meaning that it is best reserved for said purpose. Meanwhile, the second grants a short period of invulnerability, which can be used for not just escape but also going on the attack.





Third, Sara is a Healer class character with a rocket launcher as well as a SMG. Unfortunately, the rocket launcher isn’t as useful as it might sound on initial consideration. Yes, it can do a great deal of damage. However, it has a very small blast radius, meaning that interested individuals should be aiming at the enemy’s torso to maximize the chances of a successful hit. Naturally, the rocket launcher isn’t very useful for short-ranged combat, which is when the SMG comes in. Regardless, both of Sara’s abilities Healing Blast and Protection Dome are meant as support. Moreover, they are well-suited for being used as a combo, with Protection Dome covering characters so that Healing Blast can patch up their wounds.





Fourth, Willow is a Sniper-class character. Unsurprisingly, this means that she carries a sniper rifle, which is paired with a SMG for enemies that manage to close in on her. Of course, interested individuals should do their best to prevent said scenario from happening, not least because they are a much more efficient damage-dealer from a distance. Something that is particularly true when their shots are empowered by the Supercharge ability. Having said that, it might be best to save it for when the player has been forced into a close-quarters fight so that they can kill their enemy as fast as possible. As for the Flash Mine, it is best used on chokepoints as well as other narrow spaces that enemies must move over in order to achieve their desired goals, though interested individuals need to make sure that they are ready to capitalize upon the opportunities created in this manner.





Fifth, Revenant is a Tank class character with a machine gun as well as a kinetic repeater. Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that he is meant to rush into combat so that he can soak up bullets in place of his teammates. The machine gun enables him to hurt his enemies, while the kinetic repeater serves as an adequate replacement once the machine gun has run out of bullets. His Roar can be used to impair his enemy’s mobility, thus rendering them that much more vulnerable to being sprayed with machine gun bullets. Meanwhile, his Inner Rage lets him move faster as well as tank more bullets at the cost of lowering his damage output, meaning that it is something that needs to be used with finesse. One time to use it would be when Revenant is surrounded by multiple enemies.





Memorize the Map (Shadowgun War Games Cheats and Tips)

It is useful to memorize the map. For most players, this will happen eventually by just playing though the game. However, that is something that can be sped up through conscious effort. In any case, knowing the map should make it much easier for interested individuals to figure out how they should be moving as well as how their enemies should be moving. Something that should empower them to make the right moves and counter-moves. Surprise is deadly in shooters, which is why interested individuals should minimize their chances of running headlong into it as much as possible.

Move in Close Cooperation (Shadowgun War Games Cheats and Tips)

Numbers matter a lot in PvP. One player might be good enough to take on two or even three enemies at the same time, but in the end, there is a limit to what even the most capable individuals can manage on their own. As such, interested individuals need to move in close cooperation because a full team of five will crush five individuals fighting on their own every single time. If necessary, communicate intentions so that everyone has at least an approximate idea of what they should be doing.