Neon Abyss Cheats and Tips



What Is Neon Abyss? (Neon Abyss Cheats and Tips)

Neon Abyss is an action-platformer with roguelite elements. As such, it offers more replayability than a lot of its counterparts, meaning that it might not be a bad choice for those looking for something with which to occupy their time.

What Are Some Tips for Neon Abyss?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Neon Abyss:





Different Guns Aren’t Guaranteed to Be Better Guns

Players can expect to pick up a lot of weapons over the course of Neon Abyss. However, it is important to remember that a different weapon isn’t guaranteed to be a better weapon. Due to this, interested individuals should adopt a policy of experimentation. Basically, whenever they pick up something new, they should use it for a while to get a better feel for the weapon. Once they have done so, they can make an informed decision on whether they prefer their old weapon or their new weapon. If they prefer their old weapon, they shouldn’t hesitate to return to it.

Please note that the comparison shouldn’t be carried out on the basis of pure numbers. For instance, it is very common for weapons to have special capabilities at a cost to their pure numbers. Sometimes, these special capabilities will be worth it; other times, not so much. Furthermore, each weapon performs in its own particular way, meaning that it may or may not be well-suited for a particular player’s play-style. As such, interested individuals should always make the decision between their old weapon and their new weapon based on their personal preferences.

Backtrack (Neon Abyss Cheats and Tips)

It is interesting to note that hearts and crystals don’t just disappear when the player leaves the room. Instead, they will stick around for interested individuals to pick up until the latter have gone on to the next floor. Due to this, interested individuals should maintain a mental record of what they have and haven’t picked up. That way, if they need some healing after facing either a boss or some other threat, they can backtrack for a quick pick-me-up before moving on to the next challenge.

Be Careful about Beelining for the Boss

Conveniently, bosses in Neon Abyss are marked out by a red door with a demon head situated over it. Thanks to this, interested individuals will never walk into a boss fight unaware, which is something that they should use to their benefit. In particular, they can use it to inform their decision to beeline for the boss. On the one hand, interested individuals can collect more hearts, shields, and other useful items by exploring the rest of the floor before heading in to face the boss; on the other hand, interested individuals can minimize their exposure to other threats by heading in sooner rather than later.






Generally speaking, they should be able to get a good sense for whether they can handle more exploration or not based on their experiences before reaching the boss fight. However, if they are split on their choices, they should choose further exploration to strengthen themselves as much as possible before heading in. After all, interested individuals are playing an action-platformer with roguelite elements, meaning that death is not the end.

Keep a Spare Key (Neon Abyss Cheats and Tips)

Players will come upon a lot of treasure chests in Neon Abyss. As a result, it can be tempting for them to use up their keys so that they can get their hands on the precious contents whenever and wherever possible. However, that can be unwise because of the treasure rooms. Basically, every level in Neon Abyss contains a treasure room marked out by a golden door. Each treasure room offers an upgrade, meaning that interested individuals can expect them to provide good value.

Players can get into the first treasure room on the first floor without having to use a key, but they will always need to use a key for the subsequent treasure rooms on the subsequent floors. Due to this, it is a good idea for them to keep at least one key in reserve so that they will be able to get into the treasure room on their current floor. Otherwise, they could end up regretting it if they get to a treasure room without any way to access its precious contents.

Be Careful with the Upgrades

On a related note, interested individuals should remember that while every upgrade is useful, not every upgrade is useful when used together. For instance, there is both an upgrade that makes for exploding bullets and an upgrade that makes for bouncing bullets. Either one can be very useful on its own. However, when these two upgrades are used together, the result can be catastrophic because a lot of players find it very difficult to dodge the explosions caused by their own bouncing bullets.

Thanks to this, interested individuals should always keep their existing upgrades in mind when picking up new upgrades, lest they wind up with something counter-productive in the process. Fortunately, such combinations are rare, meaning that it is something that interested individuals will encounter every single run.

You Want to Prioritize Rooms and Rules

Gems can be spent on unlocking more stuff on a permanent basis. Players might be tempted to go for unlocking items and characters, but it tends to be a better idea to prioritizing rooms and rules instead. The rooms offer new kinds of rooms on the floors, which can provide new opportunities for items and upgrades. Meanwhile, the rules offer new features, which can be ridiculously useful in their own right. For instance, one of the rules is a marker that highlights the locations of hidden rooms containing goodies that can be plundered.

Save Your Grenades (Neon Abyss Cheats and Tips)

Grenades are useful for combat. However, interested individuals might want to save their grenades because they can be used to blow up rocks as well as blow up walls concealing goodies. In fact, some players choose to save their grenades until they have seen everything on a floor, at which point, they will their grenades on the points that seem most lucrative to them.