Worms Rumble Trailer



Watch Worms Rumble Trailer

Team17 has announced that there will be a new title in the Worms series called Worms Rumble for the PC, the PS4, and the PS5. However, it won’t be the same kind of title as its predecessors. Instead, it will be a real-time battle royale that can support a maximum of 32 players in a cross-platform manner, which is a huge change to say the least.




Still, there will be some familiar elements, with an excellent example being how interested individuals can expect fan-favorite weapons such as Shotguns, Bazookas, and Baseball Bats. Besides that, it seems that Worms Rumble will be seeking to secure a player base through similar means as other battle royale titles, which is to say, a regular succession of content plus plenty of options for customizing their playable characters. Time will tell how well this whole thing will work.

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