The Last of Us Part 2 Cheats and Tips



What Is The Last of Us Part II? (The Last of Us Part 2 Cheats and Tips) 

The Last of Us was one of the most successful titles ever. As a result, there has been a lot of anticipation for The Last of Us Part II. It is important to note that the new release is centered on Ellie rather than Joel, which is but one of the changes. Due to this, players might want to read up on what they can expect.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for The Last of Us Part II?

Here are some suggestions that might prove useful for interested individuals:





Check Out the Difficulty Settings (The Last of Us Part 2 Cheats and Tips) 

Generally speaking, video games have a small number of difficulty settings that go from some variation on “Easiest” to some variation on “Hardest.” However, there are some titles that permit more fine-tuning thanks to much more sophisticated systems, with an excellent example being The Last of Us Part II. In it, there are options for changing everything from the effectiveness of allies and the aggressiveness of enemies to the player’s accuracy and the player’s movement speed. As a result, it can be very worthwhile for interested individuals to spend some time experimenting with them so that they can get a play experience that is perfect for their particular preferences.

Beware the Autosave (The Last of Us Part 2 Cheats and Tips) 

Amusingly, it turns out that an autosave system can be too forgiving. Basically, The Last of Us Part II auto-saves a lot, which might sound convenient until one realizes that it sometimes auto-saves in the middle of an encounter. Something that can be very problematic if the player is low on either health, ammunition, or both. Fortunately, this is an issue with a simple and straightforward solution. Whenever interested individuals see a place that look like it will be hosting a fight, they should consider creating a manual save so that they can restart an encounter without losing too much progress in the process.

Loot Everything (The Last of Us Part 2 Cheats and Tips) 

Video games being video games, it should come as no surprise to learn that players should adopt an attitude of looting everything. Sometimes, this means checking the bodies of enemies to see what they were carrying with them. Other times, this means checking every nook and cranny because while loot isn’t ubiquitous, it is still common enough to make the effort worthwhile. On top of this, interested individuals should make sure to open every safe that they come upon by looking for clues in their surroundings because a lot of those contain loot that can increase the player’s capabilities.

Be Efficient

Players can expect to go up against entire groups of enemies on their lonesome on a regular basis. Due to this, they should strive to be efficient when it comes to eliminating enemies. For example, interested individuals should master landing headshots sooner rather than later. After all, those do a lot more damage than other shots, thus making them the best option for eliminating enemies while using as little time and as little ammunition as possible.

Likewise, players should use The Last of Us Part II‘s level design to flank the opposition as much as possible because that will make for easier successes than a head-to-head confrontation. Something that is particularly true if they are outnumbered. Speaking of which, players should focus on the fastest enemies as well as the weakest enemies so that they can shift the odds in their favor as fast as possible. Otherwise, they run a real risk of being overrun.

Use the Right Tools For the Right Enemies

Speaking of which, efficiency also means using the right tools for the right enemies, not least because that conserves resources that can be put to better uses elsewhere. For instance, if interested individuals have pipe bombs as well as other explosives, they should save those for Shamblers as well as other tough enemies.

In contrast, if they are going up against Runners or have managed to get the drop on Clickers, they have a knife that should be more than capable of handling the situation. In this as in other things, being well-prepared increases the chances of success, which is why interested individuals should be careful with their resources so that they can be sure of having the right tool on hand when they run into a situation that calls for it.

Choose Your Skills with Care

It isn’t possible to unlock every single skill in a single playthrough. Due to this, players should choose their skills with care because some of the options tend to be more useful than others. One excellent example would be the Survival tree, which might be basic in nature but is useful because it is basic in nature. To get an idea of why interested individuals should go for these skills, consider the fact that a completed Survival tree will provide them with double speed in listen mode, double speed in using medkits, a 25 percent boost to health, and a perk that will prevent the player from dying in the event of a lethal blow save for certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, the other trees have their upsides as well. The Stealth tree lets interested individuals make silencers, see through walls, and crawl at the same speed as when they move while crouched; while the Explosives tree provides interested individuals with bigger explosions as well as more ways to make those bigger explosions. Having said that, the Precision tree has an excellent penultimate skill that enables the holding of breath in order to stabilize aim, though the other skills are nowhere near as useful. Something that is particularly true because some of them are covered by weapon upgrades.

