Desperados III Cheats and Tips


What Is Desperados III?

Desperados III is a real-time tactics game with stealth elements. It is set in the Wild West of the 1870s, thus making it a prequel to the very first title in the series.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Desperados III?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when playing through Desperados III:






Choose Your Difficulty with Care (Desperados III Cheats and Tips)

In total, Desperado III has four difficulties, which can be summed up as low, medium, high, and very high. Generally speaking, interested individuals should start out with normal. This is because easy tends to be too easy, which is on top of the fact that easy makes it impossible to complete challenges. Meanwhile, high and very high are better-suited for people who are very familiar with the real-time tactics genre, particularly if they are already familiar with other games made by Mimimi Studios. As such, medium strikes a good balance between these two extremes for those who are feeling less confidence about their capabilities.

Make Both Quick Saves and Manual Saves (Desperados III Cheats and Tips)

Players are going to want to make both quick saves and manual saves on a regular basis as they progress through the game. This is because it is very easy to make mistakes in Desperados III. For instance, interested individuals might get detected because they didn’t notice one of their enemies, which can cost them a huge chunk of their progress if they haven’t been diligent about saving. By having both quick saves and manual saves, players can minimize this issue for themselves. In fact, Desperados III outright encourages this kind of diligence, as shown by how it has an adjustable save reminder to tell interested individuals how long it has been since their last save.

Highlight, Highlight, Highlight (Desperados III Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players are going to want to use the highlight feature to check for interactive characters as well as interactive objects whenever they move anywhere in Desperados III. They might be tempted to rely on their eye and nothing but their eye, but that tends to be an awful idea because it is very easy to miss out on something important. Generally speaking, interested individuals are going to want to use the highlight feature to check out enemies, places to climb, and other interactive objects. The latter is particularly important because the category includes mission-critical items.

Observe Movement Patterns (Desperados III Cheats and Tips)

Stealth games being stealth games, it should come as no surprise to learn that the observation of movement patterns is very important in Desperados III. In short, there are two kinds of enemies in this game, which can be described as those who stay still and those who about in a set manner. Interested individuals need to figure out not just the movement patterns of the latter but also any potential peculiarities in those movement patterns. For instance, knowing the places where enemies will linger can make it much easier for players to station their characters in places where they won’t be found.






Prevent Stunned Enemies From Sounding the Alarm

The problem with stunned enemies is that they won’t stay stunned forever. As such, players need to make a habit of preventing them from sounding the alarm once they recover, which means one of two solutions. First, they can kill stunned enemies by either hitting them with a melee weapon or tossing them into a one-way hole. Second, they can tie up stunned enemies, which is the much more humane option.

Be warned that players will also need to drop off both slain enemies and tied-up enemies somewhere out of sight lest their comrades become alarmed by the sight of them. Both bushes and holes are suitable for this kind of thing. Meanwhile, putting bodies behind large objects should be considered a measure of last resort because it is very unreliable. After all, enemies can move into a position where they can spot bodies behind large objects. In contrast, enemies have no way of seeing bodies that have been either concealed in bushes or tossed into holes even if they move to those locations.

Understand Your Characters

There are five controllable characters in Desperados III. Each one has their own particular combination of capabilities, meaning that it is a very good idea for players to familiarize themselves with these characters as soon as possible.

For instance, there is John Cooper. Considering that he is the protagonist of the series, it should come as no surprise to learn that he is the jack of all trades but master of none for the game. As such, John is capable of both climbing and swimming while his ability at carrying bodies is just so-so. His main attack involves his knife and his fists, which make for a two-second animation. John has two skills, with one being a thrown knife and the other being a fake coin.

The thrown knife is a silent kill that can take out all but the toughest enemies but comes with a serious drawback in that it has a four-second animation. Meanwhile, the fake coin can be used to distract enemies by making them turn their heads as well as cause animals to lash out when tossed at them. On top of this, John has a pair of revolvers that can be used to clear out a small number of enemies in short succession.

Besides John, there are Doc McCoy, Kate O’Hara, Hector Mendoza, and Isabelle Moreau. Doc is bad at moving about but he makes up for that by being very good at eliminating enemies from a great distance because of a scoped pistol with a relatively silent shot. Conveniently, he is also capable of healing, picking locks, luring enemies, and stunning entire crowds of enemies. Moving on, Kate is a support-oriented character whose main attack can stun enemies but is very bad at eliminating them for the long run.

However, she more than makes up for that by being able to move about freely in disguise, though this is limited in usefulness against women as well as elite enemies. Hector can be considered Kate’s exact opposite in that he is both very strong and very tough, thus making him good for when the player chooses a more violent approach. This can be seen in how he comes with a sawed-off shotgun, which pairs well with his healing ability because he can expect to take some hits in combat. Isabelle is curious is that she is a high-risk, high-reward character with supernatural capabilities. For an example, she can straight-up mind control enemies, which can be ridiculously useful to say the least in spite of its considerable limitations. Otherwise, she can heal as well as distract, which serve to round-out her repertoire.