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What Is Catherine: Full Body?

Catherine was a puzzle game from the same studio responsible for the Persona series. It was a departure from its standard offerings, not just because it was a puzzle game but also because it was aimed at an older audience. Catherine: Full Body would be the updated version, which was made at least in part for the purpose of updating its sensibilities for a modern age with modern attitudes. How well the title succeeded is a whole other question that cannot be answered here.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Catherine: Full Body?

In any case, here are some tips to keep in mind for Catherine: Full Body:



Catherine Full Body Cheats and Tips



Consider the First Playthrough to Be an Extended Tutorial

In total, Catherine: Full Body has 13 endings. As a result, if someone wants to see everything that can be found in the game, they are going to need to play through it again and again. Due to this, interested individuals shouldn’t get too stressed out about getting the best ending on their initial playthrough. Instead, they should treat it as an extended tutorial that will provide them with the expertise and experience that they need to make it through Catherine: Full Body with minimal complications, thus making their journey towards total completion that much smoother.

Getting Drunk Is a Good Thing in the Game (Catherine Full Body Cheats and Tips)

Amusingly, getting drunk is a good thing in Catherine: Full Body. Basically, interested individuals are going to need to down three tricks in order to get drunk, which they can tell because there will be a filled-out bottle icon on their user interface to indicate said status. This is going to cost them, but the benefit of getting drunk is that they are going to be able to go faster in Nightmares, thus enabling them to grab more coins than otherwise possible. In other words, they should spend money if they want to make money.

Save, Save, Save (Catherine Full Body Cheats and Tips)

Catherine: Full Body doesn’t have an auto-save feature. This is a serious issue because someone who makes a serious mistake can lose a lot of progress unless they have an up-to-date save. Something that can be particularly problematic in puzzle games because of their very nature. Generally speaking, interested individuals should be saving on a regular basis to prevent such occurrences. This means at least one save per day and at least one save per Nightmare landing, but they shouldn’t hesitate to save even more than that if they want an extra measure of assurance.

Keep a Save for the Start of the Ninth Night (Catherine Full Body Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players are going to want to keep a save for the start of the ninth night. This is because this will make it much easier for them to see all of the Katherine and Catherine endings, which are determined by the answers that they provide for the four questions that they will be asked during said portion of the game. Unfortunately, having this save won’t help with the Rin endings, which must be reached through a different course of action. In any case, the less that players have to repeat, the sooner that they can see everything in Catherine: Full Body.

Getting the True Endings (Catherine Full Body Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, if players are going to aim for a particular ending, they are also going to need to pay attention to the Mysterious Meter. For those who are unfamiliar, the right part of the meter represents Order while the left part of the meter represents Freedom. Sometimes, interested individuals might see these two concepts called Law and Chaos, which is a reference to a similar system that can be found in the Persona series’s parent series. In any case, players shouldn’t have too many problems moving the Mysterious Meter into the desired position by choosing the right answers throughout the game.

For starters, it is worth mentioning the two former true endings. First, players can get Katherine’s former true ending by answering “Yes” to the second question, “No” to the third question, and “I am” to the fourth question on the ninth night while their Mysterious Meter is very right-leaning. Second, players can get Catherine’s former true ending by answering “No” to the second question, “No” to the third question, and “Yes” to the fourth question on the ninth night while their Mysterious Meter is very left-leaning. Some people might wonder why the first question on the ninth night is unmentioned. If so, they should know that it has no effect on their eventual ending whatsoever, meaning that they can go for whatever they want.






As for the true endings, the first to be discussed will be the Freedom true ending, which requires interested individuals to answer “No” to the first question, “No” to the second question, and “I will continue searching” to the third question on the ninth night. Meanwhile, both Katherine and Catherine’s new true endings require interested individuals to move to Rin’s route by answering that Rin is someone they need to protect, that they don’t know yet whether they want to live that way as well, that they don’t know if Rin is the only one that they need to protect, and that they need the future with Rin. Please note that Rin has no true ending. However, she does have a happy ending that can be unlocked by answering “Boundless Creation” to the first question, “Love for the one I cherish” to the second question, and “An endless possibility to the third question” while Rin’s flowers are blooming.

Moving on, both of the true endings need the Mysterious Meter to remain in the middle. On the ninth night, interested individuals are going to need to answer “Yes,” “No,” and “No” for the Katherine true ending and “No,” “Yes,” and “No” for the Catherine true ending, which are of course, for the second, third, and fourth questions. On top of that, they are going to need to send a video message to the right character on the fifth night. After which, they are also going to need to send the right responses to their replies on the fifth and sixth nights. This part is a bit complicated, which is why interested individuals should look up a more detailed list of steps to make sure that they get everything right.