Iron Man VR Cheats and Tips



What Is Iron Man VR? (Iron Man VR Cheats and Tips)

Iron Man VR is a shooter centered on the titular superhero. Its release was pushed back because of the COVID-19 crisis. However, Iron Man VR is now available on the PS4 for those with the PS VR headset.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Iron Man VR?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Iron Man VR:





Comfort Is Paramount (Iron Man VR Cheats and Tips)

VR sickness is a real phenomenon. It resembles motion sickness but cannot be considered motion sickness because it is caused by the seeming perception of self-motion rather than real self-motion. Common symptoms include but are not limited to nausea, fatigue, headaches, vomiting, a sense of disorientation, and a sense of drowsiness.

Some people might be tempted to power through VR sickness. However, that can make the condition worse and worse, thus necessitating a longer and longer recovery period. Instead, interested individuals should consider regular breaks so that they can build up a tolerance to the phenomenon bit by bit. Of course, Iron Man VR comes with various settings that can be changed for a more comfortable experience for the player, meaning that interested individuals should check them out sooner rather than later.

You Can Either Sit or Stand While You Play

There are some VR titles that require the player to remain in either a sitting position or a standing position. However, Iron Man VR isn’t one of them because it can be played from either a sitting position or a standing position, meaning that interested individuals can choose whichever one suit them better in the moment. The sole requirement is for the player to have enough space to put their arms by their sides for the sake of flight in the game.

Use a Mix of Weapons for the Best Results

A smart and sensible player will react to a wide range of problems with a wide range of solutions. For example, if they are looking to take out enemies without being hit in the process, they should use one hand to shoot while using the thruster on the other hand to move about. Initially, this position can be rather awkward, but it is nonetheless something that interested individuals should master sooner rather than later because it will prove useful in a lot of encounters.

Likewise, while shooting might be the best solution for most enemies, there are some that should be taken out using a more hands-on method. In particular, shielded enemies can be stunned by punching them when they move in at ramming speed, while tanks can be stunned by sending them into the air with a well-timed ground pound. On top of this, the player can choose different auxiliary weapons for different hands, one of which should be short-ranged while the other should be long-ranged. Combined, this should provide interested individuals with a balanced loadout that can handle a wide range of encounters.

Remember the Unibeam (Iron Man VR Cheats and Tips)

The single strongest weapon is the unibeam. However, the player needs to charge it up by taking out enemies, meaning that they should use it with both care and consideration. Generally speaking, they should use the unibeam to take out the strongest enemies before sweeping the rest.





This is important because the player isn’t invulnerable during its use. In fact, there are even some attacks that can knock them off-course when they are using the unibeam, which is a huge problem because that will cause them to lose valuable time. As such, the player should put serious effort into making sure that they can get the maximum usefulness from each firing of the unibeam.

Beware of the Enemies Behind You (Iron Man VR Cheats and Tips)

One of the nastiest things about enemies in Iron Man VR is that they can approach from all angles. As a result, someone who isn’t scanning their surroundings in a comprehensive manner has high chances of getting caught by surprise, particularly when enemies are coming at them from angles that they cannot see. There are a couple of methods that can be used to manage this particular problem. One, the player can rotate the camera to check for enemies. Two, the player can keep moving to make themselves a more challenging target for their enemies to hit.

Go Through the Challenges

The Iron Man suit can be upgraded in Iron Man VR. However, interested individuals are going to need special points in order to do so. Generally speaking, this means playing through the missions for that particular resource. However, the player should consider taking on the challenges as well for more special points. Better performances make for bigger rewards, meaning that interested individuals might want to run them again and again. Something that is particularly true if they are seeking to master a mechanic in Iron Man VR.

You Can Have Two Loadouts

Speaking of which, the player can have two loadouts. For the most part, this isn’t a huge concern. The use of those loadouts can save interested individuals some time, but switching in a manual manner won’t eat up that much time. However, this particular feature can become much more important when someone is seeking to take on challenges. After all, combat trials are very different scenarios from flight challenges, meaning that interested individuals will want to customize their loadout for them. In practice, this means a combat loadout for the combat trials and a fast loadout for the flight challenges.

Practice, Practice, Practice

On the whole, the controls in Iron Man VR are very intuitive. For example, the direction of flight is determined by the direction that the palms are facing. Similarly, using the repulsor blasts can be done by holding the controllers in an upright position while switching over to the auxiliary weapons can be done by moving the controllers so that they are pointed forward while the palms are facing down. Having said that, understanding how to do something isn’t the same as having mastered the motion. Never mind integrating them in a seamless manner with other potential motions. As a result, practice makes perfect even in Iron Man VR.