Rocket Arena Cheats and Tips



What Is Rocket Arena? (Rocket Arena Cheats and Tips)

Rocket Arena is an online shooter that emphasizes 3-on-3 competition. On the whole, it has received praise for its visuals as well as its mechanics, but it has been criticized for its lack of content as well. Due to this, interested individuals might want to check it out on their own so that they can form their own opinion on the matter.

What Are Some Tips for Rocket Arena?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Rocket Arena:





Understand the Basics (Rocket Arena Cheats and Tips)

There are a lot of titles out there that conform very closely to the standard mechanics of their genre, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because that makes it very easy for interested individuals to pick up and play. Rocket Arena is simple and straightforward for the most part, but it has some stand-out characteristics as well. Thanks to this, interested individuals should start out by developing a solid understanding of them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rocket Arena players will be focused on shooting their opponents most of the time. This is important because it will stun their opponents as well as send their opponents flying. Furthermore, this builds up their opponents’ Blast Meter, which will cause them to be stunned longer as well as send them flying further. Eventually, a filled-out Blast Meter will put the opponent at risk of Megablast Danger, which is when even a small amount of damage will send them shooting out of the Arena at incredible speed. However, Rocket Arena players don’t need to Megablast opponents in order to eliminate them, seeing as how they can just send their opponents flying into the Arena Bounds for the same result. Be warned that a knocked-out opponent will fly back to the fighting right away, meaning that victorious individuals should never let down their guard.

Your Rocket Launcher Is More than Just a Weapon (Rocket Arena Cheats and Tips)

Amusingly, the rocket launcher is more than just a weapon in Rocket Arena. After all, it is also a means of transportation. Simply put, interested individuals can aim their rocket launcher at the ground beneath them in order to perform a rocket jump. Furthermore, they can even Rocket Climb walls by aiming their rocket launcher at a downward angle while situated close to them.

Mastering these capabilities are important to say the least. In a lot of cases, interested individuals are going to need them to get onto vertical spaces. Sometimes, this will be needed for them to get an advantage over the competition. Other times, this will be needed for them to mitigate an advantage that has been claimed by the competition. As such, these movements should be mastered sooner rather than later.

Learn to Dodge (Rocket Arena Cheats and Tips)

Dodging can be very important when everyone is touting a rocket launcher. Rocket Arena players may not always be able to avoid the rockets being sent their way, but at the very least, they can attempt to minimize the damage done to them. Something that can be very important because the amount that they are impacted is determined by the strength of the hit.

In any case, a lot of the practices used to dodge attacks in other shooters can prove useful in Rocket Arena as well. For example, interested individuals should never move in predictable patterns because that makes it very easy for their opponent to put a rocket where they will be. Likewise, interested individuals should attempt to engage their opponents from surprise whenever and wherever possible so that they can fire while being fired upon as little as possible. Having said that, it should also be noted that Rocket Arena has a dodge mechanic that can be used in a couple of ways. One, it can be used to let a rocket pass through them. Two, it can be used to break them out of a stun. Combined, this makes the dodge mechanic one of the most valuable that can be found in the shooter.

Understand the Characters

As is common for such shooters, Rocket Arena has a cast of unique characters. Each of them possesses their own strengths and weaknesses thanks to their primary, secondary, and special abilities, meaning that interested individuals are going to want to memorize this information as soon as possible. Partly, this is so that they can play their chosen characters better, and partly, this is so that they can counter their opponents’ chosen characters better.






For starters, Amphora is a fast frontliner who can launch chargeable torpedoes, which are supplemented by her ability to turn into a pool of water and move about before popping up as a powerful cyclone as well as her ability to toss out homing mines that bounch. Meanwhile, Blastbeard is a pirate-themed character whose mainstay happens to be a powerful cannonball with an arc, though he has a chargeable rocket-powered anchor plus a shockwave that can knock back opponents and blow up incoming rockets for close quarters combat.

Boone has a cluster bomb that can ricochet but is limited to short ranges. However, his other abilities are a long-distance sniper rocket and a vortex that can be used to build distance by launching him backwards while sending his opponents flying. In contrast, Izell is a short-ranged fighter with fast but short-ranged spear rockets that complement a bola that can be used to snare as well as a lunge followed up by a frenzied attack.

Jayto can shoot a barrage of single-fire rockets. Otherwise, he can launch a barrage of mini-rockets as well as increase his mobility before shooting a barrage of single-fire rockets. Kayi has an accurate bolt that can be charged for more of a punch. As for the rest of her abilities, one is a snow globe that can be used to slow incoming fire as well as speed up her bolts, while the other is a grapple hook that can be used on the environment as well as the opponents.

Mysteen launches cards in a 1-1-3 pattern, with her other abilities being a shield and a decoy that can be used to set up a teleport. Plink has fast-firing homing rockets that are best at short distances, which are supplemented by a boomerang and a teleporter that can be tossed into position.

Rev can shoot out explosive rockets from a pair of weapons. However, he can also toss out sticky mines as well as hit opponents with his hoverboard. Topnotch can toss out bouncing grenades with a controllable detonation, which are in addition to an airstrike and a giant homing rocket.