Pokemon Snap Nintendo Switch Trailer



Watch Pokemon Snap Nintendo Switch Trailer

There have been a lot of Pokemon spinoffs released over the course of two decades and counting. However, there are few that can match the impact made by Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64, which was a curious title with some first-person rail shooter mechanics that saw players striving to capture the best photographs of Pokemon in their native habitats. Now, it seems that Bandai Namco is making a follow-up called New Pokemon Snap that will retain much of its predecessor’s mechanics while featuring new Pokemon in new habitats.





It remains to be seen what kinds of habitats will be included in the game, but the marketing that has been released so far makes mention of both beaches and jungles. Besides that, it seems safe to say that New Pokemon Snap will be featuring a lot of Pokemon from more recent generations engaged in a wide range of never before seen behaviors. Something that should be particularly enjoyable for those who love the Pokemon franchise for more than just the battles.

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