Ghost of Tsushima Cheats and Tips



What Is Ghost of Tsushima? (Ghost of Tsushima Cheats and Tips)

Ghost of Tsushima is a much-anticipated action-adventure game that has been released for the PS4. Based on its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it sees players taking on the role of a samurai survivor on the titular island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan that happened in 1274, which is a relatively unknown period of Japanese history for western audiences.

What Are Some Tips for Ghost of Tsushima?

Here are some useful tips for those interested in Ghost of Tsushima:






Understand the Stances (Ghost of Tsushima Cheats and Tips)

In total, there are four stances. Stone Stance is meant for fighting swordsmen, both those wielding one sword and those wielding two swords. Water Stance is meant for breaking through the formidable guards of shielded enemies. Wind Stance is meant for overcoming spearmen by knocking them down onto the ground. Moon Stance is meant for overcoming bigger, more brutish opponents by staggering them in battle. Be warned that switching stances will become critical in combat encounters by the mid-game, meaning that interested individuals should memorize this information sooner rather than later.

Don’t Button Mash (Ghost of Tsushima Cheats and Tips)

There are some action-adventure game that encourage button-mashing. However, Ghost of Tsushima isn’t one of them. Instead, players should avoid button-mashing because that can see them in mid-swing when one of their enemies sidesteps the intended blow, thus putting them in a very vulnerable position. Generally speaking, the best course of action is to launch two or three attacks before waiting to either deflect, sidestep, or otherwise counter incoming blows to render enemies vulnerable once more.






Learn to Read Incoming Blows

Speaking of which, it tends to be a good idea to learn how to read incoming blows in action-adventure games, with Ghost of Tsushima being no exception to this rule. The better that interested individuals can interpret telegraphing, the better that interested individuals can choose the optimal course of action needed to counter as well as capitalize upon it. For instance, it should be mentioned that there are some low swings that can’t be avoided by either rolling or sidestepping, meaning that they should be countered by jumping over them before going on the attack.

Prioritize the Archers (Ghost of Tsushima Cheats and Tips)

Archers are a huge nuisance. As a result, interested individuals should learn to manage them sooner rather than later. Please note that archers will let out a yell whenever they are about to shoot, which would be the player’s cue to take some kind of defensive action. If they have the ability to deflect arrows, they should get ready to block the incoming projectile. In contrast, if they don’t, they should get ready to dodge in a random direction. Doing so isn’t a perfect solution when they don’t know where the archer is shooting from, but it is still much better than standing still, which will resulting them getting hit. In any case, if the player can see where the archers are located, they should prioritize them over other enemies. After all, their bows mean that they aren’t very good at protecting themselves from incoming attacks, meaning that they tend to go down within a matter of moments. As for the archers that are shooting from higher-up locations, well, suffice to say that the player has ranged weapons for them.

Commit to Either Deflection or Evasion

Players can invest in both Deflection and Evasion skills. However, doing so is going to cost them when it comes to the higher-level moves for both. As a result, the best course of action is to commit to one of them. Generally speaking, optimizers will want to go for the Deflection skills, which aren’t very exciting but nonetheless happen to be very useful under a very wide of circumstances. For example, the very first Deflection skill is the ability to parry an incoming attack so perfectly that the player gains a short period of slowed-down time in which to launch a counterattack. Other examples range from the very useful ability to deflect arrows to the also very useful abilities to deflect sword and spear attacks that would be unblockable under normal circumstances. Meanwhile, the Evasion skills are fun and flashy, though they lose out on applicability to say the least. The starting Evasion skill is something of an exception because it is the ever-popular roll. Unfortunately, the rest of them such as the mounted strike tend to have a serious drawback in that they are very situational.

You Are Going to Want to Upgrade Both of Your Blades

The player has both a katana and a tanto. One is meant for open combat, while the other is meant for assassinating enemies while sneaking around. Interested individuals are going to want to upgrade both of these weapons as much as possible as soon as possible because they can expect to get outstanding value for their investments. After all, their katana is their mainstay in open combat, meaning that they are going to want it to be as strong as possible, particularly since they can expect to run into some very beefy enemies in their playthrough. Meanwhile, Ghost of Tsushima has some segments in which stealth is obligatory, meaning that a good tanto plus experience using that good tanto can save interested individuals a fair amount of frustration in the long run.

Be More Cautious about Upgrading the Bows

The bows are also very useful, but interested individuals should exercise more care and consideration when it comes to upgrading them. For instance, the half bow is very useful for crowd control, but interested individuals shouldn’t get too concerned about how much damage it does. Instead, they will want to focus on draw speed and reload speed because the half bow’s chief value isn’t its damage-dealing capability. Meanwhile, the longbow is already very good, so much so that it is perfectly usable even without further upgrades. However, if interested individuals enjoy its usefulness for sniping, they will want to focus on its range as well as its ability to zoom in. The stability boost is useful but not remarkably so. Something that is particularly true if interested individuals already have the slow motion offered by the concentration skill.

Sly Cooper Thief outfit

Equip the following gear at the same time to dress up as Sly Cooper and get the “Cooper Clan Cosplayer” trophy (dress up as a legendary thief).

Sly Tanuki (Sword Kit): Found from Pillar Of Honor at Region 3: Kamiagata, in the Kin Prefecture.

Crooked Kama Headband (Helmet): Found on top of Jogaku Temple roof in Region 3: Kamigata.

Thief’s Wrap (Mask): Obtained from gift altar. Advance the story and check the gift altars (for example, at Golden Temple in first region). Otherwise, check the gift altar after the story and it will be there.

Gosaku’s Armor (Body): Obtained from “The Unbreakable Gosaku” Mythic Tale in Region 3: Kamiagata.

Ocean’s Guardian (Dye): A color you can buy from merchants (for example, at Umugi Cove merchant).

All duel locations

Go to the indicated locations to find all 25 duels (boss fights) in Ghost Of Tsushima. Win all duels to get the “There Can Be Only One” trophy. None of the duels are missable. You can do all of them in free roam after completing the story. It does not matter which dialogues and ending you choose during the story. After liberating all Mongol Territories, they will be shown as question marks on the map.



All Pillars Of Honor locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 23 Pillars Of Honor in Ghost Of Tsushima and unlock additional vanity gear items. None of the Pillars Of Honor are missable. You can still find all of them in free roam after completing the story. It does not matter which dialogues and ending you choose during the story. After liberating all Mongol Territories, they will be shown as question marks on the map.



Black and White Dye Merchants locations

The White Dye Merchant is located in Region 1: Izuhara, Prefecture: Komoda. The Black Dye Merchant is located in Region 2: Toyotama, Prefecture: Kushi. They will be there at any time. You must buy one item from each to get the “Monochrome Masters” trophy. You pay them with flowers, which are found everywhere in the open world. Simply collect enough flowers to buy their cheapest item.