Some Weapon Upgrades Are More Useful than Others

Naturally, some weapon upgrades are more useful than others. The damage boost for the bolt-action rifle is a must-have because it is a huge upswing in efficiency. On the other end of the scale, capacity upgrades tend to be bad value because ammunition isn’t abundant enough to make them worthwhile. Of course, interested individuals should also choose weapon upgrades based on what they plan to use. Simply put, there isn’t much point to increasing the bow’s draw speed if they aren’t going to use it outside of stealth.





All Weapons, Bombs, and Holsters Locations

Search the indicated locations to find all weapons, gadgets, and holsters in The Last Of Us: Part 2 and get the “High Caliber” trophy.

Chapter 9: Downtown

Pump-Action Shotgun: It is found inside the Westlake Bank tower. Enter the ruins to reach the bank lobby, and enter “60-23-06” as a code to unlock the vault. The shotgun is on one of the dead bank robbers.

Pet Store Key: This key is required for the next two entries. On Spring Street, break the glass of the corner diner and go inside. Go through the back rooms to the bathroom to find the key.

Long Gun Holster: On 6th Avenue, use the Pet Store Key artifact to unlock the interior. Go through the alley marked “Barkos Deliveries” to enter the pet store. The Gun Holster is found in the front room on the desk.

Stun Bomb: In the Barkos Pet Shop (also containing the Long Gun Holster), the Stun Bomb weapon can be found on the table in the main room, in the back-right corner.

Chapter 11: Capitol Hill

Trap Mine: After exiting an interior, you will reach an apartment building courtyard. Across the path, use a green dumpster to climb up to the open apartment balcony door. The Trap Mine is in the bedroom.

Short Gun Holster: Go to the back-alley path, and look for a building marked “AUTO” with a chain link fence and a green dumpster blocking the door. Move the dumpster, then enter “30-82-65” as the safe code to get the upgrade. It is the building behind the Tattoo Parlor.

Bow And Arrow: This weapon cannot be missed. After squeezing through a doorway, an infected will attack. Kill it and check the body to get the bow and arrows crafting recipe.

Chapter 25: On Foot

Hunting Pistol: It is found in a safe after your team leaves the boat house. On the way toward the FOB, you will pass a mobile office. Smash the window to get the safe code note, then look for a cracked wall on the right after passing an open gate. Use the “17-38-07” code to unlock it.

Chapter 28: Hostile Territory

Double Barrel Shotgun: Locate the large building covered in a dragon mural in China Town. Go down the shop street and enter the diner in the back left. Go upstairs and jump across, then enter a store room. In the second room, drop through the floor to enter a boutique. The shotgun is behind the cashier counter.

Short Gun Holster: Locate the truck that is covered in Seraphite letters to the prophet on wooden poles. Enter the office to the right of the truck, and search in the back room to find the holster.

Chapter 31: The Coast

Long Gun Holster: At the start of the chapter, you will enter a warehouse with a workbench. Enter the main room, and check out the small office. The holster is on the desk inside.

Crossbow: After entering the huge ship, you will not miss this weapon. Take the stairs up, and you will push open a doorway blocked by a body holding the crossbow.

Chapter 34: The Descent

Flamethrower: After sliding down to the hotel basement, proceed until you have to jump over a gap in the floor. Cross through the room and enter the closed door to the right. It leads to a steel beam you can cross. The flamethrower is found on a body.

Chapter 44: The Resort

Silenced Submachine Gun: This weapon cannot be missed. It is found at the start of the chapter.