Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats and Tips



What Is Paper Mario: The Origami King?

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the latest installment in the Paper Mario series, which combines RPG mechanics with paper-themed visuals. It isn’t the most challenging title that can be found out there, but there is nonetheless information out there that can make a playthrough much smoother than otherwise possible.

What Are Some Tips for Paper Mario: The Origami King?

Here are some examples:





Understand Standard Battles (Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats and Tips)

One of The Origami King‘s most notable characteristics is its battle system. In most encounters, Mario stands at the center of concentric circles that are separated into 12 slice-shaped segments. For the best results, players must move the battlefield so that their enemies are put in the perfect positions for their attacks. For example, if they are going to attack by jumping, they want their enemies to be in a single-file line. In contrast, if they are going to attack by hammering, they want their enemies to be in a 2-by-2 block.

Putting enemies in the perfect positions maximizes Mario’s damage-dealing capabilities, thus increasing the player’s chances of securing a bigger payout in coins thanks to the no-damage bonus. Meanwhile, failing to put enemies in the perfect positions will result in longer battles, lower health, and poorer rewards. As such, interested individuals should do their best to master these positioning puzzles, particularly since they will be working under a time constraint for each of them.

Understand Boss Battles (Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, boss battles are not the same. For starters, it is the boss who stands at the center of the concentric circles while Mario stands on the outside. Moving the battlefield is still important, but in boss battles, the player needs to create a path ending in either an action square or a special attack square so that Mario can launch an attack. Besides these, there are also directional arrows, power-ups, and other items, which can be worth considering as well. Please note that while special attacks can do a great deal of damage, they also require the player to make the right move at the right time. Something that can be particularly complicated because they might need to find out the relevant rules by trial and error.





Use Consumables (Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats and Tips)

Mario will always have his standard boots plus his standard hammer. As a result, the player will always be able to attack by jumping as well as attack by hammering. However, these options might not be enough, particularly since getting no-damage bonuses is so reliant on getting as much damage done as possible as fast as possible. Due to this, interested individuals should stock up on the stronger versions of the boots and hammer that can be bought at the stores. Yes, they come with a cost and they come with limited uses, but their increased usefulness will more than make up for those issues.

You Can Extend the Clock (Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats and Tips)

It is possible to extend the clock for the positioning puzzles by spending coins. Generally speaking, interested individuals shouldn’t do this right away. Instead, they should take a look at the puzzle to see if they can actually solve it. If they can, they should feel free to extend the clock if they are close to running out of time. However, if they can’t, they should limit their spending because chances are good that an additional 50 or 60 seconds won’t help out that much if at all.

When everything has been said and done, facing a group of enemies who aren’t in the perfect positions to be attacked isn’t the end of the world, meaning that interested individuals can just shrug before slogging through the experience. Please note that the Toads in the background bleachers can help out by making these positioning puzzles less complicated but their randomness means that they aren’t as reliable as extending the clock.

Pay the Toads to Cheer

Having said that, just because the Toads provide random effects, it doesn’t make them useless. Whenever players feel that they need a boost, they just consider paying the Toads to cheer for them, which can provide a number of useful effects. Some people might be concerned that the costs will add up over time, but to be perfectly honest, that isn’t a huge issue in The Origami King because they can just make it back with relative ease, particularly once they have mastered the fundamentals of the battle system.

Visit the Battle Lab

The Battle Lab contains content that can make battles easier for interested individuals. For example, it offers both the Time Extender and the Puzzle Solver, both of which can be turned on in the Settings menu. Likewise, it has a Ring Training machine, which isn’t just useful for honing the player’s puzzle-solving skills under reduced pressure but will also give them a trophy for completing all of the puzzles.

See Something Strange, Hit Something Strange

RPGs being RPGs, it should come as no surprise to learn that The Origami King rewards players for putting extra effort into investigating everything. Generally speaking, if interested individuals see something strange, they should investigate it by hitting it with their hammer. Chances are very good that anything strange will be a crumpled-up Toad that will reward their rescuers with either coins or items, thus making this more than worthwhile.

Consult Olivia

Olivia would be Mario’s main companion in The Origami King. Naturally, this means that she serves a number of important functions. However, one of the most important is her advice-giving, which can get interested individuals out of puzzling situations. For the most part, her mid-battle advice-giving is either useless or next-to-useless. Instead, she shines outside of battle.

Olivia will never provide the player with an outright solution, but she will provide hints as well as reminders that should make it much easier for the player to do so. Due to this, if interested individuals are ever stuck outside of battle, they shouldn’t hesitate to turn to their origami companion for a short consultation.



Secret endgame banners

There are two secret achievements the game does not display but records. If either of these are accomplished, a corresponding banner will appear in the ending picture in the credits. Note: The game does not count either of these achievements towards 100%.

    Gold fist banner: Successfully complete the game without equipping battle accessories.
    Gold heart banner: Successfully complete the game without getting a “Game Over.”